beijing!!! we’re coming!!! can’t wait to be there again!!! we’re still trying to organie one more show in beijing…hopefully we’ll be playing another show besides the Modern Sky Festival on Oct 2. the Oct. 2 show at Modern Sky seems like we’re playing with a bunch of HK bands which will be cool especially since we don’t play with these bands in HK! hahahaha…bands like My Little Airport, 22 Cats, Lam Yut Fung, etc…it’s going to be cool to be representing HK music at the festival!

but we’re also looking to play another show iwth local Beijing metal bands! that’s going to be rad…still trying to confirm everything…

北京的朋友們我們再來了!!! 猜不到我們一年裡會有兩次的機會上去演出!!! 覺得非常幸運有這個機會再來…

我們現在只有一場演出可是我們儘量會安排到多一場演出. 現在我們的演出是十月二號在Modern Sky的音樂節. 我們玩那晚好像是跟別的香港來的樂隊一起玩! 非常開心因為我們在香港很少有機會跟這幾個樂隊一起演出…我們會跟My Little Airport, 22 Cats, Lum Yut Fung, 一起演出!!! 很期待! 可以一起代表香港那麼多不同的音樂!



check out我們北京的好朋友Li Yo(北京hardcore樂隊Unregenerate Blood的吉他手)婚紗的照片! 另外一張他有帶我們的帽子! hahahaha…see you soon bro! 不放棄!!! “LIVE FOR THIS – LIVE  LIVE…if you don’t live for something you’ll die for nothing!”

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