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AUGUST 25, 2006

a girl in austria was found after having disappeared for 8 years…she was stored in a car garage by some sick and twisted man for 8 years!!! can you believe that!! how sad can that be…how much courage must you have to be able to endure through 8 years of this type of torture…she’s a hero for being able to live through this horrible thing and no doubt she’s going to have scars for many many years to come…

still no update from my stupid university about this terrible mix up that i’m in. i’ve had a painful headache for the past few days because of all this shit and the lack of sleep i’m getting. we had band practice in our new bandroom last night and that was the only time i feel like i’ve had fun these past few days. the kids at school have been great…yesterday i had to test a kid to see if he count by 2’s (you know – 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, etc). so i asked him “tom – can you count by 2’s for me?” he said, “of course i can Mr. Farooqi, 1      2.” HAHAHAHAHA!!! :-) he thought i meant counting to 2…

you know what has helped these past few days? listening to Set Your Goal’s new album “mutiny”…its an awesome mix of hardcore and pop/punk and has been the perfect soundtrack these past few horrible days. i told Dee in ATP to check it out and he was like “damn! they sound good!” so hit their site up if you haven’t heard this band:  also, new Killswitch Engage album is coming out soon – stupid name for the record…who knows what the songs are going to be like…probably a bit more of the same but hopefully it’ll be kind of cool. the new Unearth album already sounds exactly the same from song to song, so i’m trying not to have too high of hopes for the new Killswitch…

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AUGUST 24, 2006

life sucks.

last night i walked by a “dai ka lok” and saw a woman a sleep at the table…not just snoozing, but all out slapped down a sleep on the table. i think my life sucks? this poor woman was asleep at a “dai ka lok” at 9pm at night. man – her life must really suck…

like i said…life sucks.

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AUGUST 23, 2006

dude…life is so lame sometimes. that’s all i have to say. sometimes it takes all my energy and strength to be positive about things – but sometimes it just easier to face reality and the horrible facts that things are just not going to go your way now or ever really. times where you think finally found something that you really want to do and it seems like all the cards are laid out so that you do achieve this goal. then life deals you a reality check card and you sit there going, “i should’ve known better”. i should’ve known better to think that something i started would actually be easy and actualy work out right. just like EVERYTHING i ever feel passionate about, i have to struggle and my passion needs to be tested over and over again until i break. this band is one HUGE example, skateboarding is another, playing the guitar is another…all of these things are things that i love with all my heart but all of these things have had OTHER people who wanted me to stop doing these things. so far – no one has succeeded in killing my spirit. i’ve come close to being killed…but they haven’t killed it yet.

my new horrible situation is that for the past year and a half i have been struggling through a master’s degree that would certify me to teach kids in international school. i have 5 classes left to do and i am FINISHED with my master’s degree. but guess what? i got a phone call yesterday that said that the degree that i have been enrolled in doesn’t actually CERTIFY me to teach!!! WHAT THE HELL!??!?!?! they told me that i have been enrolled into the wrong program and that they’re very sorry. so now i have a choice to finish the program i’m in now, and then RESTART the CORRECT master’s program, or quit now and start the correct program immediately. either way – i will need 35 credits and basically RESTART my two years of studying ALL OVER AGAIN!!! this sucks…

this world sucks. tomorrow’s always supposed to be a better day. that’s what they say. i’ve been refuting this stupid saying since i was a kid, and every few years my experiences just add more evidence to the pile that there is no such thing as a “better tomorrow”.

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AUGUST 22, 2006

man…moving stuff last night was crazy!!! it was just pong, me and mushie kicking ass movie stuff from our old room to our new room (which is really just down the road! hahahaha…)…we rented one of those HUGE trucks because we were too lazy to take Man’s drums apart and we have all our crap anyway. so pong sat in the front with the driver and Mushie and i were in the back holding the cabinets from falling over. it was SO funny! i felt like we were in like in an Indiana Jones movie or something! every turn the driver made – all the cabinets would roll over and almost flatten either me or Mushie! hahahaha…i’m so surprised we made it alive from that experience man! so Mushie was our first friend to see our new room :-) but NOTHING is set up…the walls are totally bare, the air-conditioners just went up, carpeting just went on in our practice part…the next few days is going to be painting, and moving more stuff into the room…its going to be crazy this week doing all this stuff…TOO much to do!!!

