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Dude…this has been a long fucking week. I have two more kids that I tutor now so it’s Mon to Thursday that I am not done working until like 6 or 6:30 (I start work at 7:15am)…it just sucks dude…It’s nice to be making this extra money – but it is fucking tiring. By 8pm I am SOOOO tired. Last night I fell asleep at 9pm…这个礼拜真的过得挺慢。。。我这个礼拜指导了多两个小朋友所以我星期一到四差不多六点或六点半才下班 (我每天七点十五分钟上班)。。。

So – don’t know what to really tell you because I work so much that it’s hard to stay in touch with what’s going on in the city or around the world. 反正因为我每天工作到chi sin我真的不知道有什么好稍息可以通知大家。。。

What I have realized over the past few days…可是这几天我终于明白了一个很深的事情。。。

The reason that HK’s underground heavy music community always seems to have petty petty problems…I mean racked with petty ridiculous issues…I realized is that the people involved in the heavy music community in HK are just very immature. That’s what is a big problem in Hong Kong in general. All the backstabbing you see or hear here, the comments that people make about each other, the issues that people have with each other, are so childish that it disappoints me that me at my age I have to still have to be working in this type of immature and childish environment/culture. 几年前我已经有想过也问过别人这个问题:为什么在香港听重音乐的人的行为像小朋友一样? 在别人后面说的谎话,看着别人的时候一起来笑一笑,可是在这个人后面说很多废话。我们这个世界已经是很小的可是如果人有误会的话他们还不会拿电话解决这个问题。。。一解决大家可以再继续走下一步因为这个障碍已经没有了。 可是在香港别人不喜欢面对误会了的事,反而他们喜欢信别人说什么然后留这个障碍在别人跟他们的中间。你可以看有些人有什么批评。 当然批评是一个好事情 – 没有批评哪大家怎么可以进步?可是有些人有个挺极端的批评 – 很明显开始不理性的想法。可是在美国和其他很成熟的音乐社会里几十年前已经经过了这样的挺极端的说法,想法和做法。慢慢那边的人发现了这样的极端批评没有什么好的后果 – 反而会让他们的社会变的不太健康。他们发现了如果他们有很极端的想法哪他们还不需要用这个态度和想法去评价他人。个人有个人的想法。成熟的人会给个人自己想一想。

所以你可以看成熟城市的社会已经没有这样的看法 – 如果有的话就是在网站写的小朋友。大人已经会明白一个成熟的人应该用怎么样的行为面对问题和误会。


我觉得如果我们大家可以努力得到一个成熟的文化。。。这样才可以做到一个好的香港。你自己想一想 – 如果一天我们全香港可以不理小朋友怎么说或看的事情,哪我们大家可以做到更多东西 – 让香港的音乐社会/情况变得更好。

But I think things will eventually change. As more and more of us reach 30 and over, and if we are still playing in bands and still working on continuing to create a better music climate – people will realize that petty childish high-school drama is not part of a music climate that THEY want to be involved in.

I really am jealous of those music communities all over the world that are mature and therefore healthy and productive…

One day we’ll get there…

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WHAT?! 不会吧! 周末已经玩完了 WEEKEND OVER?!

I hate Sunday nights…last night I was watching the news with Ho in our studio and the reporter said “Have a good night…” and I yelled at the TV “Have a good night?! Tomorrow is Monday and we’re all back to work! How can we have a good night tonight!?” hahahahaha…我最恨的日子一定是星期天。。。我昨天晚上跟ho在我们band房看着电视的时候突然听到记者说 “希望你的晚上过得好 something like that la”…然后我很大声对着我们电视说  “怎么可以过得好!明天是星期一!大家要上班!!!” 哈哈哈哈哈。。。。

We had a great Sunday…we tried out a drummer and this dude has shown CRAZY potential not to mention a lot of heart. The most important thing is that when Mike heard him playing drums – MIKE WAS IMPRESSED! :-) If Mike was impressed then this must be someone with a LOT of potential. 我们的星期天过得不错。。。我们有试过一位鼓手。。。挺有希望。。。最重要是mike非常喜欢这个人打鼓的style! 如果mike喜欢这个人一定有希望!哈哈哈哈。。。

We’ll let you know in a few months how things work out…keep your fingers crossed! 过多几个月后可以跟大家说说。。。

We took a band photo last night with just the 3 of us and it was the fastest band photo I think we’ve ever taken. We went under our building and took maybe 5 photos. We looked at them and were like whatever – that’s fine. 我们昨天晚上也拍了一个乐队照片。。。只有我们三个。。。可是我从来没有试过那么快拍一个乐队的照片。我们只拍了五张然后再看然后说“算了。。。就是这张!” Hahahahaha…你可以上我们的Facebook看看to check it out go to our Facebook page:

I can’t believe we have two months before we play our first show in a long time!!! I can’t wait to play again…I’m dying to play…and for our first show of 2009 to be in the beautiful Philippines is just the greatest thing…我不相信我们只有两个多月然后终于可以演出!!! 我真的很想演出。。。我们二零零九的第一个演出是在一个特美丽的国家菲律宾。。。真的很开心我们的第一个演出是在这个对我们那么好的国家。。。

