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JUNE 30, 2007

see you tonight at the show! please remember that the show starts at 6pm and our GOOD friends in bands like The Squawk, Defiant Scum, Scream Hard are all playing so please come early!!!

show is at the Queen’s Pier

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JUNE 27,2007

大家有沒有看昨天的新聞嗎? 美國的政府有要求日本對中國抱歉!!! 這是關於日本和中國的很黑歷史的原因!!! but i can’t believe it! 終於有另外一個國家想幫中國和韓國關於這個很難接受的歷史…不知道日本對美國說的東西有什麼感受…

請看G 下面的post…然後星期六見…i don’t know if you guys watched the news yesterday but the US government made an announcement saying that they think the Japanese government should apologize to China and Korea for their war time atrocities committed – in particular the kidnapping of over 200,000 women from China and Korea who were turned into sex slaves…this is a HUGE deal i think – and it feels good that another country is getting involved in this old and very sensitive issue. the best point that the US made is that “Germany has taken full responsibility for all the horror that they committed, but Japan continues to pretend that it didn’t happen”. what a GREAT point for the Japanese government to hear. let’s see how they’re going to react to this….

近來我們忙著錄音的事,所以很久沒有更新.剛剛灌錄完重新整理的“皇后碼頭”,希望能夠在星期六演出. 雖然天星跟皇后碼頭現在正進行清拆階段,但不少團體現在還竭盡所能,用盡最後一分力去捍衛眼前還僅有的.如果你對天星及皇后碼頭的清拆感到無奈的話,星期六晚上六時,來到皇后碼頭表達你對這件事件的重視吧!




– g

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JUNE 25, 2007

yo…watched fantastic 4 last night…not bad!!! not as good as the first one but still pretty cool…jessica alba doesn’t look as hot in this one!!! :-( DAMN!!!

anyway…more information is coming up finally for the june 30th show…we didn’t know if it was really happening…we haven’t decided if we’re playing acoustic yet either…we’re recording Queen’s Pier for paul’s Let’s Fight CD/DVDall week so we won’t have time to really practice an acoustic set this week! click on this link to find out more information about the show: CLICK HERE!!! !

so we’ll see what happens…

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JUNE 24, 2007

昨天晚上的演出非常好看! 每一個樂隊玩得很好..也是每一個樂隊有自己的音樂風格所以一定不會領到觀眾無聊! 我買了die in velvet和the squawk的shirt! 每次穿這幾件shirt一定很proud! 香港越來越多有那麼認真的樂隊…對他們的音樂有認真, 對他們目標也非常認真…great great great…昨天晚上DIV – DAMN! sooo good….SOOO tight!! 從我第一次看他們到  昨天晚上他們真的越來越powerful!

the squawk was awesome! my first time to see them so it was a great opportunity to see their songs in a LIVE setting…can’t wait to see them again next time!

whence he came’s last show last night so it was quite a special time to see them. i still remember one of king ly chee’s very FIRST shows was at a South Island School show in 1999. i remember the first time they played and i thought that these guys REALLY sounded like The Get Up Kids and Jimmy Eat World mixed together! hahahaha…since then they just got better at writing songs and then got even better…but then last night, they came to an end. another band from our “era” to end… :-(

it’s quite a lonely little world we find ourselves in…

embryo!!! woohoo!!! 我這個禮拜每天聽他們的歌還有學他們的歌詞. hahaha…大家知道我的中文是非常差所以學中文歌詞是非常難…可是我很有心慢慢學他們的詞…如果我不明白的話我會找Tai幫我explain的詞有什麼意思…hahaha…所以對我來說昨天晚上embryo 是非常好看..做的氣氛也非常好…然後跟tai說話關於現在的”scene” – 領到我非常舒服…Tai and the band請不放棄…以前的團結感一定會回來了…一定

STW – 第二首新歌非常好!!! their second new song RULED!!! so good! so METAL UP YOUR ASS!!! and mike’s splash – STW really is the Lamb of God of HONG KONG!!! definitely the HEAVIEST band in hong kong i think!!! i haven’t practice my part with them in MONTHS so i was quite scared that i was going to mess up my part! but once i got on and started singing everything came back to me…it was great!!! i love that damn song that i’m on! hahahaha… :-)

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JUNE 23, 2007

新video已經上載了!!! 你可以去我們的第一頁看看! our new video for the song UNITE ASIA is up now! so please go check that out on our front page…快一點學這首歌的歌詞然後跟我們一起唱吧! 廣州的朋友們你們有一個多月學!!! hahahaha…八月四號見!

今天晚兩個本地的樂隊有一個賣t-shirt的比賽! 請去我們的forum看一下!!! :-)

see you at the show tonight!!!

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