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new year’s eve!!!! i’m in bangkok right now bceause we had to stop here for one night before going to laos later today…we fly at 7pm and arrive in laos around 9pm…in time for some sort of countdown!!! can’t wait…

it’s hot dude…hot in bangkok but quite pal lovesong nic is coming to bangkok on friday so we’ll get to hang out with him when he gets here…i’ll be in laos for 5 days and then back in bangkok for the weekend to go crazy at JJ market…i hope they have some cool shit!!!

have a great new year’s eve everyone!!!

2017…going to be a great year…hopefully our government won’t mess it up in 2012…the china government said that it is up to us to make the “gradual” move to universal suffrage…but that they back it…that’s HUGE news…

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speechless…i’m totally speechless at how incredible our show was last night at hitec…there are only two reasons why the show was so good for us because as most of you will know and as most bands have already been saying, the sound last night was not ideal…but the reasons why last night’s show was amazing:

1. You the audience…once we got on stage, we could already feel the fire in your hearts…we knew you just wanted to go nuts and were ready for us…it was incredible to have that feeling while i was on stage…i am lying to you, i could FEEL your fire…it got me so pumped up and ready to rock that stage and rock hitec no matter what the sound situation was…

2. Was our friends…especially our brothers in Shepherds the Weak, Ryan Hui and Soler…all those guys were so excited to see us. That feeling is beyond any description, the feeling where your friends are excited for you to get on stage and kill it…having our brothers in Shepherds the Weak come out on stage was on the best things to happen…not just one guy from STW, but the whole band! that’s friendship…we can only hope and pray that you are lucky enough to have friends like STW…but that type of friendship is hard to find in Hong Kong. Friendship that is based on trust and HONESTY…not talking behind someone’s back, isolating a person, or pretending that this whole “scene” is your frickin’ high school. We are not children, and we don’t need to be friends with children. if we do something wrong we expect our friends to tell us to our FACE so that we can change and make positive changes within ourselves. that’s friendship…that’s what our song My Family is about…

thank you everyone for last night…it was a spectacular way to end this incredible year for us…we want to thank all of those people who came from Guangzhou to see this show!!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! the passion and heart you guys brought to the show last night for us was great!!! just what the show needed!!!

OKAY – so the news for 2008:

1. We will launch a new E-card for the EP on January 1st
2. On Jan 30 we will launch the free EP for all of you to download, spread around the world, burn on to CD, whatever the hell you want to do with it!

watch out for all of this…

today i’m flying to Laos and i won’t be back until Jan 6th…have a great new year everyone and thanks for all your support!!!

關於昨天晚上的演出我真的說不出來了…你們對我們的熱情是非常非常難以相信!!! :-) 我覺得昨天晚上只有兩個原因:

1. 觀眾…你們的熱情…我們一上台感覺到你們心裡的火…我不會形容這個感覺…可是我們一上台就知道你們跟我們一樣就想go crazy!!! 感覺到你們這個火就給我更加多力量…真的謝謝你們…謝謝你們的支持…謝謝你們的時間因為昨天晚上聽到很多跟我們一起來唱我們幾首比較新的歌”亞洲起義” 和 “My Family”…所以我知道你們用了自己的時間學我們的歌詞和音樂…還有一定想謝謝所有從廣州來的支持者!!!! 你們做到昨天晚上的演出更加好玩, 更加好看!!! 非常感激你們!!!

2. 我們的朋友…特別是這幾個朋友們: Shepherds the Weak, Soler 和 Ryan Hui…他們一看到我就跟我說他們很興奮再有機會看我們的表演…這樣的支持和鼓勵是非常重要的支持…特別最難忘是我們請STW全隊出來跟我們一起唱My Family…在香港我們很幸運有這樣的朋友…是真的朋友…有信任有可以說真話. 如果我們做了一個我們不應該做的事情他們不會放棄我們, 他們一定不會暗箭傷人…就是他們給我們一個很大的希望…我們很珍惜他們…

WOW – 這樣玩完二零零七年是好像你們給了一個很美的禮物! 謝謝你們全年的支持…明年我們會開始荔枝王的第九年了!!!


