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OCTOBER 31, 2006

hey some fun stuff uploaded…

early yesterday morning i uploaded photos from the show…so check that out…

also – i updated our myspace page with a cool little “slide show” thing…check that out on our myspace page:

and lastly…i uploaded this little video i made of the central star ferry…check that out here click here: video me baby

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OCTOBER 30, 2006

PHOTOS from last night’s show up NOW!!! !!!

whats up everyone…last night was the first time for all of you to see the new KLC line-up!!! :-) man – the reception that you gave us was unbelievable…i don’t know think anyone knew how we would be received but you guys/girls were amazing…so many old faces in the pit AND so many new faces…it was so great to see so many new people in the pit having fun and most importantly – staying safe (that’s VERY important to us)…it was nice to hear people sing skinless, sisters and our SUPER SUPER old song “lik kit”! :-) we haven’t played that song since kevin was in the band!!! that was a LONG time ago…i forgot how much i love that song LIVE…

man – yesterday, Los En Found was UNBELIEVABLE…i thought they were easily one of the best bands that played last night…songs are well-arranged, they’re great live, and you can just feel that everyone in the band is united in their dreams and aspirations for their band. that’s SOOOOOO hard to find in HK!!! so good for them!!! i wish ATP played last night but they said they’re busy writing new songs…so when they’re ready its going to be great!!!

our good friends in Kolor told us that their first album will be released on November 11 so check that out when it comes out! man – i’ve known Sammy for so many years and i know how much of a dream it is for him to finally be releasing a new album!!! the last thing he released was not even a full-album – it was the Lam Kei CD!!! and that came out in 2001!! so 5 years later the poor guy can FINALLY release some new music – and the best part is that he’s singing!!! :-) good luck Sammy and to the rest of our brothers in Kolor!!!

anyway – thank you so much everyone for coming to see us last night!!! there was lots of stuff on sale last night too which was great!!! our brothers in Die in Velvet were selling their new amazing CDep, we were selling stuff, the mosh kings STW were selling their stuff, our brother Hang’s new band was handing out lyrics to his new band Unjustified Yoke’s lyrics…it was a great day and night!!! thank you so much to City U for organizing an amazing show…it was probably a lot of hard work but i’m sure it was worth it! thanks to Jean and Miso for doing sound…and lastly – thanks to all our brothers and sisters in other bands and supporters of KLC who have not given up on us…you all showed us just how much love you STILL feel for us. it was a memorable night…

our next show is November 25 at the Warehouse – and we’re going to try our new song that night…so you might not want to miss that! :-)

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OCTOBER 29, 2006

dude our awesome brother Chai starts a brand new decade today!!! happy birthday man!!! i’ll be joining you in this decade in a few more days too so don’t feel bad! hahahaha…i think we should start a 30 year old man band soon…i know kevin can play drums for us! hahahaha…

tonight’s our show…ummmmmmmm…we did a soundcheck last night and ummmmm…i don’t really know what to say. it’s a hard room to do sound in because it’s a big empty room where the sound just bounces off of the walls…so it’s really hard to get excited about it. but i’m still excited to be on stage with G and Man should be awesome…playing 5 songs…check our forum for which 5 songs…we are definitely really thankful that City U’s Muso invited us!!! it’s been a LONG time since we played in City U…andy and i can’t remember when the last time was – he thinks the last time we played was with Kit and Josie and that was the first time we played with Milk N’ Cookies!!! dude! that was so long ago!!!

anyway – see you later tonight! :-)

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OCTOBER 27, 2006

sorry for the silence…our internet service was blocked for the past few days because i forgot to pay for the service…sucks…too damn expensive every month if you ask me.

anyway – i’ve uploaded the setlist for our show this sunday…click on this link to check it out: CLICK HERE!!!

lots of new music up online right now from around the world…new Killswitch Engage songs are up on their myspace…new Converge record can be heard on their myspace too…

dude…Mariah Carey’s show this weekend got cancelled! hahahaha…it got cancelled, supposedly, because not enough people were buying tickets AND that Mariah Carey had too many ridiculous demands! hahahaha…that’s funny dude…i think its SUPER funny…

you know what record i forgot about and finally listened to again for the first time in MANY MANY years the other day? the old Refused “songs to fan the flames of discontent” album…oh my god…what a masterpiece of an album. from start to to finish…it has to be one of the BEST hardcore albums to ever be released in the history of hardcore…PERIOD…if you want to feel innovated, creative hardcore that is not the standard mosh n’ roll, or the standard fast beginning, singalong chorus, mosh breakdown end…then Refused is JUST what you need…but chances are that you’re really NOT that stupid – that you definitely HAVE heard of Refused and already love them. but just in case you haven’t heard of this band – go listen to them. amazing.

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OCTOBER 25, 2006

what is going on with this n. korea thing? now china is saying that n. korea never apologized for the nuclear missile test. so what is going on? only china would know since they’re such buddies with n. korea…the only promise that n. korea has made to china is that they won’t test any more missiles…

anyway…our old pal kevin (KLC drummer from 2001 to 2004) is the first person outside KLC that has heard one of our newest songs. hahaha…i bumped into him after band practice and we talked about the good ol’ times…anyway, he’s given the thumbs up to our new song and is like “now that’s what you guys should be doing!!!” hahahaha…so i guess we can all feel confident about the day that we actually let the rest of you listen to it either when we play it live or when we record it for the SFS compilation CD…

ok – its 12:40am and i need to get to sleep…a few more days until our next show…first in awhile so we’ll see you there…

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