Last night I went out to celebrate my good friend Terence’s recent luck with getting a brand new job! It was a great night doing the same stupid stuff that we always do dancing at various bars etc., until our legs are killing us and we’re tired as hell. It was a fun night until when it was time to go home. If ANY of you hang out in LKF until late at night, then you KNOW how much of pain in the ass it is to get a taxi home (especially back to Kowloon). All the taxi’s always have those “out of service” signs, and the reason they do that is so they can choose those people who live further away so that they can get more money. How it works, is that if someone has an “out of service” sign on, it usually signifies that this guy actually is crossing the harbor to Kowloon and therefore wants to choose riders who would like to go back to Kowloon. Recently, they’ve started selecting places in Kowloon to take guests. If someone wants to go to say Tsim Sha Tsui (which is where I live), since it’s right over the harbor then it’s not worth the driver’s time. So instead, they say “Oh sorry – I’m on call and waiting for my passenger to come”. This is ALWAYS a bullshit answer. Why would they ask you where you wanted to go if they were “on call”? Last night, after 3 taxi’s rejected me because I just wanted to go to Tsim Sha Tsui, I had enough and asked the 3rd taxi who rejected me what he was waiting for waiting here. He of course said, that he was on call and waiting for his passenger. Then I had told him that I had been here for 10 mins and haven’t seen any so-called “passenger” who “called” him come to his car. I then told him that him waiting here is just blocking traffic and being a total nuisance to the public. He didn’t care and I decided to report him to the police. So I took a photo of his license plate, and took a photo of him. I called the police and reported him and the police said they were on their way. As soon as the driver found out I had called the police, he started to try to driver away. So I stood in front of his taxi keeping him from running away. The police said they were on their way and so I thought I would do my “civic duty” by helping keep this taxi driver from running away. Instead of the taxi driver waiting, he started driving his car into me!!! Into my legs!!! He kept trying to push me out of his way WITH HIS TAXI!!! A bunch of my friends were there and saw this happen and took photos and started filming this because they couldn’t believe the taxi driver was doing this! So this went on for what felt like 15 mins and the police still hadn’t come!!! We kept waiting and I kept blocking the driver from running away and he kept pushing into me. Finally he was able to drive off. And the police showed up 10 minutes later!!! Then I stayed there for an hour and a half getting a report written up by the police about this and I told him that I did NOT want this driver to get away after what he just did. So they kept taking my statement, and my friends, and finally 5am I was able to go and they told me that I have to call “traffic complaint” on Monday to follow up on this case.

This was my crazy Friday night. After all that happened I feel like I was robbed of my rights as a HK citizen. Not by the police, but because of this crazy taxi driver who had no fear for hurting me. HE WAS CLEARLY IN THE WRONG!!! And to make it worse by actually trying to push me out of his with his taxi?!?!? ARE YOU KIDDING!!!

I WILL follow this case up with the police on Monday. But right now I am unbelievably angry that this happened, and that for now, this taxi driver AND ALL these taxi drivers who block traffic, and “choose” their passengers, and become a nuisance to the public, has clearly gotten away with this.

If any of you have any ideas of what I can do then PLEASE email me!!! [email protected] I want to know what I can do!

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