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SEPTEMBER 30, 2006

today’s the BIG day!!! we’re playing our first show with our new members today…and we ALL can’t wait to finally be on stage with Man and G in the band! :-) its going to be a magical day…even if we mess up! hahahaha…so if you’re coming, please come by to say hello! we will have a Start From Scratch Records stall in Macau with free stickers, flyers and CD’s for sale…please come by and check out the stickers and say hello! :-) these are the songs we’re playing:


on a sad note…our dear sweet friends in a Malaysian hardcore band called Second Combat told me yesterday that one of their guitar players is in a coma! he’s in a coma because of some bacteria infection…please pray for him everyone…Second Combat are made of the nicest, sweetest guys, and for something this SAD to happen to them is a really horrible thing. we will be playing with Second Combat in Bangkok on December 16 and i have offered to play second guitar for them! it will be an honor for me to play for them and fill in for second guitar. if you’ve never heard this legendary Malaysian hardcore band then check out: amazing band…amazing guys…their new album will be coming out December 2006…

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2006

its our bro Ting Fung of Engrave Thy Heart’s birthday today!!! happy birthday bro!!! :-)

tomorrow is the BIG day for us!!! we’re so excited to be playing with the new KLC line-up…even though its only 4 songs…we’re definitely happy that our first show with this line-up is in Macau. the last time we played there it was amazing…super passionate and excited kids…unfortunately its only 4 songs… :-( oh well…maybe we can always go back for our own show instead of playing these festivals…

then after this show…we’ve all decided its time to start writing songs!!! woohoo!!! can’t wait…anyone that knows me knows how much i want to keep writing and writing and writing…that’s all i want to do. i HATE practicing old songs…hahahaha…

Start From Scratch Records will also debut at the LLNR festival tomorrow and at the Macau festival…we’ve got banners, stickers, flyers…so please come out and support this table!!! our sister G also has a vegan stall available at the LLNR festival…her whole point is to promote the vegan lifestyle by providing food for all of you to try…so you can see that vegan food/lifestyle is something that can be adapted to people’s lives…check it out!

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2006

yo…an amaazing Malaysian hardcore band called Dashown sent me their latest MP3 to check out…they’re going to be on the upcoming Start From Scratch Records CD compilation and they’re SOOOOOOOOO good!!! :-) we also got the SFS crew t-shirts and the first stickers…can’t wait to start handing them out this weekend in hong kong and macau…

the month of fasting has started in the Islamic calendar and i should be fasting…but i’m lame…so this is more like a month of being guilty instead. anyway…so to all my Malaysian muslim brothers down there – RAMZAAN MUBARAK! :-) i’m sure you guys are all doing a better job at being a Muslim then i am! hahahaha….

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2006

found out some stupid news from the place i work in…i was hoping that with my degree done (whenever that happens), and the fact that i am an alumni of the school, and have been TA-ing there for the past 4 years, that it would help when i applied for a teaching job. but my principal pretty much shot me down (albeit, in a very very nice way) yesterday which kind of sucks. but she was trying to be very honest with me and the fact that i haven’t actually TAUGHT yet makes it VERY difficult for her to hire me.


more lovely stuff…

our bro Hang’s (ex-Guan 36 bass player, ex-Hardpack bass player…) new punk band Unjustified Yoke (UY) will be playing their first show on saturday…they were supposed to play sunday and we were all going to run over to LLNR to watch them after we got back from macau…but they’ve been switched to saturday, much to our dismay…but for those of you who are going to be in HK on Saturday then go check them out!!! they’re playing at 7pm! i haven’t seen him on stage since he played for Hardpack man!!! damn – that was like more than a 1 year ago…too bad i’m still going to have to wait another month probably to see him…but its going to be rad when it happens! :-) compliment him on his new bass :-)

a report came out from the US intelligence office that the war in Iraq has caused and given birth to a new breed of terrorists – people who are so pissed off at the US invading Iraq that they have joined terrorist organizations. ANYONE ON THIS PLANET COULD’VE TOLD THE STUPID US GOVERNMENT THAT THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!! how could they have NOT known that this was going to happen? of course Muslims from that part of the world were going to hate the US even more…so now, even moderate Muslims are probably taking a harder stance against the US. that country is run by the stupidest people on this planet. a moron running the world’s most powerful country spending billions of dollars on military and arms and crap like that while people are starving all over the world.

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2006

dude…i had such an awesome day yesterday…had band practice using this new gear that i bought over the weekend and my guitar sounds so much frickin’ better. thank god…about time if you ask me. i know a lot of people liked my guitar sound…but i haven’t been happy with it in a long time. anyway, with my new gear things sound so much better…for me at least…

then hung out with G and went all the way out to Lamm Island because an old friend, pranjal, was celebrating his birthday at his house there. it was an awesome fun night! he’s vegan so they had like all this vegan food out…he made this amazing vegan chocolate mousse and i’m telling him he needs to start selling that stuff! cause its so good! some of the best most healthiest stuff i’ve eaten in a long time.

dude – i think my air-conditioner in my room is messed up…its spewing warm air. sucks…at least the weather is getting cooler so that’s a good thing…

okay – going to bed…seeya…happy birthday pranjal!

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