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OKAY – today is the big day!!! it should be today that we will be releasing the EP online!!! right now as i type this it is the night of the 29th and we still don’t have the website finished. our friend in the UK got sick over the weekend and was unable to finish the website on time. now i’m hoping that i when i go to sleep tonight he will be able to send the final designs to us by the time i wake up (because the UK is 8 hours behind HK). BUT – then the problem is that the Painkiller webmaster needs to look at the files and then arrange it so that it is linked to the Painkiller website. BUT then there is another problem – a lot of my friends and contacts in Mainland China don’t receive my emails!!! it’s terrible and must be such a pain for them to get things done. emails get lost up in China all the time and they just don’t arrive for some strange reason.

ANYWAY – some time today the EP will be ready for you to download. all you need to do is keep checking this website:

大家好…終於到了!!! 我們的EP應該是今天發出的!!! 可是上個週末我們作網站的朋友生病了所以到今天(現在寫這個message的日子是二十九號 ) 他還沒做完!!! :-( 他住在英國所以我們有八個鐘頭的分別…我希望我明天起來的時候他已經發給了我們EP網站的files…可是他發了之後painkiller的人員還需要時間安排這個網站…然後還有一個很大的問題…我已經經過很多次我們在內地住得朋友受不到我的email…所以還有機會上載不到這個 EP!!!!

anyway – EP你們應該今天可以下載…請繼續看

Welcome everyone to our brand new Unite Asia EP! We’ve waited a long time to present these 6 songs to you so please go ahead, download it, spread it on to your friends, burn it on to CD, WHATEVER you want to do with it go do it!

We have to thank so many people for putting this EP, website, e-card, promotions together for us!!!

Wilson – for designing our incredible E-card! Especially on such short notice!
John – you see this incredible website? That’s ALL his work! Check out his work:
Freddy – our brother in arms at Painkiller Magazine the best magazine out of China! He’s the one that started this whole process with us! If more people will get to know us in the Mainland, it’s all because of him and Painkiller!
Paul – the one person in Beijing who has been with us for many many years! We love you brother!

Then we have to thank the following labels for all their support for promoting us in their scenes:
One Voice Records (Singapore) – Anis
Fast Youth Records (Indonesia) – Yoga
Townhall Records (Korea) – Kyu
Dyslexia Records (Malaysia) – Ann
Start From Scratch Records (Hong Kong) – ourselves hahahaha…
Sound Pollution (Sweden)
Take 4 Collective (Philippines) – Butch

Now – it’s up to YOU guys the real supporters to go out and spread the word for us! Send people the link to this website so they can come here and download the songs! Please tell them to check out the lyrics too! This is hardcore after all! What is hardcore without meaningful lyrics? Hopefully soon we’ll be playing in your scenes and we’ll get to see you all face to face screaming our words right back at us!

Oh – remember, we’ve started the recording process for our NEW full album that we will release later in 2008! Then we’re coming for all of you to rock out with!

Keep the Asian spirit alive and positive…we need each other! So come on, show us your passion and spirit!

Until next time!

我们期待已久的新EP[UNITED ASIA]正式推出!

Wilson – 在如此少的信息下,为我们制作出一张如此精彩的E – CARD
John – 你们看到现在这个这么精彩的网站吗?都是他做的!看他的作品!
Freddy- 在中国最好的杂志《重型音乐》的兄弟!一直以来支持着我们!他和《重型音乐》,令更多国内的朋友能知道我们的存在!
Paul- 在北京,与我们并肩作战多年的朋友!我们爱你!

One Voice Records (新加坡) – Anis
Fast Youth Records (印度尼西亚) – Yoga
Townhall Records (韩国) – Kyu
Dyslexia Records (马来西亚) – Ann
Start From Scratch Records (香港) – 我们!hahaha…
Sound Pollution (瑞典)
Take 4 Collective (菲律宾) – Butch



让亚洲精神(ASIAN SPIRIT)继续传扬!我们需要大家!来,让我们看到你们的激情,你们的亚洲精神!


King Ly Chee

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yo…so the bad news is that our drummer boy screwed up his wrist 2 weeks ago and it is wrapped up like crazy, he’s also been getting Chinese therapy everyday
tit da” (i don’t know what this is in english) to get his wrist ready by this saturday’s show…especially this is our first show of the new year and we’re really excited about playing!!! he has been resting it a lot…we’ve had two practices with him and he’s just been hitting the drums really lightly so that he doesn’t damage his wrist any more…especially since he’s trying to heal it right now…

so unfortunately…there MIGHT be a chance that he can’t play the whole set on saturday. :-(  that’s going to suck for him because i know he really wants to play!

