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All you need to know is that my favorite HK band: the lovesong: is playing tonight at the Fringe Club…they’re the second band playing so you have to be there by 10pm so you don’t miss anything. Supposedly, they’ll be playing some new songs!!! COOL!!! 你们只要知道我最喜欢的香港乐队今天晚上在艺术会有演出!!!他们是叫 the lovesong。今天晚上他们是第二个乐队。。。差不多十点钟玩。。。他们说今天他们可能会玩几首新歌!!!woohoo!!!

All of this stuff going on in India and Thailand is so sad…I can’t believe they had over 10 attacks take place at one time. That is insane…Then the stuff in Thailand – they took over the airport! Why doesn’t the prime minister of Thailand just step down? He should know that the history of Thai politics has been that if an unpopular prime minister doesn’t step down, then the army comes in with a coup.  这几天在印度发生的东西真的很可怕。。。新闻说他们在一天里有十几个地方给人攻击。。。特可怕。。。然后再泰国这个政治的情况也是很不开心的事。。。在新闻见到一个党派的人打死另外党派的人。。。其实大家是泰国人。。。大家是兄弟和一家人。。。为了你的党派你为什么会有这样的行为?泰国的首相应该快点下台了。。。为了他国家的稳定。。。他应该知道在泰国政治历史里一个不得人心的首相,通常有国家的军队进来政变。。。

Crazy world we live in…

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Yo!!! Last night Chai and I went to go watching Planet Battle!!! That’s the international kickboxing tournament that took place in Hong Kong last night at Hitec!

Both of us were walking around last week when I saw a huge advertisement for this and I told him “Dude let’s go! I’ve never gone to an event like this” He was like LET’S DO IT!! So yesterday he called me and told me that he bought tickets so we were ready to hit it! :-)

We got there and there were TONS of people!!! Lots of lovely people…lots of hip-hop blaring…it was awesome!!!

Then the fighting started and it went OFF!!! Like it was probably one of the most exciting Tuesday nights I’ve EVER had! hahahahaha…it was so much fun sitting right at ringside watching all of it!!!

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I wish and hope that all of you could have as an amazing day as I had yesterday…我真的希望你们可以享受我昨天的那么理想的一天.

Yesterday everything went amazing at school…all my lessons were awesome, all the kids were awesome…it was just great…昨天我在学校真的特开心。。。我教书不错, 小朋友跟我一样很兴奋。。。真的特好。。。

Then I got off work and hiked from Repulse Bay to Tai Tam!! It was awesome!!! Such a nice day and it was nice to go for a hike and hang out enjoying a beautiful part of Hong Kong (the trees, hills, reservoir). Then when I got to Tai Tam I met up with my friend Geoff and we went to Chai Wan Skatepark and skated for an hour or so…然后我下学从浅水湾爬山去太潭!!! 我也以为应该太远了!!!可是真的不太远。。。然后在太潭我约了我滑板的朋友Geoff。我们坐车去柴湾去滑板。。。在柴湾我们滑了差不多一个小时。。。

滑板之后我约了我们的bass手Ho去吃晚饭。。。他现在很努力帮我们做很多关于parkway drive的演出的东西。。。我们特幸运有多一个这样的人。。。这样那么努力性格的人在香港真的不多。。。

Then I met up with our bass player Mr. Ho and had dinner which was great…he’s working SO hardcore for the upcoming Parkway Drive show!!! It’s nice to have people like him who are so hard-working involved with KLC and me.

Then on my way home I bought the new Paramore DVD!!! IT’S SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! I just finished watching it now and it’s increidble. I think ALL bands should be as good as these guys LIVE…each band member gives the audience 200%!!! I have YET to see a band like this from HK. They have one of the best drummers ever I think…all drummers should be as into their drums as this guy!!! If you don’t believe me then search Paramore’s LIVE videos and see what this guy does…I don’t give a shit about technique and any of that stupid bullshit. All i care about is band members who play their instrument like it is the ONLY thing in the world keeping them alive…然后回家的时候买了paramore的新dvd!!! 特好看!!!特特特特特好看。。。挺挺挺好看。。。我觉得所有乐队应该起码这样那么好!!!他们演出的时候我真的感觉到他们的心。。。你们真的要看他们这个dvd...这个乐队的鼓手非常好!!!!!!!我觉得所有鼓手应该要看他表演才知道一个真的爱自己乐器的人怎么样玩他的乐器。。。

I had a great day yesterday…here’s to more like this I hope!!! 昨天真的特好。。。

Go buy the new Paramore DVD!!! Don’t buy the new Guns N’ Roses CD…it SUCKS…快点出去买paramore的新dvd!!!别浪费你时间和钱买新guns n'roses的唱片。。。特难听。。。

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So yo…metalcore fans throughout Hong Kong were heard dancing up and down the city streets. They were dancing and singing indecipherable lyrics all day and night and supposedly the police were called in to settle this strange occurrence over the weekend. When the police asked them if they were high on drugs – the fans responded “No man! Parkway Drive is coming to Hong Kong!” :-) It’s true – these metalcore kings are coming to Hong Kong on Feb 5, 2009.

