JANUARY 27, 2007

Alright i’m at home right now and the RTHK crew is here filming me…anyway – we’ve got lots of work coming up that we have to take care of. as you can tell above – this Asian tour we’re going on in April is going to be insane…we just found out how many people are goign to be at the Jakarta show…it’s crazy. so we’re considering recording a special CD especially for this tour…we’ll let you know though…ok so they’re still here filming me…it’s pretty funny…one of the video guys here filming me loves Iron Maiden so he saw my Iron Maiden figure and asked me if i got that in japan! pretty funny…:-) it’s awesome when you meet a metalhead! hahahaha…hopefully he’ll come back to this site and get into us.

okay – what else do i have to say…

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