the cool thing is – guess who our neighbors are? the HK metal titans Hermetic Silence, Bereavement and Dysmal Prophecy!!! that’s so rad that our metal hero’s are on the same floor as us!!! hahahaha…they’re right down the hallway from us! :-) we’ve also found out that another 2 bands that we’re friends with might be moving in to our floor as well!!! :-) new party zone boys and girls…

mushie was a hero though! also, his poor cousin (6 years old) is in the hospital suffering from third degree burns to her body!!! please keep her in your prayers everyone…imagine a 6 year old little girl with such severe burns… :-( one of the saddest things i’ve heard…

can’t wait to go back to work tomorrow…i forgot how hard my last name is to pronounce! my last name is Farooqi so the kids have to call me Mr. Farooqi…but most of them cannot pronounce it so they accidentally say “Mr. Froggy”! hahahaha…or “Mr. Freaky”! :-) i’m like…”NO – I’m not Mr. Freaky thank you very much!” :-) kids rule…

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AUGUST 21, 2006

yo – its our bro Pong’s birthday! happy birthday dude!!! we got a nice present for him and was supposed to “surprise” him with it – but i messed up! hahahaha…i ruined the surprise so i suck! anyway…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

hey – did any of you guys go to the any of the protests yesterday? i am SO pissed that i didn’t have time to go to any of them because we’re moving to a new bandroom and we had to go get stuff ready for it yesterday…i wanted to go to the anti-GST one and the one against the destruction of the Central star ferry pier. i can’t wait to wake up monday morning to see what the newspapers have to say about the protests. the english newspaper had a GREAT article about the Star Ferry pier yesterday…there’s so much history in that pier that will be lost after its destroyed. for example, one of the biggest riots that HK has ever seen in 1966 actually exploded due to a 5 cent rise in the Star Ferry price and people went crazy about it and used this excuse to go nuts (their were other things going on obviously at the time – do some research and you’ll know what). so now this piece of history is being destroyed. but for what? to build another stupid shopping mall. WHAT THE HELL!??!?! how many do we need! and especially in the Central area?!?!?! that whole are is already commercial beyond belief! all remnants of anything historic, or anything with more sentimental value then a stupid frickin’ Gucci bag is being taken away from us…the worst part is that we can’t do anything about it. this is already in the government’s plans – the destruction will be part of Phase III of the stupid project.

right now i’m watching Michael Buble on TV…this dude can sing…great voice…his original song with the words “another winter day has come and gone away…” is a an amazing song man. hey – and since we’re talking about music…our pal Ryan Hui’s CD ep is in stores now!!! and its SOOOOOOOO damn good! the first song on the CD is great – right away its got an amazing pop/punk sound to it. and the production! wow! its been awhile since i’ve heard something recorded so well from hong kong!!! so go buy it if you haven’t already! its so good!!!

i also got the new slayer and unearth yesterday…both rule…slayer rules because they’re back in true form – like the good ol’ days…lyrics are pretty stupid though i’d have to say. the song called “jihad” has been hyped up so much because its supposedly about 9-11 but through the yes of the terrorists. but the lyrics are just poorly written – you have no real clue what’s being said. and is pretty stupid in general.

also – Man (our drummer boy) made me an awesome classic Hong Kong pop song CD yesterday! he put like 100+ songs on it and i’m trying to listen to all of it slowly! these songs are like from the 80’s and are HK classics…so far my favorite song is this one: 難為正邪定分界MAN!!! what an amazing song!!! the vocals on this song is CRAZY…two awesome vocalists kicking ass on this classic HK pop song…

alright – HAPPY BIRTHDAY PONG!!! hope you have a wonderful day! (i know that won’t be possible because he’s working all day today then at night we’re moving ALL our crap from our old room to our new room!!! that’s going to suck…our bro Mushie from STW is going to come and help us!!! :-)

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