Have Heart – 快点听听他们一首歌叫 ‘watch me rise’. check out the song WATCH ME RISE…I LOVE this song…我非常爱这首歌。。。when they play this song – I”m going to go crazy for the end part “Watch me…watch me…watch me rise!”…他们在香港演这首歌的时候我一定会疯了。。。哈哈哈哈。。。我一定会拿注音的mike然后唱最后的歌词 ‘watch me rise…”…挺期待看他们和跟他们一起演出。。。can’t wait for Have Heart………

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Last night hung out with old friends…friends from my first year back in HK in 1999…it was Fai and Shun from the old HK band called Fat Job. it was great being with those dudes again…Fai was a very close friend of mine for awhile – and it’s good to see that the guy hasn’t changed at all! hahahahaha…Shun was the same ol’ Shun – cool and mellow…昨天晚上我跟我很舊的朋友一起吃饭和聊天儿。。。是我九九年刚回来香港的朋友们 – 是以前香港乐队发作的成员fai和shun. 有个时间fai是我好朋友 – 所以昨天晚上终于有机会再聊天儿真的特开心。。。他真的还没变过!哈哈哈哈。。。

Fai owns an old school car that is SOOOOOO damn awesome…i took a pic of it but i’m too tired to upload it now. 他有个超正的old schoool车。。。我拍照可是我现在太lazy上载。。。

So over the past few days a HK based photojournalist was barred entry into Macau. I don’t know about you guys but I think that’s so strange and very worrying…this guy wasn’t an actual reporter, but a photographer and for some reason he was restricted entry into Macau. 这几天的新闻我有留意关于澳门的海关不给一位香港的拍照人进去澳门的新闻。 真的有点儿恐怕的事情。。。他不是一个记者就是拍政治东西的人 – 这样还不给他进去是个担心的行为。。。

These types of situations are worrying in general – of course if something like that happened in HK lots of people would go crazy. But Macau is a much more different place…

Have Heart song “Life is Hard Enough”…great song…simple lyrics…

To find out more about Have Heart please check out their music on如果你想听他们的音乐请上他们的myspace听听:

And please read their lyrics so you can understand them better…they have great lyrics about life…听他们的音乐的时候最好是看着他们的歌词。。。你们可以在这个网站找到他们所有歌词:

One song called “Life is Hard Enough” is about how we all have an inner strength then can help us cope with the struggles we face in life. 他们其中一首歌叫’life is hard enough (生命已经很辛苦)的歌是说我们大家有能力面对我们所有的问题。We don’t need to drink or smoke or do drugs to run away from these problems. 我们不需要每天喝醉或吸毒以解烦闷。We can rely on ourselves to face these problems head on (this is one of the biggest ideas behind the culture of Straight Edge). 我们可以依赖我们自己全心面对这些问题 (这个是straight edge文化最大的信念). The last few lyrics for this song is 这首歌的最后歌词是:

“we know, we know you got the strength inside
to defeat the problems of our lives
without, the “crutch” …cause we all know
life is hard enough as it is.”

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美国hardcore乐队HAVE HEART 香港演出 MAY 10, 2009

Yes, so if you have had time to watch the video that I posted yesterday and that SFS Records posted as well – then you will know that our very first Hong Kong show since April 2008 will take place on May 10 this year. We will be opening for the great message-oriented hardcore band Have Heart. These guys have been touring non-stop for the past few years and have earned incredible amounts of respect from people all over the world. It’s also nice to finally have an actual hardcore band play in Hong Kong! The last time we organized a show for an actual hardcore band was the great Comeback Kid in 2008. 如果你们有看我昨天上载的短片你会看到我们荔枝王终于会在香港演出。。。我们从上年四月份没有在演过出。今年的五月十号我们会跟这个世界上其中一个特有名的真hardcore乐队叫Have Heart一起演出。我们挺兴奋有这个机会。。。他们这几年不停巡演了。。。什么地方都去过。。。这个是他们第一次来亚洲巡演。我们由零开始也兴奋因为我们终于可以搞一个真hardcore的演出。。。上次有帮过一个真hardcore乐队的演出是上年来香港的comeback kid.

We are VERY excited to be playing with these guys…you guys should check out this band ASAP and when you listen to the music try to find a website that has all their lyrics and read along. It will make the music and HARDCORE in general feel more real and amazing to you…希望大家会用点时间听听他们的音乐。 可是听他们的音乐的时候一定需要看他们的歌词。他们的歌词挺有意思 – 每首歌都有个意思。下面我放了两个网站 – 一个是他们的myspace第二个他们的歌词的网站。可是他们myspace只有他们最新的唱片。如果你们可以找到他们第一个唱片就好了。。。他们第一个唱片是叫’the things we carry” – 非常非常非常好!!!

Here’s a link to their myspace:

Have Heart’s lyrics:


到时间!!! See you all May 10!

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I finally finished the promo last night! I’m so excited that every time I make one of these videos I think I get better and better at it! :-) The program that I taught myself is Premiere…easy as hell to use and you have so much at your disposal!!! I love that because of King Ly Chee and Start From Scratch since 1999 I have taught myself so many things (including Chinese – speaking and reading!)…if that isn’t a strong DIY attitude then what is it?!??! hahahahah…我终于做完了misery signals的短片!!!我挺兴奋因为我每次做一个短片我觉得我有进步多一点儿!这次我有自学premiere的program!!! 我觉得是挺容易的也是很好玩。。。


Here’s the video!!! Please forward it to friends and family and uncle and aunties and your pets too! 下面是个短片。。。请看看然后给你们朋友看和家人和你们所爱的动物也行!哈哈哈哈。。。:-)

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