Is it just me or are you also proud of all our Paralympic athletes!!! Our able-bodied HK athletes weren’t able to win any gold medals – but our paralympic HK athletes have been winning gold medals left and right!!! How incredible is that!??!?! It’s amazing…as a Hong Kong-er I am SUPER proud every time I see more results of them winning…

I just hope when they return to HK that the government takes care of their needs by sponsoring training, maybe building more facilities for them for training and so they can focus on their obvious gift!!!

我不知道你们有什么感觉…可是我每天看到香港的运动员在傷殘奧運再赢了金牌我真的对他们非常proud!!! 我就希望他们回来 的时候我们这边的政府会开始支持他们的training…可以帮他们建造多好的运动场为他们的好好的training…真的太明显他们这个能力是天生的!!! :-)


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