FEBRUARY 24, 2007

went to watch the underground show last night…the turnout was totally amazing! i think there was at least 100 people there. but it was kind of hard to tell because it’s a small place so even a handful of people will make it look packed. but it did a very nice underground feel – it reminded me of the first time we played in Kuala Lumpur – the same type of bar…it would be great to have some hardcore shows there i think!

yesterday i took more of the zines to shops around Hong Kong so i’m excited that they’re getting out there for all YOU people to check out! also, yesterday i went to a shop in HK – a big chain CD store (take a guess) – and they rejected the zine saying it was not “up to their standards”. that was quite a strong blow but it just reminds me that punk/hardcore really isn’t for the masses. the small few of us who actually understand and appreciate this know what it’s about…we know that its not about the “image” we portray but the message BEHIND the music that matters the most…

check out the list of places that the zines are available:

anyway – our pal Bob has a new punk band! check them out: www.myspace.com/thesquawk

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