JULY 21, 2006

so i took a little emotional walk through the Central star ferry pier yesterday…what a beautiful place that is and is soon going to be a memory in all our minds…walking up the old steps, walking through where the turnstiles used to be but now just opens up to the shops, the old green bars where you can watch the people getting off the star ferry walk down the exit stairs, then you turn around and the whole pier opens up with ferries on both sides and you can again watch people who are getting off the ferry walk by. then you go through the new turnstiles and see the amazing old brown benches to sit on, then wait for the ferry in front of the green gate…then walk down the stairs and wait as the plank is down…

as you’re sitting down on the ferry leaving central star ferry you go by where the new pier’s are going to be and they’re ugly, and way out in the water. the current star ferry opens up into the heart of Central…but the new ones are off to the side and considerably further out in the water. the ferry pier’s are next to where all the outlying piers are.

anyway…its going to be horrible to one day go by that area and have no star ferry pier there anymore. that’s going to be so weird actually – all my life, it’s always been there…one day it’s not going to be anymore? what the hell…

anyway…yesterday i read an article about how the government is going to start charging for plastic bags. i think that’s a great GREAT idea…this city uses too many bags and its quite ridiculous. especially if you go to any of those stores that sells a whole variety of breads, they give you a bag for every piece of bread you buy! its crazy – i’m always just like, MAN just put it in one bag please…

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