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TYPECAST RULE菲律宾乐队Typecast挺厉害!!!

So the weekend was spent putting on the Typecast show in HK and hanging out with good ol’ friends…good friends + good music = good times…我这个周末是忙搞我们由零开始的最后一场演出。Typecast真的是一个非常厉害的indie-rock乐队!!!真开心有机会帮他们在香港演出。虽然没有那么多人来看 – 但是大家都玩的很开心。这一场就是我们今年由零开始搞的最后一场。。。

Then the Typecast guys came over to our bandroom yesterday and we hung out watched lots of DVD’s…did a lot of funny photo-shooting type of stuff…然后昨天他们有上了我们band房chill一下。。。他们有听了我们新录的歌!!!:-) 哈哈哈哈。。。然后我们在band房有看很多DVD, 拍照,做的很多其他很无聊可是很好玩的事。。。

Brian has been busy mixing the 3 songs that are going to be on our special edition CD!!! Hard as hell work! Ho has been hard at work finishing the CD artwork for this…we have 18 songs that are going to be on this thing! hahahaha…hilarious…there are a LOT of songs that we didn’t put on it…I kinda wish we did put some of them on…but oh well – 18 is still a good deal man! :-) Brian就是忙mix我们新录的三首歌!!!这三首歌将会放在我们巡演前出的特别版CD!这个特别版CD将会有十八首歌!!!Ho忙搞这个CD的封面。。。Ho决定了叫这个CD“10 Years十年”!!!所以希望会等到巡演的时候买这个特别版CD叫“十年”!!!

An old supporter of this band sent me a bunch of old KLC show posters via email. Oh my gosh – it’s pretty cool to see all these posters again and remember what the roots were of this band…我们一个很舊的支持者这个周末发给了我们以前的表演海报!!!很感动再看看这几个海报。。。

And like that…the weekend is over!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Sucks. 周末已经完了。。。

Going to bed now…

By the way, this special edition CD has finally got a name!!! Ah HO is going to call it 10 Years…so look out for this special edition CD called 10 Years on our upcoming tour!!!

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Yo – the Underground interview that I did a few days ago is up now!!! It’s in English so if you guys can’t understand it then I’m really sorry…I think one of our tour promoters is translating it so when that’s done then I can link it here!!! 我几天前做个访问现在可以看!就上这个网站看看!对不起 – 是英文的访问。。。但是好像我们其中一站的搞手说他会帮我们translate! 一translate好我会再link:

Also, our Xi An promoter Rockie has done an outstanding job promoting us on Douban!!! He has put up this link to MORE links to each show on our tour!!! That’s pretty touching to see so many people in so many different cities in China who know who we are and are excited to see us!!! Very humbling…we’re just a little hardcore band…and to have people excited to see us is amazing…我们西安promoter Rockie真的很厉害!他已经上载了多一个link – 这个link是有我们很多站的网上活动页!你们可以看看。。。真感动那么多城市都有人听过我们!!!也是很兴奋看我们表演!!!

Ho showed us the new t-shirt design, new special edition CD design, and I saw the jacket yesterday too!!! SOOOOO GOOD!!! Some good merch coming…我们的Ho昨天晚上给我们看了特别版CD的封面!!!挺好看!!!他还给我们看新巡演t-shirt。。。还有我去了旺角看看我们新jacket的版本!


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Check it out – our tour organizers have set up a Douban event page for our tour!!! It already has over 120 people signed up!!! That’s amazing…so if you want any detailed information about our tour please go to that page!!! 安排我们巡演的兄弟已经开始了一个新CNHC巡演活动的网页!!!就在内地的非常牛逼网站叫“豆瓣” – 所以你们以后想知道什么资料你们可以直接上这个网站直接问问他们!!!

我昨天晚上终于录了“This is Our New Beginning”的中文版叫“这是我新的开始”!!!挺开心终于可以录一首全普通话的歌!!!我已经发了给我们其中挺进挺进的北京兄弟听听 – 他就觉得我唱的不错!!!挺开心受到他的意见!!!马上给了我很多信心继续唱普通话!!! I recored the Mandarin version of This is Our New Beginning last night!!! I was nervous as hell but after I sent it to my MAD close brother in Beijing, he replied saying “oh my god! it’s great!!! it sounds so good!!!”! He automatically placed a lot more confidence in myself to continue recording Mandarin versions of our songs!!!

