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As all of you living in Hong Kong have probably heard…an old building suddenly collapsed yesterday. That’s crazy news…people were trapped and unfortunately some deaths occurred…

Of course, the conversation going around the internet world is that this might give the stupid HK government a green light to go ahead and start demolishing all of these old buildings around the city. For those who don’t know – for one of the world’s biggest and most famous cities, we have the stupidest government in place. Why do we have such a stupid government? Because the leaders of our government aren’t selected by the people. They are hand-selected by the powers that be way up in Beijing. What Beijing wants is a government leader who will listen to what they say and do as they say – regardless that HK’s culture and city is very unique to this city. Of course, Beijing is also one of the most paranoid governments…they fear their own people…that’s why internet is blocked, websites are deleted, certain books aren’t printed, certain TV/movies aren’t allowed to be shown in the country. It must be so tiring to be so fearful of your own people. As far as I know – I have yet to meet a Chinese person who doesn’t love their country and their people. Every single Chinese person I have ever met in my life LOVES their country and LOVES their race…as they should be, every one on this planet should love their country and their people. But that doesn’t mean they should be BLIND to problems that exist in their country. Just like we can always improve ourselves and learn to become better people, so can countries and governments.

Anyway…I’m bored as hell…SOOOOOOOOOOOO bored…fuck…I need to get a life…no shows, no band practice, no tours, for me equals painful boredom of nothing to do. It is sooooo painful…

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so bored…

i need shows, band practice, finish our fucking album, touring…

none of it is happening right now and i’m going crazy!!!! bored out of my MIND!!!

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It’s unbelievable…over 100,000 people are confirmed dead…families, grandparents, children, wives, husbands, brothers, and sisters, gone…真不相信。。。那么短时间里面已经超过十万人死忙。。。一家人,爷爷,婆婆,兄弟,姐妹,孩子,家长。。。什么都没有了。。。

I can’t imagine the pain and suffering…we’re so safe so far away from them…but we’re all human beings part of this one race – the human race. 他们的痛苦我不敢想。。。我们从那边住那么远的人。。。我们怎么可以明白他们每一天他们怎么过?

The only thing I can do is donate money…yesterday I was walking in Causeway Bay and I saw a donation box, without thinking I took my wallet out and put all the money I had directly into the donation box. 我只可以捐钱给他们。。。我昨天在铜锣湾经了一个慈善的地方,我马上拿了我的银包出来捐了我所有银包里的钱。。。

It’s still not enough…there should be so much more that we can all do. But please at least donate money – whatever little amount it is…donate…当然我捐钱都不够。。。我们大家可能都有这样的很绝望的感觉 – 不过我希望大家都会继续捐钱 – 什么钱都行。。。一块都什么什么。。。

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SONGS FOR DOWNLOAD – 这里免费下载荔枝王的歌FREE!!!!!!

Okay – we’ve uploaded the following songs on to Mediafire so you can download them all and enjoy the music…我们昨天晚上放了我们几首新歌在一个网站 – 你们可以过去下面的地址免费下载我们的歌!

Songs include在下面的地址你们可以下载这些歌:

1. CNHC (China Hardcore) – in Chinese
2. This is Our New Beginning (这是我新的开始 – 的英文版本)
3. We Will Find a Way
4. 这是我新的开始(Chinese version of: This is Our New Beginning)
5. Unite Asia (亚洲起义 – 的英文版本)
6. 亚洲起义 (Chinese version of Unite Asia)
7. Promise (誓言 – 的英文版本)
8. 誓言 (Chinese version of Promise)

请发这个地址给你们所有朋友!!! :-) 希望大家可以享受这些歌然后下次演出的时候可以跟着我们一起唱!!1


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Okay…we have been stalling for a LONG LONG time on our album. It’s really quite ridiculous…

我们这几天决定了玩完Glassjaw的演出之后 – 在香港我们不会再演出。原因是很简单。。。我们每次开始录音,我们突然需要听一听因为我们再有个演出要准备。每次准备演出的时候我们不会有时间再录音。所以我们决定了 – 二月十七号之后我们终于可以focus在我们下大碟的录音。。。


反正 – 如果你们是本地的支持者。。。请过来看这个演出!十七号之后我们不清楚下次在香港演出是什么时候。。。

But we made a decision that the upcoming Glassjaw show will be our last HK show until the album comes out. We will still be playing some shows outside of HK because we confirmed then a long time ago and we ALWAYS honor our commitments. But after Feb 17, I have no idea when we’re going to be playing in Hong Kong again…

So – if you are a local supporter of KLC then we really you guys will come in full force at the Glassjaw show!!! :-) There is only one local support band at this show and we really want to thank the organizers People’s Party for choosing us to open this show. Should be exciting!!! Ho and Egas love Glassjaw so those dudes are CRAZY excited to play this show!!! hehehehe…

So tired…it’s been a busy couple months for us and this band…time to get some MUCH needed sleep. I can’t believe the next 3 weekends I finally have NO KLC related stuff to do!!! COOL!!! hahahahahaha…我真累。。。刚过这几个月我们真忙。。。可是我们终于有几个周末我们没有什么荔枝王的东西有做!!!:-) 挺开心!!!哈哈哈哈。。。

Okay…bed time…

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