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UNITED NATIONS…featuring Glassjaw and Thursday members…

Yo…this band called United Nations that features the singer of Thursday as well as members of Converge and Glassjaw is going to be AWESOME!!! They’ve already uploaded their entire new album on myspace 现在有个新乐队有Thursday, Glassjaw和Converge几个成员. 这个乐队叫United Nations…他们已经上载了他们全新唱片在他们的myspace到: click here

Good band…

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My brother Ki in the Korean hardcore band called The Geeks told me yesterday on MSN that Have Heart is touring Korea next month! That’s awesome…I don’t know if Have Heart would be a band that would garner much interest in Hong Kong…but that would be an awesome band to watch in a setting where kids go crazy singing along…

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned Verse before…but that is a GREAT hardcore band…great lyrics…go check them out if you haven’t already!!! click here

我韩国兄弟Ki(韩国hardcore乐队The Geeks的主唱)昨天跟我说下个月Have Heart将会去韩国演出!!! 韩国真的很幸运! :-) 可是我不知道如果他们来香港的话几个人会去看…这个hardcore风格我觉得没有那么多人喜欢…anyway…看Have Heart在一个很热情的环境一定是最理想的…

Anyway…我不知道我有没有介绍一个hardcore乐队叫Verse…可是大家应该要试他们的音乐!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! 歌词特有意思…click here

内地的朋友们…这几天我们应该会通知大家一个很好的稍息! :-) 等多几天!

Last thing…check out this DVD trailer for an awesome RIP band called Guns Up! 你们可以过去这个网站看一个hardcore乐队叫Guns Up的新DVD…THIS IS A HARDCORE SHOW!!! 这个是一个真正的HARDCORE演出…click here

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Good band called Betrayed (featuring members of Champion and others…) put up a documentary thing about themselves…the band is not together anymore…but a pretty cool little video…learn more about hardcore through these little things…


click here

I do think it’s weird that hardcore bands in the US only play for like 3 or 4 years and then end…of course, hardcore bands in the US are not like us in Asia…in Asia there’s no way we can quit our jobs and committ to touring for months and months like they do in the US. In the US bands quit jobs, tour for months and months, come back home and record a new album, and then tour again for months and months…of course this must be a tiring and crazy type of life to lead. For us in Asia, we all have dayjobs to pay the bills, and hopefully allow us to make enough money to do short tours around Asia, maybe record, and then do some more short tours. Not many Asians band do this…we’re one of the few that spend our own money and continue to play here and there, here and there…可是我要说…我觉得在美国每次看到多一个hardcore乐队放弃, 我觉得是很奇怪也很失败的…因为他们的歌词通常是关于改变…改变自己的生活和生命…可是如果你们这样的歌词然后给生命的压力让你放弃 – 真的不是一个好的东西 – 还是代表一个不太好的态度. 当然在美国做一个乐队跟亚洲做一个真的太不同的. 在美国为了他们的乐队全队的成员一定会放弃他们的工作. 他们每年会去几个月再几个月的tour. 然后回家再录音, 然后再tour…这样的生命当然会有很多压力因为你不知道明天够不够钱付大家的费用. 在亚洲我们大家一定有工作…为了tour大家会试储蓄一点儿钱…tour当然没有美国乐队那么长时间 – 可惜了, 如果可以跟他们一样去几个月的tour一定会对全亚洲音乐的情况特有用. 刚写的时候我有留意没有那么的多亚洲的乐队会这样tour – 就是我们这样的乐队, 我们九年后还在付出自己的钱买机票为去tour…

But my point still is – I wish more of these bands in the US would stay together for a longer period of time. I think if they stuck around for a long period of time, their would be a lot more sincerity in those lyrics about “change” that they sing about…it just seems like their message is lost once they decide to end their band.


所以我觉得Sick of it All这样的乐队是我自己的英雄…他们已经玩了二十多年的时间…还在坚持…还没有放弃这个文化, 这个音乐…



Check out the photos from that hardcore/metalcore show last week in Beijing that our bro Paul organized!!! awesome pics!!! 大家过去这个网站看上个礼拜在北京hardcore/metalcore的演出! 这个是我们兄弟Paul安排的演出:
click here

还有 more photos here! click here

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CONGRATULATIONS CHINA!!! 恭喜我们全中国的兄弟姐妹!!!

Oh my god…what a beautiful closing ceremony!!! I’m not Chinese but I have lived in China my whole life…while watching this I couldn’t help but feel moved by the whole thing…7 years in the making!!! What a wonderful event it has been…both the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony has shown the world the power of Chinese music and arts! I seriously don’t know how nervous and how much pressure London has! hahahahahaha…

真的很感动!!! 看完昨天晚上的closing真的很激动和感动…这全部奥运会真的可以给全地球看中国的新时代…看完奥运会的opening和closing真的代表到中国的音乐和艺术的力量和美丽…虽然我不是一位中国人, 可是我全人生是在中国所以我跟我所有中国朋友们一样为了中国很proud!!! 恭喜大家!!!

我觉得伦敦的奥运会一定会很紧张! hahahahaa…一定很有压力!!! 中国做到真的太完美! :-)

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So last night was the super exciting HARDCORE and METALCORE show in Beijing that my brother Paul organized!!! I forgot that it was yesterday!!! Then I got an SMS from Li Yo of the Beijing hardcore band Unregenreate Blood telling me that he was on his way to MAO to play the show! I totally forgot…

Hopefully all of you China’s hardcore kids showed everyone the power of hardcore at the show!!! :-) Paul sent me an MSN message after the show to tell me that almost everyone was wearing King Ly Chee shirts or hats in the pit!!! That’s fucking AWESOME!!! I think we might be coming up to play in December – but have to wait for our band members to think about it. Hopefully it’ll happen!

昨天晚上在北京有一个很兴奋的演出: 是hardcore和metalcore的演出…我的兄弟Huang Jia Si安排的…我完全忘了昨天是这个演出!!! :-( 我昨天收到我的兄弟李游(不复之血的主唱) – 他跟我说他刚才下班然后打车过去MAO准备这个演出.

我希望你们北京和内地hardcore的哥们儿玩的非常开心…在moshpit里面你们有给别人看我们hardcore人的力量和热情!!! :-) Huang Jia Si在MSN跟我说在moshpit里面差不多每一个人是穿我们荔枝王的衣服或者帽子!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!! 谢谢大家的支持! :-)


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