1. 大概一月一日我們會發一個宣傳的東西叫”e-card”. 在這個e-card你可以聽到我們新EP的幾首歌.
2. 一月三十號我們會發我們的EP!!!! 我們等了很久…可是那天很快就到了…這個EP是完全免費的也是就在一個網站才可以下載…


二零零七年有說謝謝!!!! 很期待在二零零八見到你們!!!!


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woah not often does so many holidays fall into the same period! besides christmas, of course, hanukah also falls on this same period as the main Jewish holiday, and then for Muslims one of the biggest celebrations called Eid also fell during this ssame period a few days ago!

so technically we should all be saying:

merry christmas
happy hanukah
Eid mubarak
and happy holidays for the non-religious folk!

these past few days have been a lot of fun for me hanging out at various christmas parties, and eating way TOO much food!!! holy hell…i feel like a bag of crap right now because of all the food that i’ve consumed these past few days…

time for band practice tonight…we have a show on saturday but none of us know anything about the show…we don’t know if we’re the first band to play (the show starts at 4) or somewhere in the middle…we also don’t know how much time we have and how many songs we can play… should be a good time though! can’t wait to watch soler and Chui Ball Tong! …chui ball tong is from guangzhou and they’re an amazing rock band…our friends in Chisel My Records are going to release their newest album in hong kong in march of 2008!

okay..the message above i typed before i had band practice…its 4am now and i just got home from band practice, then recording backing vocals for the english version of Refuse, then jamming with STW on the song behind these walls that i’ll be singing for on saturday…

i got to walk home from the tunnel in humg hom all the way back to my house in tst…i love this walk especially late at night when its just me, my ipod and my annoying depressing thoughts that i usually get at 3am about life, and where i am in my life…i always get like this when i’m half awake and really tired…all i want to do is go to sleep…but i put on some American Football or The Appleseed Cast in my ipod and out come my horrible negative thoughts about life. that’s the one thing i hate about “emo” and when i say emo i don’t mean my chemical romance crap – i mean stuff like american football, mineral, the appleseed cast, stuff like that…music that gets me thinking right away, but its always sad thoughts…annoying if you ask me…but i think everyone needs this type of music…music that will question your life and your decisions…you never know what’s in store for you tomorrow. you just hope and pray that it’s a good day…in KLC we’ve been taking everything day by day and it really helps. it helps because then when we’re met with non-stop disappointments, we can handle the letdowns so much better. but that’s life – no one owes us anything…we’re here making our own history and making our own tomorrow. you’re either with us or not…those who are not can’t be any more obvious…but that’s just how life goes.

i have no idea what i’m typing…i really should just go to sleep before i type something that i really don’t mean and that will of course be taken the wrong way! hahahaha… :-)

“we’ve both been so unhappy…so let’s just see…what happens…when the summer ends…” – American Football

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wow last week of 2007…its crazy…just thinking about that is crazy…started the year so strange knowing that we were about to embark on a t our with NOFX…now look at us…a year has passed and we’re about to release an awesome EP fo free to the world…great things are in are future i can feel it…

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recording backing vocals for the english versions of the songs this morning…G has scheduled us all to come in at 10am to record backing vocals!!! oh my god…early as hell…but that’s what we’re about…we’ve got a job to do and we have to get it done…what’s sleep when your life is in your hands and the future of the band! :-) great attitude and i’m psyched that the members of this band think this way…

dude – pong is sick again! again! poor guy!

hey – i got the Filipino metal CD’s in yesterday!!! it’s SOOOO good! if you want to check out the bands then go to our label’s website: to check out the songs!!! it’s AMAZING AMAZING!!! when i finished listening to it my heart was full of pride…knowing that asian bands are coming with full force showing their unbelievable skills in writing brutal music for the world to hear! Filipino metal is up there with the best in the game that’s for sure!

remember – January 30 is when our EP is going to be made available for free online!!! more information will be coming out on Jan 1 when the E-card is out…

for TST residents…Burger King is open in TST!!! yes there indeed is a god!!! and he/she works flipping burgers in burger king for pakistanis like me! hahahaha…

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