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在巴基斯坦的飛機墜毀Plane crash in Pakistan

There was a plane crash in Pakistan. I was at the airport in Hong Kong picking up my mom when suddenly my sister called me and said “have you heard about the plane crash in Pakistan?” I replied “No – but I’m at the airport in Hong Kong picking up mom”. My sister then told me that my cousin Nabeel was on that plane. His family has not heard from him yet since the crash. 昨天在巴基斯坦有個飛機墜毀。當時我是在香港機場接我媽突然我收到我妹妹的電話。她問我“你知不知道巴基斯坦有個飛機墜毀?”我說我不知道但是我現在是在機場來接媽媽。然後我妹妹跟我說我們的表哥就在那個飛機上。她還說我表哥還沒收到他的電話。

I picked up my mom and went home…we turned the TV on right away and watched Pakistani television. Reports came in that there were no survivors…at the bottom of the screen all the names of the dead were appearing, then my mom read my cousin’s name to me. I just saw my cousin at our wedding two weeks ago…he was so happy for us and told Alison and I many times that we HAD to come visit him and his family in Islamabad. 我接了我媽媽我們馬上回家開了看巴基斯坦新聞電視台。他們有報到一個倖存者都沒有。。。然後在電視的下面有條線 – 線裡我見到所有死亡者的名字。。。然後我媽媽讀了我表哥的名字。


My wonderful, sweet, big-hearted cousin died yesterday on the plane crash in Pakistan. He just had a little boy that he will never see grow up. 我的特好,特有禮貌,對任何事情特有同情的表哥昨天在巴基斯坦的飛機墜毀死亡。他剛剛有個小男孩兒。。。他永遠都看不到他小孩兒長大。。。

May Allah rest your soul in heaven my cousin…while you are up there please watch over us and continue to love us the way you did when you were here. 我們回教人的神教“Allah阿拉”。。。希望阿拉會照顧你。。。希望阿拉會幫我們照顧你的老婆和小孩兒。我願你陳眠於此,永遠安息。。。

My amazing cousin Nabeel 我的特好表哥- 七月二十八號死亡 died Jul 28, 2010

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我們確定了這個禮拜六在北京的MAO演出!Beijing this Saturday!!!

We are confirmed to be playing at MAO this Saturday in Beijing!!! The show is VERY last minute so we really need all your help to promote the show AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! If you have friends who live in Beijing please let them know that we’re coming! 我們確定了這個禮拜六在北京演出!!!太興奮了!我們知道這場演出太遲開始宣布所以我們真的需要你們的幫助和活力幫我們馬上發消息給大家知道!!!

Please also let them know that this show is an afternoon show! The show starts at 1pm! 還有!!!請記住通知人這場演出是一個下午的演出!演出是下午一點鐘開始的!!!

Please read this link for more information在這裡你們能看到其他關於這個演出的資料:

Very excited to see how many people will come to a show that is only 3 days away! 只有三天的時間宣傳這場演出!真興奮看到我們那麼短時間可以吸引多少人的支持和興趣!!!

WE LOVE BEIJING!!! SEE YOU SOON!! 我們十分愛北京!!!太期待再見到你們!!!

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Idling engines 空轉車

Yesterday’s stupid display by taxi drivers by sticking a lawmaker in a taxi without air-conditioning with the windows rolled up was SO stupid. The taxi drivers were trying to prove how tough it is for them to be waiting in the sweltering heat of Hong Kong without their engines on. So they stuck a lawmaker in the car and kept the windows closed. It was just so stupid…昨天的行動真笨蛋。叫一個立法者坐在一個車裡也不開窗 – 真笨蛋。。。香港的司機就是很生氣因為在香港空轉車是非法的。但是空轉車就是對我們的身體不好,對我們的地球不好,所以我也是支持政府堅持這個法律!

