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So I came home and a huge package was waiting for me! I opened up the package and there were all the brand new Misery Signals t-shirts!!! :-) DUDE – THEY LOOK SO GOOD! So psyched for these shirts… :-) 我昨天下班之后回了家看到一个很大的箱等着我。。。我一打开看到misery signals演出的所有t-shirt!!! 真的说 – 我觉得全部t-shirt挺好看!

Here’s a photo of it on my floor hahahaha…在这里看到我放了一点儿t-shirt在我间房间的地下(click it to make it bigger请按这图片 – 会放大):

So – the next few days are going to be BUSY AS HELL!!! Last night was probably the only peaceful night I’ll have – going to try to get some sleep because I won’t be getting it over the next few nights. 这几天一定会挺忙!!!昨天晚上应该会这几天最轻松的一天。。。

Yes – this is ALL very exciting…being busy like this is what I live for. If I was busy like this ALL the time I’d be happy…life for the next few days is just going to revolve around getting things ready for this show, then putting it on, then unloading…and then finally being able to sleep properly Saturday night. I think the coolest part is that all of this work has nothing to do with my own band. Instead all of this work is for the other bands – bands that are performing on Friday. Honestly, being able to bands like this makes me so proud.  可是我觉得这样的生活真的是最好的。。。有那么多事有做 – 而且全部是关于音乐的事情。也不是帮我自己的乐队 -全部是帮其他人的乐队。。。这样我真的会挺开心。。。

希望大家会明白 – 这样的行动不是我一个人做的。有很多人跟我一样为这样的行动会作出犧牲。时间,energy,睡觉,钱,等等。。。我星期五会请病假。。。I hope everyone understands that it isn’t just me that puts on these shows. Like me, there are plenty of people who will be sacrificing things over the next few days. Just to name some of them will be time, energy, sleep, money, the list goes on and on…I’ll be calling in sick on Friday hehehehe…


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KLC SHOWS SOON! 演出演出演出!!

Dude…can’t begin to tell you how excited and nervous we all are for our upcoming shows!!! :-) We are excited because personally, the Philippines has quickly become one of our all-time favorite places to perform (the other place that we LOVE performing in is Guangzhou). And we’re going to be playing both places in one month!!! Of course some of our us are also a little bit nervous because it will be their first show with KLC! :-) But we’re all brothers so we stand behind each other 100%. 真的不知道怎么跟大家说 – 我们只有一个月然后我们终于演出!!!对我来说菲律宾是我其中最爱演出的地方。。。对我们全队菲律宾是跟广州一样那么好玩和对我们一样那么热情。我们好幸运因为在一个礼拜之内我们两个地方会演出 – 菲律宾和广州!!!当然我们几个成员也是一点紧张这几个演出是他们跟荔枝王的第一个演出。可是我们大家是兄弟所以我们一定会用全心支持大家!!!挺期待这些演出!!!


Now – like we mentioned a few days ago…this year has been a weird year for Hong Kong. For some reason, this year has given birth to a bunch of idiots who choose not to use common sense, civility, rational ideas, or arguments based on supportive evidence. Last week once again another incident happened in Hong Kong’s LEGCO sessions that makes me wonder where exactly is Hong Kong headed and who are going to be our future leaders? If all of Hk’s current youth watches current TV or listens to the radio, they’re going to be influenced in such a negative way because all they see and hear on the media are idiots who take no responsibility for their actions, and seem to no believe in providing support for any and all their ridiculous claims. 我们几天前有提过 – 这一年真的是一个非常古怪的一年。。。我们真的不明白突然那么多本地的笨蛋是从哪儿生出来的。这些笨蛋觉得做一位大人不需要用文明的态度来批评东西,觉得理性也是一个不需要的东西,然后也觉得批评的时候不需要给证明来支持他们的看法。上个礼拜在我们香港的立法院里发生的事真的让我想一想我们香港的将来应该会怎么样?在电视和电台上突然有很多像儿童的大人。这些”大人”也不明白他们这样的态度会怎么样影响现在的年轻人。一天这些年轻人可能会做下一代的立法会员。。。他们会不会用一样的态度和做法呢?他们会一样觉得做大人说话的时候不需要负责任?

Last week members of a political organization in HK decided that it’s okay to use curse words in LEGCO. Why would you think this is okay in a civilized society to use curse words in a place where laws are made and passed? What is this a sign of today? Then one of these politicians says that by using “curse” words he’s representing the grassroots. WHAT?! Are you saying that the “grassroots” of HK are people who are uneducated, and unaware to the importance of being mature responsible adults in the world today, walk around swearing,  上个礼拜在立法院里有些立法会员说操。你觉得这样说话会代表一个文明的社会吗?然后其中一个说操的立法会员说他这样说话是代表香港的基层的人。他这样说是什么意思?香港的全基层的人是这样说话吗?他的意思是基层的人跟他一样不文明吗?