So the special edition CD that’s coming out in December will include these 3 new songs:

1. 这是我新的开始 (中文版)
2. This is Our New Beginning (英文版)
3. CNHC – 中国硬核
4. We Will Find a Way

我们将会放在巡演的特别版CD!!!希望大家会喜欢!!! We hope you all enjoy this CD!!! We can’t wait til it comes out and of course we can’t wait until the full album comes out!!!

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Oh yeah!!! We’ve been waiting a long time to finally upload this CNHC tour poster!!! Enjoy the poster and help us promote it if you can!!! 哦yeah!!! 我们终于可以上载了我们巡演的海报!!!谢谢大家帮我们宣传这个巡演所有的兄弟姐妹!可能很多人我不认识 – 就是你们自己很主动想帮我们!!!非常感谢你们!!!

I just did an email interview for our friends at Underground Hong Kong who are organizing the HK stop of our CNHC tour!!! The interview will be up soon and I will post a direct link to that soon…我刚才做完了一个email的访问跟本地香港组织叫Underground (他们就是帮我们安排巡演中香港站)…他们说应该是这个礼拜二将会上载。。。是英文的访问所以我先说对不起如果你们看不明。。。

Other then that – that awesome HK band Supper Moment sent me and Egas their whole CDep!!! Woohoo!!! Sounds SOOOOOOOOO good…it’s only 4 songs so I want to put pressure on these dudes to “5d” record more songs!!! :-) 那个香港乐队叫supper moment昨天发了他们最新CDep给我和egas!!!挺好听!!!可是可惜了,只有四首歌!!!我想马上给他们一点压力 – 哈哈哈哈。。。你们快点再录新歌啊唔该!!!:-)

Here’s a really funny mosh video…the song is from a band called Bury Your Dead (they used to sound this good – but now they sound like SHIT!)…enjoy! 下面有个很好笑的mosh影片!背景的音乐就是一个乐队叫bury your dead…他们以前的歌挺好听 – 现在的歌全部是难听到pok kai…

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This is an awesome short interview that we did with a great China-based music website called MOGO! AWESOME AWESOME website!!! 我们在厦门演出的时候跟一个非常牛逼内地的网站做了一个小小的访问。 就是一个影片访问 – 他们最近上载了这个访问!你可以下面看看。。。我们非常感激这个那么厉害网站的支持!!!谢谢你们MOGO!!!

Our friend Rockie who is living up in Xi An has organized our show there and he has also started promoting our show and us up there! Here’s a link to information about KLC and what we’ve done我们的朋友rockie现在在西安帮我们安排西安站的演出。他最近上载了一些关于我们的资料!你可以上去这个网站看看我们荔枝王的资料:

We’re playing a very special benefit show for an old friend who was a big supporter of us a long long time ago! His name is Fung and he used to be at every show of ours, jumping around, stagediving, singing along, etc…我们十二月十三号将会在香港演一个十分有意义的场show!!! 这个演出就是一个慈善演出为了我们很舊的朋友叫Fung. 我永远不会忘记他对我们的热情。。。以前我们有什么演出他会来支持。。。

他最近在澳洲受了很严重的伤。。。很可惜他现在瘫痪了。。。 :-( can’t believe it…他有几个好朋友决定了搞一个慈善演出因为他的医院费是挺贵!


Recently he was caught in a horrible accident which has left him partly paralyzed from the waist down. His family is stuff with medical bills that are exorbitantly high. A few of his friends have decided to organize a benefit show for him and the show will take place on Dec 13 at Hang Out in Hong Kong. We will be playing the show (of course we would) and we hope to see all of you there. Here’s the flyer and facebook link to more info:

Yo…我上个礼拜五跟教室的小朋友一起庆祝我生日!真可爱!然后星期六我跟我办好朋友庆祝。。。当然我全世界最爱的人都在(我女朋友alison)。。。玩的很开心I celebrated my birthday last weekend with good friends and my beautiful girlfriend…Friday I spent my birthday with my 19 awesome children! Here’s the photo of me and my wonderful kids:

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