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Okay…where do I begin…I don’t even know where to start with everything that happened last weekend!!!

Around Monday of last week we decided to print 1,000 copies of our Unite Asia EP onto CD. The reason we did this was because we were going to the Philippines to play at a show that is famous for having over 20,000 heavy music fans show up!!! We had such a great experience playing in the Philippines last year when we went with NOFX, that we KNEW this was going to be great. And we really wanted to give something special to all the Filipino friends, bands and supporters we have over there. So we decided to take our time and energy all last week to burn 1,000 CDs to hand out totally FOR FREE at Summer Slam! It was HELL burning these CDs! Hahahaha…On Wednesday last week I stayed 4 hours after work to burn CDs. I don’t know if you know that I teach kindergarten, but if you know about schools you know that late at night it is a pretty scary place to be. Hahahaha…Around 6pm there was no one in the WHOLE building. It was just me burning CDs and every time the CD was ready and it popped out of the computer, I got scared! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…I’m such a pussy!

At the same time while we were burning the CDs and getting ready for the BIGGEST show we have ever played, I also had a million things to get ready for the Comeback Kid show which was the day after Summer Slam. Comeback Kid actually came in earlier in the week as part of their stopover to Indonesia. So I got to meet them and was so relieved to know that one of my favorite hardcore bands is actually full of the greatest people! Then, as you’ve read on this website, CBK was supposed to leave the next day for Indonesia but the singer Andrew had passport issues.

On Friday night we finally got all the stickers that we needed for our free CDs for the Philippines. We had stickers to put on the front and back of the CD envelope, we had a sticker for the top of the CD, and we had lyrics to fold. All of this needed to go inside the CD envelope. We stayed up until like 3am Friday night putting all this into about 200 something CDs. But we still had 800 more to do!!! HOLY CRAP! I gave up and fell asleep at 3am. Then we had to wake up at 7am to go back to our practice room to pack up all our stuff to go to the Philippines. Our flight was at 11am so we had to get to the airport by 9am. 4 hours sleep before going off to play a show is NOT a good idea…

We got to the airport and this time we brought our ampheads. When we got to the airport we found out that we were over our weight limit by 50kilos!!! So we had to pay SO MUCH EXTRA money to get on that plane. But we finally got on, tired as hell, and immediately got to work. Most people get on a plane and sleep. But we got on the plane and took all the CD materials out and started sticking things on. We were like this little sweatshop on the plane! hahahahaha…sticking, sticking and more sticking…I sat next to Brian, Pong sat next to Man – so we were like two rows of a factory on the plane! The people sitting next to us must have been like – what the hell are they doing? HAHAHHA…

Dude – what’s up with Cebu Pacific and not even providing free water!!! Holy shit! Man was sick, I still had a sore throat, and they were charging for water!!! SUCKED!!! So any of you about to fly on Cebu Pacific – BRING YOUR OWN WATER AND FOOD!!!

Anyway…we finally arrived in the Philippines and seriously, I felt like I could’ve gotten down on the floor and kissed it! hahahaha…that’s how happy I was to be back there to play a show. Until this moment, everything for this show was being handled by DEAR SWEET BROTHER Jun (drummer of Kjwan)! And when I mean everything – I MEAN EVERYTHING!!! He went beyond being just a friend for us – he really became part of King Ly Chee for the months leading up to Summer Slam. He handled EVERYTHING including getting us on this show in the first place. He was able to get us a free hotel to stay in, car pick up, food, drinks, he was able to let us borrow Kjwan’s INCREDIBLE roadies to help us move all our crazy stuff, EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED for us was because of our brother Jun! WE OWE HIM SO MUCH for all his love – and that’s what it was PURE LOVE – not just “help”, that is not a strong enough word for everything he did for us. IT WAS LOVE…we love you brother – FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID AND PROBABLY WILL KEEP DOING FOR US!!!