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Seriously…never in my wildest dreams would these words appear on anything related to metal or hardcore in Hong Kong. 真的不相信。。。我真的不相信一个那么大的metalcore乐队会来香港演出。。。最要想一想的东西是:

现在新入地下音乐社会的年轻人没几个月可以看那么大的heavy乐队一定会影响他们对音乐的想法。。。他们终于可以看到很高水平的乐队怎么样玩他们的乐器 – 怎么样负责乐队的事情。。。最cool的东西是在香港看外国乐队的演出慢慢是变了一个“normal”的情况。哈哈哈哈。。。我们老的人就知道我们等了很久才有这样的情况。。。只看这两年已经有: comeback kid, horse the band, parkway drive, 将会有misery signals…

But it’s true – the great metalcore masters in Misery Signals will be playing in Hong Kong one week from today. How insane is that? It’s so weird that for young kids getting involved with music these days, having bands like these guys coming to Hong Kong is probably becoming “normal” for them! Whereas us older dudes can’t believe that within these past 2 years we’ve had such a big number of bigger name bands are actually coming to Hong Kong: Comeback Kid, Horse the Band, Parkway Drive, now Misery Signals…

It’s nuts…

We’re also so proud of all the opening bands…it’s going to be a fun time. Everyone gets along with each other and we’re all looking at just having a good time on that day! :-) 我们也是对misery signals做开场乐队很proud! 最“正”的是大家都很有团结的感觉 – 大家都有好的关系。这样会让演出一定挺好玩。。。

It’s going to be fun…

If you haven’t bough tickets then get on this website to find out more info如果你们还没买票那你可以上这个网站看看:

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2009 IS THE YEAR OF COWARDS – 二零零九年是懦夫年

We all know that amongst the underground scene it seems that a lot of cowards have risen with their “misplaced passion” (which is my new term to describe people who put all their passion, energy and heart into destroying things instead of using all that passion, heart and energy into constructing, building and using a positive heart to do things for the better of the bigger picture). 我们大家在香港的地下社会里已经知道今年突然有点懦夫起来了。他们寄托错的热情。。。非正面的行动。。。就做非建设的行动。

But in yesterday’s news was something that I thought was absolutely APPALLED by. 可是昨天的新闻我看到一个很烦恼的消息。。。

Yesterday, the founder of the wonderful social organization that has been helping and standing up for ethnic minorities in Hong Kong called Unison – admitted that she has been receiving death threats ever since she mentioned that the police officer who killed a Nepalese man in Ho Man Tin could’ve been more culturally sensitive. Since then she has received death threats and very threatening messages from members of the public. 昨天这个很厉害的社会组织叫 “unison”的创立者告诉了报纸她上个礼拜开始受到了懦夫的恐吓她的email和其他封信。这全部是关于他有说一位警察杀了一位尼泊尔人没有用过一个比较铭感的方法告诉这个人放低他的东西。这位警察只用了中文跟这个少数民族说话。当然在香港不是每位少数民族可以说中文 – 所以这个尼泊尔人可能听不懂然后不放低 – 然后这个警察射了他。。。这位尼泊尔人死了。。。


This is of course really  troubling in many areas.

But she has said that she will never give up our goal with this amazing organization. We also hope that she keeps fighting. 可是这位创立者说了他一定不会放弃他的组织的目标。。。我们也希望他可以继续做。

Cowards exist throughout this city. Yes, I think you cowards in the HK music scene are cut from the same cloth as those fools that sent Unison those death threats.

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DON’T JOIN KLC 你不加入他们的乐队了!

So we heard over the weekend that the singer of another HK band actually contacted our current temporary drummer and told him not to join KLC. So as of right now – ever since 2005, every new member that has joined KLC has been approached by people in HK that have told them not to join KLC. Ho was approached by the guitar player of another heavy band to not join KLC. 这个周末听到我们其中一个成员又收到别人的意见。这位人是另外一个香港乐队的注音。从二零零五年我们每一位新加入乐队的人是受到外面人的意见 – 全部是跟他们说同一句 “你不加入他们的乐队!你知道riz是老板!你知道riz想控制这个音乐社会!” 挺好笑 – 我还不明白一个人怎么可以“控制”一个音乐社会呢?有这样的可能吗?我真的有这个能力吗?如果我有我真的很厉害!哈哈哈。。。或者如果你可以给我(或者其他人)控制你,是不是代表你自己很有问题?哈哈哈。。。Ho半年前已经受到不少人的意见 – 一次他收到另外香港乐队的吉他手的意见。一样的意见。

When there are more pressing problems that exist in the world – it’s so sad that your lives revolve around trying to ruin and destroy KLC. Seriously – go get a life, better yet, go try and get a job and develop a passion for something so that you can put all your energy, your hatred, your disgust to some good use. 当然我永远不会明白这样的人。我真的对你们很可惜 – 你们的生命是那么无聊,你每天就是想我。好像你的生命的目标就是杀king ly chee和我. 哈哈哈。。。真的对你们很对不起,无论如何我永远会存在。

I raise my glass to the death of any sort of community that once existed here. I think Inti decided to leave this music culture at the right time – the more time goes on, the more it is apparent that this is no hope for this city of children. 我想举杯因为在香港 “团结”这个字终于什么意思都没有了。我几年前猜不到香港地下音乐的情况可以再差。可是真的可以。。。good job! :-)

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