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FEBRUARY 28, 2007

oi! 不知你們閱了新一期的由零開始沒有.今天到了排發由零開始的其中一間書店去”視察”一番,發覺索取的人也不少,所以更加想知道讀者們看了後的感覺如何.其實由零開始這本雜誌其中一個概念是要透過文字及圖像增進樂隊與你們之間的溝通,分享大家對生活的想法及態度.我們不是文學雜誌更不是什麼高尚什麼品味什麼雜誌,只是一本免費的地下Zine,要有互動式的討論才能替zine內的內容加上點色彩!所以如果你們覺得這本雜誌有所不足想跟我們談談,又或者是想投稿的話也無任歡迎~

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dude…our singer has become quite the ticket booking extraordinaire! seriously…the package price she got for the first part of our April NOFX/King Ly Chee tour is CRAZY!!! hopefully we can make a booking soon so we can confirm these tickets and not have to worry about anything…

got an awesome US band to interview for the next issue of Start From Scratch! woohoo!!! i’m so excited to be able to interview them…i don’t know if any of you will care about this band but i know Pong, me and G will be SUPER excited!

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FEBRUARY 27, 2007

woohoo! G is going to start posting messages up too! :-) this is going to get chaotic soon i think hahahaha…we might have to separate this diary section into 3 different sections – one for Man, one for me and one for G! but this is what an active hardcore band should be about – people who have stuff to say because they spend time actually THINKING about this world and what we’re doing to this helpless little planet.

i don’t know if any of you heard the new Poison the Well song that is up on their myspace – but i think it SUCKS…i listened to it and really tried to listen to the whole song but i just didn’t care. when the song was over i didn’t remember a single thing. what happened to this band? they were so good and then they started experimenting and they were still pretty cool…but now they’ve experimented so much that i have no idea what this band is anymore.

really cool interview with the guitar player of Lamb of God online check it out HERE!

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FEBRUARY 26, 2007

oh my god…SICK OF IT ALL IS PLAYING IN SINGAPORE in MAY!!! OH MY GOD!!! my favorite favorite hardcore band since i was 13 years old is playing in singapore!!!! i can’t believe it…that’s all i have to say today…i can’t believe it!!!


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FEBRUARY 25, 2007

yo…is it me or has their suddenly been a huge explosion of punk rock bands in hong kong? i mentioned how our pal Bob has a new punk rock band that sounds awesome called The Squawk . then yesterday i got another myspace add from another new punk band called Consent – check them out: …..then there’s also another awesome street punk style band called Defiant Scum who have been playing shows lately and are also an amazing punk rock band: then there’s also Unjustified Yoke that played its first shows last year:

so the punk rock scene in HK looks like its picking up!!! good luck to all you out there!!!

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FEBRUARY 24, 2007

went to watch the underground show last night…the turnout was totally amazing! i think there was at least 100 people there. but it was kind of hard to tell because it’s a small place so even a handful of people will make it look packed. but it did a very nice underground feel – it reminded me of the first time we played in Kuala Lumpur – the same type of bar…it would be great to have some hardcore shows there i think!

yesterday i took more of the zines to shops around Hong Kong so i’m excited that they’re getting out there for all YOU people to check out! also, yesterday i went to a shop in HK – a big chain CD store (take a guess) – and they rejected the zine saying it was not “up to their standards”. that was quite a strong blow but it just reminds me that punk/hardcore really isn’t for the masses. the small few of us who actually understand and appreciate this know what it’s about…we know that its not about the “image” we portray but the message BEHIND the music that matters the most…

check out the list of places that the zines are available:

anyway – our pal Bob has a new punk band! check them out:

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