SEPTEMBER 30, 2006

today’s the BIG day!!! we’re playing our first show with our new members today…and we ALL can’t wait to finally be on stage with Man and G in the band! :-) its going to be a magical day…even if we mess up! hahahaha…so if you’re coming, please come by to say hello! we will have a Start From Scratch Records stall in Macau with free stickers, flyers and CD’s for sale…please come by and check out the stickers and say hello! :-) these are the songs we’re playing:


on a sad note…our dear sweet friends in a Malaysian hardcore band called Second Combat told me yesterday that one of their guitar players is in a coma! he’s in a coma because of some bacteria infection…please pray for him everyone…Second Combat are made of the nicest, sweetest guys, and for something this SAD to happen to them is a really horrible thing. we will be playing with Second Combat in Bangkok on December 16 and i have offered to play second guitar for them! it will be an honor for me to play for them and fill in for second guitar. if you’ve never heard this legendary Malaysian hardcore band then check out: amazing band…amazing guys…their new album will be coming out December 2006…

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