january 30 january 30 january 30!!! that’s what we’ve decided is going to be the release date of our EP!!! REMEMBER ITS FREE AND AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ONLY!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO ALL CHECK IT OUT!!

still finishing up recording of the vocals for the english part!!! should be done by sunday…
DECEMBER 20, 2007:
hey watched I am Legend a few days ago..VERY impressed with this movie…i was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time!!! i recommend people watch this in the movie theater…it’s just not the same to watch a movie like this on your tiny little TV. unless some of you own like 60″ plasma TV’s. in which case, how come you haven’t invited us over! Gee! some people! hahahaha…

our very own guitar hero brian had a a very nice surprise happen to him yesterday…

his girlfriend lives in Australiza so they’ve been keeping up a long distance relationship…yesterday his girlfriend asked him to go to the airport to pick up a friend of ours. so brian, being the nice guy that he is – went all the way out ot the airport to pick up her friend. while he was waiting at the gate, guess who the “friend” actually was? yup – it was his girlfriend. :-)  a VERY nice surprise for him! i’m taking notes!

okay – gotta go to is the last day of school before we go off for christmas break. a few of the children are leaving Hong Kong over the break. so this break is always bittersweet. we’re happy to finally have a break, but also sad because some of the se wonderful children that we’ve gotten so close to, we’ll never see again because they’re moving…  :-(

like always – you just pray that you have done your job right and that these children grow up to be successful in whatever their heart desires…

Start From Scratch Records’ next show is February 23 and we’ve invited Piledriver from the Philippines!!! Great Madball style hardcore for you all!!!.

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