So unless you have been living under a rock these past few years…metalcore has taken over the world…there are countless metalcore bands roaming the world…some of these are truly awesome bands…and some of them are just ripping those legendary bands off but for some reason getting bigger then the bands that they rip off which is weird. Anyway…along the way – “hardcore” has been confused. Hardcore is hardcore – metalcore is metalcore. The only co-relation is that the music can also be at times heavy.

Anyway…Parkway Drive musically sounds exactly like As I Lay Dying, Unearth style metalcore…so musically that’s what you should expect. Both their last albums were recorded and produced by Adam of Killswitch Engage that’s why their albums have sounded so similar to all the metalcore bands taking over the world for the past few years. The difference with Parkway Drive however is that on stage – they perform like a hardcore band! They’re not wearing tight clothes, make-up, black clothes…none of that – they’re jumping around in shorts, band shirts…pretty cool…

So the show will be Feb 5, 2009 and our brothers Shepherds the Weak are going to destroy the damn place as one of the 3 opening bands!!! :-)

More info on:

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THANKS! 谢谢大家

Wow…lots of birthday wishes yesterday on my facebook page! Thanks everyone… :-) 谢谢大家放在我的FACEBOOK页生日快乐的message!!! 。。。

在学校里跟小朋友过了生日真好玩。。。他们特可爱。。。他们就是七岁的小朋友。。。他们做了一个很可爱的卡给我。。。可是他们很厉害因为他们做这张卡的时候我真的看不到他们!! 我还不知道他们在什么时候做到!哈哈哈。。。

然后到很感动的一个事情。。。你们应该知道我今年的九月开始在二年般做我的实际。。。那已经过了两个多月。。。我跟这班小朋友的关系特好也特深。。。那我昨天通知了他们下个礼拜开始是我实际的最后四个礼拜。。。他们一听到几个开始哭。。。特感动。。。有几个很大声说 “可是我不想你走!!!”。。。

One of the best hardcore interviews I’ve read in recent days…check it out here…it’s the owner of one of the biggest hardcore record labels called Bridge Nine (the label that released H2O, Verse, Have Heart, Give Up the Ghost/American Nightmare and other legendary hardcore bands…) 当然我一定用这个机会再说hardcore la! 我觉得我很久没有看过一个那么好看的hardcore访问。。。这个访问是跟一个很大hardcore公司的老板做的 (是Bridge 9 Records的老板…这个公司出了很出名hardcore的唱片:H2O,Have Heart,Verse,等等): HARDCORE INTERVIEW HERE!!!

I don’t know how many of you know about punk rock history especially of the early 90’s…but there were quite a few bands that were very influential…some of them were bands like Jawbreaker, Crimpshrine, Operation Ivy, and so many more…i’m sure none of you are excited about this next piece of news – but the singer of the legendary band Jawbreaker is now playing in a band with the drummer of Crimpshrine (the infamouse Aaron Cometbus!!!)!!! DUDE!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO exciting!!! There are live videos up of their first show and it’s just quality punk rock!!! The band is called Thorns of Life。。。很久以前有很多三藩市来的punk乐队对punk文化有很大影响。。。几个乐队是Jawbreaker, Crimpshrine, Fifteen, Operation Ivy...等等。。。最近Jawbreaker的主唱跟Crimpshrine的鼓手开始了一个新乐队!!! 特兴奋。。。在这个网站你可以看他们第一场演出。。。他们叫Thorns of Life:

Brian and I have been writing so many songs!! Can’t wait to record them and upload them so you can hear! As we mentioned a few days ago – we don’t have a drummer now. But our good friend Mike from Shepherds the Weak has agreed to help us record our drums!!! THANKS AGAIN BROTHER!!! So keep checking back…hopefully by the end of December we’ll have new songs up! Brian跟我最近开始了写很多新歌!!! 特开心。。。太兴奋!!! 希望马上可以给大家听。。。当然, 我们几天前通知了大家我们现在没有鼓手。 可是我们的好朋友Mike(shepherds the weak)的鼓手已经说了他一定会帮我们录音和有时候可以帮我们演出!!! 谢谢兄弟!!!

我们没有希望在香港可以找到一个爱听,爱玩,爱努力为了hardcore做一个乐队的成员。 当然了 – 香港是潮流文化。。。除非hardcore突然变了很cool,我们一定在这样的社会找不到适合的成员。 我很喜欢开玩笑跟我版朋友说 “如果hardcore文化有发型和很潮流的衣服。。。这样才会有香港人对hardcore有兴趣”。哈哈哈。。。当然这样听音乐没意思。。。你看别人衣服听音乐吗?你看别人发型听音乐吗?真的不明白。难怪那么多香港人不明白我。。。我也不明白很多香港人。

可是没事了 – 这个就是现实! :-) 所以没事。。。这样的困难一定不会让我想放弃。知道如果我放弃特多香港人和香港乐队会很开心。听人说在这个时候有两个香港乐队写了歌说我的坏话。哈哈哈哈。。。真不真我不知道 (听人说其中一首歌里有我的名字!我很有兴趣看这首歌的歌词。。。)。我真的特厉害 – 我可以激发人写歌说我是一个怎么样的非人?!?!正!

你们这样送给我个礼物,我真幸运!哈哈哈。。。 谢谢。。

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