The other person that we really got close to because of Summer Slam was the legend Joey of the INCREDIBLE Intolerant!!! I cannot even imagine how busy Joey must’ve been organizing Summer Slam, preparing and handling everything. Even though he was busy, any email I sent to him he would reply to me within a few hours! With every email back I just thought to myself “This just has to be one of the greatest guys on the planet”…THANK YOU JOEY FOR ALLOWING US TO PLAY AT SUMMER SLAM!!! It was such an honor to be on that stage knowing that we had your love and support!!! It was like this extra boost of energy, power and confidence you gave us…

So anyway, we arrived at the airport and of course, our brother Jun was there to pick us up! DAI LO!!! :-) He was definitely our “dai lo” during this entire experience! We took about an hour long ride from the airport to the hotel, checked in, and then got back to work sticking stuff on the CDs! hahahahaha…no slacking for us! GET TO WORK! Hahahahaha…

Then we finally set off to get to Summer Slam. It was a LONG car ride and we had to pack two cars up full of our equipment etc…hell but worth it! Along the way I got to just have more heart to heart with my brother Jun so that was great…I’m so happy for him and everything that has happened to him since he’s been back in the Philippines…only greater things are going to happen for him and his boys in Kjwan!!! Along the way we also passed a HUGE Summer Slam billboard!!! I flipped out and Jun flipped out too because we got to see our name KING LY CHEE (Hong Kong) in huge words on the poster!!! :-) SOOOOOOO COOL TO SEE!!!

Then finally – we showed up outside of the huge stadium…there were THOUSANDS of kids EVERYWHERE!!! I cannot even describe how I felt seeing all these kids outside of this venue…I just couldn’t believe that we were going to be playing in front of all these people in a few hours.

We met Kjwan’s incredible roadies here and they were TRUE SOLDIERS!!! They grabbed our stuff and took off like the professionals they were. No bullshit, no small talk, just “We’re here to help! Where’s your stuff?” We showed them, and they took off with it all. Oh my god…it was amazing just watching them be so professional and SO caring about us!!!

We walked in backstage and immediately saw our brothers in Piledriver!!! It was great seeing our Pinoy brothers again!!! It was all hugs, smiles and just having a good time seeing each other again!!! I love these guys man…seeing them is like when we see our bestfriends in Hong Kong Shepherds the Weak. Just pure respect, admiration and love for each other. And what I love about Piledriver is that hardcore is just written all over their faces and tattooed in their hearts. :-) It’s so cool to meet people like that because that’s the way I’m like so it’s this automatic bond we have with each other…

Man, Pong and Brian immediately got back to work sticking stickers on all the CDs and I went off to handle all the stage things with Jun and his band’s manager. The stage was ENORMOUS…the sound was GREAT…the lighting was PERFECT…the equipment on stage was AWESOME…the staff everywhere was professional as hell!!!…all the people backstage were friendly and there was absolutely NO rockstar attitudes ANYWHERE!!! I have no idea how to describe the pure JOY of seeing friendly people, warm smiles and no rockstar bullshit anyway. Spectacular…then I got to see Joey again face to face and he didn’t even just come over and give me a little handshake, but he came over and gave me a huge hug and a loud “WHAT’S UP RIZ!!!” :-) I’m telling you man – one of the greatest guy on the planet!!! He was so busy, sweating all over the place, he just found out that a bunch of people were sneaking into the show with fake tickets!!!, but he still made time to say hello to us! You’re awesome JOEY!!! AWESOME!!
When we arrived Typecast was on stage and we met these guys last year, but over the past year I’ve gotten to know their drummer Melvin – so it was awesome to now see Typecast on stage as friends! :-) Dude…they were so good…Melvin KILLED IT!!! HE IS AN AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG DRUMMER!!!

Then out of nowhere, it was Kjwan’s turn and this was the first time I was going to see my brother play drums in over 6 years!!! The last time I saw Jun (one of my favorite drummers from HK) he was playing drums in Mirage where he mixed up jazz, rock and drum n’ bass into his drumming!!! I remember that when Mirage was playing we’d always go and sit right behind Jun to watch him play drums…he is so good…then finally Kjwan got on stage and DESTROYED THE PLACE!!! Their brand of rock is so refreshing and they were all AMAZING musicians!!! They ruled man…totally ruled…Jun was in a zone and he was just the same legend that he was here! :-)

Then came the band Urbandub that we met last time and they were just as great on stage as they were when we played with them last year! The kids in the audience loved them! :-)

Then came one of the most spectacular things that I got to witness ever at a show…the main guy at Pulp Magazine is a guy named Vernon and he got onstage to play guitar and he was awesome! But the best part was, they had fire and fireworks shooting out of the stage!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OH MY GOD IT WAS GREAT!!! Dude – it was SUCH a great show and I was so busy watching the fireworks and listening to the music that I didn’t realize that the band backing him was Joey’s band Intolerant!!! So when Vernon got off the stage, I heard the riff for Intolerant’s song “God of War” and I was like what and started screaming to Jun – “OH SHIT!!! IT’S INTOLERANT” and we both ran up to the side stage past security and stood on the side watching this unbelievable Filipino metal band! And when I say unbelievable, I mean unbelievable…THEY WERE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! Tight, loud, perfect…our brothers in Shepherds the Weak kept saying “wait until you see Intolerant!!!” and Jun was saying the same thing “wait ’til you see them!!!” And dude – they were all RIGHT…EVERYONE IN THIS BAND KILLED IT – Joey ruled on the guitar – every note of his solos were exactly how I heard them on the MP3’s that I downloaded from their myspace!!! It was just pure professionalism that I was watching in front of me…

