AUGUST 25, 2007

last night’s show was fun!!! it was crazy because we all had to work all day and then go to our bandroom after work to pack and get stuff ready…our drummer boy Man works in advertising so his hours are INSANE…he works like 12-15 hours a day…last night he worked until 10pm then i think he took a taxi and came to the show, played the show, then went back to his office to keep working. that SUCKS!!! repeat that after me – S U C K S for him! it’s 1:35am and he’s still in the office now…crazy…

anyway – BIG thank you to the organizers for inviting us to play this show…BIG thank you to all the bands who were nice enough to say hello etc…big thank you to Maniac for letting us borrown their drum gear because our genius singer G left all of Man’s stuff in the bandroom…hahahaha…he didn’t even have drum sticks last night!

okay going to bed…too tired…

昨天晚上的演出非常好玩! 我們之前所有的樂隊(可是幾個樂隊我們miss了 :-( 我很想看我們朋友的樂隊Protoss!!!!) 全部是非常正!!! 非常開心可以跟那麼多新香港的樂隊一起來玩!!! 我們需要非常謝謝Maniac因為昨天晚上我們忘記了帶Man所有鼓的東西!!! hahahaha…他drumsticks 都沒有!!

okay 現在累到pok kai…所以我現在睡覺了…byebye!!

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