So the end of another momentous year in King Ly Chee land has come to an end…started off awesome with the release of the Unite Asia EP…playing in front of 24,000 people in the Philippines, playing with Comeback Kid!!!!, losing 3 members, playing an unbelievable show in Laguna (Philippines), gaining a new member, and writing songs…这个年底终于到了。。。今年真的是一个很重要的一年。。。今年的开头我们出了亚洲起义的EP。。。真的是一个很兴奋的事情。。。然后去了菲律宾在二万多人面前演出, 跟comeback kid演出,三个成员离队,找到一个新成员,开始写特多新歌。。。

As always KLC land is marred with problems and a negative world where people hate us and especially me with a supreme vengeance. it’s quite interesting…brian last night said “you’ve got to be the one person in HK that has the MOST enemies” and I answered probably…some of these people may have a legitimate reason to hate me because I am an asshole when it comes to my band. But some of these people don’t even know me or have had any interaction with me – so their reason to hate me is? No idea. 当然荔枝王的每一年有很多问题。。。今年当然有很多了。。。我们的环境有特多人真的挺恨我们这个乐队。。。更多人恨我。。。对我报复。。。有些人真的有道理恨我因为我对我乐队真的有很高要求。。。可是有些人都不认识我而且每有跟我聊过天 – 他们怎么可能对我有那么严的感觉呢?

Anyway – a few nights ago we took new SFS crew photos…it was nice to see that 10 years ago when I started SFS it was just one person doing it…now we have 6 in STW involved, plus the 3 in KLC involved, plus we have Chai involved, plus we have our street team members Matt and Sue involved…it’s nice to see something that just started by one person be taken on by so many others…反正我们几天前拍了新由零开始成员的照片。。。拍的时候我真的特开心。。。因为十年前由零开始就是一个人开始。。。现在有STW全乐队的进入了还有荔枝王的三个人还有chai还有我们由零开始的Street Team的成员Matt and Sue…真的开心慢慢这个活动加了多很多很有诚意的人。。。最重要是全部有诚意想做正面的东西出来。。。我们这几个人没有兴趣说什么闲话的废话。。。

It’s been a tough year as always…but a lot of momentous stuff happened…both good and bad…当然是一个很幸苦的一年。。。可是有很多好的东西发生而且有很多不好的东西发生。。。

Next year we begin with uploading a couple demos, hopefully that will inspire Mike to help us just start recording our album…but the problem is that once we record and release our album we ALL WANT to tour – but we can’t get Mike to do that for us because he’s a busy person plus STW is his true love. We really need our OWN drummer…who knows when and if that’ll happen. Of course we have to say that we really appreciate his support for us and wanting to help us any time we need help. And of course we have to thank our brothers in STW for also standing by us and helping us in our time of need…Without those dudes who knows where our band would be right now… 明年我们会介绍两手新歌的demo…开始这两首歌的时候很希望mike突然会有兴趣继续帮我们录音!如果他有兴趣的话哪我们可以马上开始新 album!!! 可是问题是。。。我们出了album之后全乐队会想巡演 – 到处巡演。。。可是mike的热情是在他的心里最关心的乐队STW…所以我们没有什么道理叫他帮我们巡演。。。他真的是一个非常忙的鼓手。。。可是我们特感激他的支持。。。还有很感激全部STW的兄弟的支持。。。.

But next year I’m certain we’ll release our album..可是我觉得很肯定可以跟大家说。。。我们明年应该终于可以出我们新album…出了之后谁会帮我们演出还不清楚。。。.

Happy new year everyone!!! Good luck to all of you who are using your time and energy to do something POSITIVE in your lives!!! 新年快乐大家!大家加油。。。继续努力为你们所正面的活动!!!


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