MAY 31, 2007

spent the night last night watching Audio Traffic slay people at the cavern! :-) i have to say that it was a weird little event they had there. it was a “private” function and supposedly all these music industry people were there. when i walked in i was expecting it all to be local music industry people – but almost everyone in there was caucasian. so then i looked around and realized that this was some global music conference for major labels and the big players. 昨天晚上我去了一間酒吧看我們的好朋友Audio Traffic…我原本也想看我們另外一個好朋友Ghoststyle…可是因為這個演出是一個私人的節目, 外面的人不可以進去…所以我和啊文站了外面等Glenn帶我們進去…裡面有點兒奇怪的感覺因為大部份的人是外國音樂的人…好像是一個很大的開會…weird…可是我一看到24 herbs的朋友們就放心了 :-)

在這裡等一等突然有一個印度人問我 “你上個月是不是去了北京跟NOFX演出?”! hahahaha…非常奇怪! 這個人是在北京工作所以他有看NOFX/荔枝王的演出…然後他昨天下來了香港看這個節目. 人認識我是非常奇怪的東西! hahaha…

at the show i met this Indian dude who recognized me from when we opened up for NOFX in beijing! THAT WAS WEIRD! :-) nice guy and he LOVED us…so that was nice to meet someone like that who is Indian, but lives in Beijing, works there, came to HK for this music conference, and recognized me…weird!!!

okay – that’s my story for today…going to bed…peace…AUDIO TRAFFIC ROCKED DA’ HOUSE!!!

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