SO – we can’t cancel the show especially since HK LIVE has been so nice to us and has really helped promote the show and us so…we’ve come up with some ideas…once again, this involves the love and support of our friends to help us out…

Mike from Shepherds the Weak is going to learn a couple songs for us to play on saturday…then Man will come back and play a few songs hopefully if his hand feels okay…then our friend Egas the drummer of the Macanese band Uni-K who are playing on saturday will come on at the end and help us play Refuse! hahahaha…

it’s going to be a fun and interesting night!!!

of course…Man is going to try his best to fix up his wrist and get more help to see if he can do something and hopefully play the WHOLE set…wish him luck!!!

現在有一個不好的稍息想通知大家…兩個禮拜前啊文受傷了他的手…他已經每天會去看中醫可是現在他的手還不行!!! 所以他還怕星期六的演出可能玩不到…如果他玩不到他一定會非常不開心因為這是我們今年第一個演出!!!!

anyway…好的稍息是我們再找了好的朋友幫我們…很幸福有點朋友可以幫我們忙…shepherds the weak的鼓手Mike會幫我們打一首歌, 然後啊文會來打幾首, 然後澳門樂隊Uni-K的鼓手會幫我們打Refuse! hahahahahaha…這個演出真的很有意思!

可是我們當然希望啊文可以馬上改善!!! 如果改善那全部演出他可以打!!!

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dude!!! you guys all need to watch our brother Ryan Hui’s new video and check out his new song!!! it’s amazing…i think it’s much better then the last EP put out so that means that the next release he has is going to be GREAT!!! his songwriting just keeps getting better and better!!! here’s the link!!! check it out and enjoy!!!:


i’m so sick…BLOWS!!!

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我生病了!!damn…brian也生病了!!! 還有Man的手受傷了…SUCKS!!! 他還不知道可不可以玩下個禮拜的演出…


昨天我們的好朋友24 Herbs(二十四味)出了他們第一張唱片!!! 我很期待買!!!

dude – i’m sick as hell right now…brian is sick too…and Man messed up his wrist l last week and he doesn’t know if  he can play next week’s show!!! we’re all hurting man…it’s crazy…

last night was the first time we  finally jammed…it’s been almost a month since the last time we practiced…but with half the band sick or hurt – it was quite a funny practice…borderline lame really…hahahahaha

yo our homies in 24 Herbs have finally released their album!!! can’t wait to check it out!!!!

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對不起大家我剛剛有留意我很久沒有用中文打這裡的message!!! 可是是因為我這個月非常忙!!! 為我們的EP我有很多事需要作…還有我們下月有兩場演出…其中一場是我們今年的第一場演出! 是在香港其中一個很有名藝術中心叫The Fringe Club(中文名字是: 藝穗會)! 在這個演出我們有請兩個好朋友的樂隊跟我們一起來演出. 一個樂隊是香港metalcore樂隊叫 Maniac…第二個樂隊是澳門metalcore樂隊叫Uni-K. 非常開心再有機會跟這兩個樂隊來演出!

第二個演出是我們自己安排的…在二月二十三號我們有請一個菲律賓來的hardcore樂隊叫Piledriver來香港演出!!! 在這個演出我們希望跟代價一起來慶祝我們”亞洲起義EP”! 這個演出是在一個新場地. 很有意思的地方 – 是在中環其中一個碼頭上面!!! 去Lamma島的碼頭…

下個禮拜終於會出新的EP!!! 很期待大家的意見!!!

這個禮拜六我將會幫香港metalcore GIANTS Shepherds the Weak玩吉他因為他們一個吉他手太忙了所以不能去…可是他們就是上個禮拜四跟我說!!! 只有幾天的時間學他們五首歌!!! 希望我不會mess up!!!

yo what up everyone…

it’s been awhile since i’ve posted anything in chinese so i thought it was about time to post some stuff up. we’ve been busy all month…we haven’t even had time to practice yet…we’ve been busy for our EP that we’re finally releasing next week!!! FINALLY! can’t wait for all of you to check it out…i’m just excited that all of you will have time to hear full english version of songs!!! hahahaha…especially for all our brothers and sisters down there in Malaysia who have been supporting us for YEARS!!!

anyway – next month we’ve got 2 awesome shows that we’re super excited about!!! hopefully you guys will come out and support!!! Feb 23rd show we really hope you guys will come out and celebrate the release of our EP with us!!

this saturday i’m helping my lovely brothers in HK’s metalcore KINGS and i mean KINGS Shepherds the Weak play a show because their guitar player Mushie isn’t available. i can’t wait!!! i’m so excited about this!!! the bastards of course only gave me like a few days to learn 5 songs! hahahahaha…hopefully i won’t mess it up!!! expect to see me running around on stage as usual hahahaha…see you there saturday!

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