recording backing vocals for the english versions of the songs this morning…G has scheduled us all to come in at 10am to record backing vocals!!! oh my god…early as hell…but that’s what we’re about…we’ve got a job to do and we have to get it done…what’s sleep when your life is in your hands and the future of the band! :-) great attitude and i’m psyched that the members of this band think this way…

dude – pong is sick again! again! poor guy!

hey – i got the Filipino metal CD’s in yesterday!!! it’s SOOOO good! if you want to check out the bands then go to our label’s website: to check out the songs!!! it’s AMAZING AMAZING!!! when i finished listening to it my heart was full of pride…knowing that asian bands are coming with full force showing their unbelievable skills in writing brutal music for the world to hear! Filipino metal is up there with the best in the game that’s for sure!

remember – January 30 is when our EP is going to be made available for free online!!! more information will be coming out on Jan 1 when the E-card is out…

for TST residents…Burger King is open in TST!!! yes there indeed is a god!!! and he/she works flipping burgers in burger king for pakistanis like me! hahahaha…

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