Then it was meeting more people for me and I got to see SO MANY people that I met last time at the NOFX show! They were all there and smiling from ear to ear! :-) So great to see everyone again…

Then came some hardcore time for Summer Slam when our bro’s Piledriver took to the stage! Dude, they got on stage, plugged in, took like I swear 3 minutes to set things, and then ripped right into it!!! That was inspirational to see them just plug in and GO – hardcore style…it was so cool to see a Filipino hardcore band on such a HUGE stage!!! WE’RE SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS!!! And I know your OTHER brothers in HK Shepherds the Weak were also so proud of you guys!

After them came to me what was a band that gave me chills because it was so touching to see what happened during one of their songs. It was a huge band called Cheese (but they’ve changed their name – I forgot what it is now – Kelsa? Kesla? Something like that) and they were great! The audience sang EVERY word!!! Imagine 10,000 people singing along…the audience was louder then the band!!! :-) Then came the coolest thing – the singer sang one line of a song acapella (meaning without any music from the band – just him singing to the entire stadium) and then the ENTIRE audience sang the rest of the song back to him!!! OH MY GOD!!! THAT WAS CRAZY!!! I GOT CHILLS UP AND DOWN MY BODY WATCHING THIS!!! I stood there watching all of this and didn’t know what to think…just had my mouth wide open in awe watching and feeling Filipino passion for their own bands, the love and support that they give their own fellow countrymen…so touched and will never forget it…

Then came KLC time :-) It felt like we waited all night for this to happen and it was just all out let’s go once we started! :-) We threw CDs out in the audience and it was so cool to see so many kids so excited to get these free CDs!!! It made all our hard work so worth it. I mean we literally spent hours and days preparing these CDs and it seemed everyone that got free CDs really were so grateful and appreciated these things!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RECEIVING THESE CDs AND WE REALLY HOPE YOU LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR AND READ!!!

By the end of our set it was close to midnight and we had only slept like 3 hours the night before, we were so exhausted…I got to hang out with Piledriver and Kjwan some more and I think I passed out! hahahahaha…next thing I knew it was like 2am and Jun was waking me up to get in the car to get back to the hotel!

We got back to the hotel around 3 or 3:30 and I fell asleep right away…we then had to wake up at 6am to get to the airport to fly back to Hong Kong…

When we were at the airport the credit card machine wasn’t working and so they wanted us to pay in cash for the extra weight of our luggage and we didn’t have enough cash. So they kept trying to figure something out. Finally 10 minutes before our flight, they let us on the plane!!! We had to run from the airport, through VIP immigration hahahahaha, run all the way to the gate, and finally on the plane just in time!!! hahahahahaha…a perfect to end that part of the weekend…

Then came the Comeback Kid show on Sunday…come back tomorrow to read about it! :-)

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This has been one of the best weekends I have ever had…EVER…I have only slept 3 hours last night after watching one of the best shows in my life. Last night’s show was definitely the best show I’ve seen in Hong Kong…comeback kid is second to NONE…They were and are INCREDIBLE!!!

I will post a whole weekend review tomorrow…thank you everyone for last night and all the support you gave us at our last show in HK for the rest of the year! Thanks to everyone in the Philippines (I WILL WRITE MORE ABOUT THIS TOMORROW!!! :-)

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Oh my god…here comes the news that I’ve been telling you about…the most unbelievable thing that is going to happen to King Ly Chee. I NEVER NEVER imagined that this would happen to us. I never in my life imagined that I would ever get this opportunity…here is the news:


This is a dream come true for me…I was 13 years old (I’m 31 now) when I was skateboarding with my friend and they told me to check out this band called Sick of it All. They told me it was a band that played “hardcore” music…I didn’t know what it was or what it meant. But I listened to it – and I heard the words of the album “Blood, sweat and no tears” – songs like “Injustice system”, “friends like you”, and of course my favorite Sick of it All song: “My Life” with the simplest lyrics that when I was 13 years old was the only thing I wanted say to the whole world “All my life people tell me what to say…this is my life live it my own way”…These lyrics still mean the world to me today when colleagues ask me why I’m wasting my time with King Ly Chee, when friends and old acquaintances ask me why I waste so much money on my band when I don’t get any money back, when my colleagues/girlfriend/friends see me working my ass off for King Ly Chee/hardcore and Start From Scratch and don’t understand my passion for something that they don’t there’ll ever be any rewards from, when band members quit, when it feels like the whole world gives up on King Ly Chee something that I have put my entire LIFE into…any time I feel like giving up or not dealing with this shit anymore – I listen to Sick of it All – it brings me back to the very first day when I heard Sick of it All and when I was first introduced to hardcore. A little Pakistani skater kid who spoke English better then he spoke his own mother-language, but was growing up in a city (Hong Kong) that spoke another language (Cantonese) that he couldn’t speak, and went to a school full of rich white kids from USA, UK, etc., and feeling so different from all these people. That’s all I was…a confused little kid that didn’t know what he was – am I Pakistani? Am I a “Hong Kong person”? Am I Chinese? What am I?

I listened to Sick of it All and I learned many things:

1. The world is too fucked up to worry about yourself. So what if you don’t understand yourself? There are people in the world who don’t have food, there are people in the world who have been kidnapped from their home and forced into sexual slavery, there are people in the world who deal with the most disgusting of racists actions, there are places in the world where children are growing up without entire families, there are places in the world where 8 year old children are raising their younger brothers and sisters because their parents died to AIDS or were killed…

2. That it doesn’t matter if you’re different…you still have the strength to change the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re different and you SHOULDN’T TRY to change yourself because you’re different so you can fit in.

3. That I can do anything I want to do with my life. All I have to do is try and NEVER NEVER NEVER give up…persist through EVERYTHING.

I owe this band for everything that I am and especially for all the beliefs and morals I have about hardcore. Everything that I hold dear about hardcore: it’s humility, it’s DIY spirit, it’s never give up attitude, it’s fighting for the weak, it’s MESSAGE BASED lyrics, respecting other people and especially respecting people who think differently even within this hardcore/punk scene…I learned it all from this band…

They saved my life as a teenager…I am who I am because of Sick of it All and the world they introduced me to through their music and lyrics…

They are my heroes…and I am finally not only going to meet them, but be on the same stage with this band. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT…

This is the big announcement that I wanted to make…PLEASE HELP US CELEBRATE THIS GREAT THING TO HAPPEN TO US…please click on this link and check out the FLYER and please post us a message…CLICK HERE

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Holy crap…what a crazy day I had yesterday…I don’t know…maybe it’s because I only had 3 hours of sleep the night before…but near the end of the day Andrew (singer of Comeback Kid) called me while I was teaching, and told me that he couldn’t get on the plane because his passport had some problems. So we spent the rest of the day trying to figure out what he can do and get to Indonesia yesterday. At the end, there was NO way they could get on the flight because of his passport…

So, now they’re in HK for one more night. But the good thing is that they love Hong Kong! hahahaha…so they’re happy that they get to stay here again. But early Wednesday morning Andrew will go to the Canadian embassy to see if he can get a new passport given to him right away. If he can get it then it will be no problem and then they can go to Indonesia for their show Wednesday night. But if not, then I have no idea what they’re going to do…

CRAZY CRAZY DAY!!! It’s 1am now…I thought I was going to be able to go to sleep early tonight! hahahahaa…

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It’s 3am now and I just got home from hanging out with Comeback Kid. They are SUCH nice guys man!!! Crazy how nice and humble they are…and they don’t have a manager or roadie with them, so they’re doing everything themselves which I have lots of respect for! They have brought lots of t-shirts!!! So bring $100HKD to the show on Sunday to buy them! I think they look AWESOME!!! :-) One white design and one black design…you can see photos of the shirts on our Facebook site:

現在是三點鐘am…非常累…可是很開心因為我可以陪Comeback Kid幾個鐘頭接他們, 和跟他們一起吃飯…還有可以跟他們說很多關於hardcore的笑話…hahahahaha…他們真的是非常好人…沒有什麼 rockstar感覺…見了他們之後更加想看他們表演!!! SHIT!!! 非常期待星期天!!!

他們帶了很多shirt賣!!! 有兩個不同的design…一個是白色t-shirt, 一個是黑色t-shirt!!! 兩個非常好看…如果你想看design你可以上我們Facebook看看!!! 每一件就是$100HKD!!!

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