OCTOBER 3, 2006

yo…we went to go look at some new places for our bandroom…went to one place that looks super nice but is too damn far away for any of us…it would be amazing to be there though because they have 3 rooms…one is large enough to have beds in there! hahaha…we could all sleep there in peace if need be…but the “yip zhu” wants to show us another place. we’re not going to be able to see it until this saturday…hopefully its nicer – the location is MUCH better…so we’ll see what happens…

man and i started a new song last night! we finished our first new song a few days ago…the song’s not actually really “finished” but at least we have the song written and then need to edit parts here and there. but that’s good news at least that we’ve got something new written! :-) the one we started yesterday has this riff that i’ve been wanting to use for the past 2 months…so i’m happy to finally get the riff written…G and i are going to have to sit down to think about words/topics for songs soon. she has this one amazing idea to talk about anorexia based on a friend of hers that just went through it. so that could be a song idea…

shit – i don’t remember if i mentioned this…but two days ago man and i jammed with our good pal (and basically the 6th member of KLC really! hahaha) chai on old metal classics. dude it was awesome! we jammed on Desperate Cry…Fade to Black…For Whom the Bell Tolls…hahahaha…it was rad…Desparate Cry sounded amazing!!! for all you sepultura fans – you should know that song for sure…that was fun…good times…

the government has this new idea to start a website that talks about HK’s history with photos of historic sites, buildings and things like that so people can find out about our history. but the problem is – why are they making this website instead of actually protecting REAL buildings and REAL things that people can go see with their own eyes and touch with their hands? who needs a website of pictures? you can just go buy a book! you can never compare photos in a book to actually SEEING the real thing with your own eyes and let yourself be transported back in time…so two thumbs down to our government, again, for not doing their civic duty by protecting and respecting this city’s rich history.

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