Idling cars are detrimental to our world and environment. People should not be exempt. If you’re queuing in line then turn your engine off and roll down your windows. If it gets hot then get out of your car of course. The government has already said that the first 5 taxis in line are allowed to turn their engines on…

Total failure if you ask me…
a beautiful song by artists from my country – PAKISTAN – this is a collaboration between a band called Strings and a singer Atif Aslam (his voice is one of my favorites on this planet…)…the song is backed with videos depicting the corruption, the chaos, the mess, that our country seems to never be able to get itsel…f out of…but the beauty in the melody of this song and song structure brings pride to Pakistanis all over the world…even though we live in such a chaotic country, we are still hospitable, warm and incredibly loving people…這首歌就是代表我國家的其中兩個很出名的樂隊/歌手。。。Strings和Atif Aslam(這個歌手的vocal是我這個地球其中最愛聽的vocal。。。很厲害但是在這首歌裡他就是做feature的位子所以不太聽到)。。。這首歌的背景看到巴基斯坦裡面的問題。。。腐敗,混亂。。。我們的國家跳不出這個事情。。。首歌就是說到時見我們要行動 – 我們要改變我們的環境。。。很漂亮的歌。。。

it’s time – ab khud kuch karna paray ga…

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WEIRD WEEK…GLAD THERE’S A SHOW TOMORROW十分奇怪的禮拜。。。特開心明天有個演出 – 我特需要這個演出。。。

It’s been a weird week…I can’t wait until it’s over and I’m SO thankful that we have a show tomorrow. Like the masters of hardcore BANE sing in the song “My Therapy” – hardcore and playing shows IS my therapy…when shit is nuts, and things are confusing, the best thing for me is to go for a walk, turn on my Ipod and listen to some great hardcore like Sick of it All or Comeback Kid…feel my heart race…and calm myself down. The only thing better then that is being able to PLAY a show and go crazy on stage…let off all my anger and confusion out on stage…特奇怪的禮拜。。。特開心這個禮拜差不多完了。。。明天的演出對我來說是十分重要的。。。我其中最愛的樂隊BANE有一首歌叫“my therapy” (“我的治療”)。。。他就是說硬核音樂和文化就是他的治療。。。幫他面對他所不開心的東西,面對他所有讓他特生氣的東西。。。

我這個禮拜特需要硬核。。。我的腦這個禮拜太亂。。。有十分悶的感覺。。。我最開心的時候就是我出門口拿我的ipod然後跑步的時候很大聲聽我最愛的硬核樂隊。。。比方說sick of it all或者comeback kid。。。我一聽馬上感覺到我的人開始冷靜一點兒。。。但是最好的治療就是演出!一上台開始跳和唱和大聲尖叫和出汗水。。。玩完演出之後我的人十分舒服。。。不要再說什麼話。。。我就舒服了很多。。。

Stupid people like to always say to me – “You actually listen to this loud stupid music? I don’t even know what the singer is screaming? You call this music?”…and I have no answer for these people. They will never understand…有時候笨蛋的人會跟我說“你真的聽這個音樂嗎?我也不知道這個主唱唱什麼!你真的覺得這個是音樂嗎?”。。。我每次聽到人這樣說我不要回答他們。他們永遠不會明白這個風格的力量和目的。。。這個風格的目的不是做到這個地球的最大的樂隊,或者掙大錢,或者做到一位明星。。。是就是用音樂說一說你們的心聲。。。對這個地球的看法,對你的城市裡發生的是的看法。。。等等。。。我們香港裡面已經有太多樂隊玩的風格是接近主流音樂。。。但是他們還敢叫自己是一個搖滾的樂隊。我跟這樣的人和樂隊完全沒有什麼共同的想法和興趣。。。所以我們的樂隊在香港是比較孤獨的。。。叫你自己是搖滾但是你玩的音樂是完全主流的一模一樣?我真不明白。你以為你可以騙我們所有人嗎?Fuck off.


The new Comeback Kid album has been leaked all over the internet…because they’re one of my favorite hardcore bands, I couldn’t help but download it too. Since they are one of my favorite hardcore bands OF COURSE I will buy their album once it comes out. I support my favorite bands by my actions. 反正 – Comeback Kid的新唱片大家已經可以找辦法下載。當然我也有下載了 – 但是我的分別就是,在香港一買得到這張唱片我馬上會買。這就是代表我怎麼樣支持一個樂隊的動作。我就是用動作支持我最愛的樂隊 – 不就是說說說。。。我真的會用我的活力去支持。

Anyway – the first time I listened ot this album I didn’t really like it. Then I listened to it again and again when I went on my morning jog…and now I LOVE this album…it’s probably their most emotional album…such a good album and I can’t wait to buy the CD to support them. 我第一次聽他們新唱片我很坦白說我不是太喜歡。但是我又聽又聽又聽在我跑步的時候我真的開始愛上了這張唱片。我肯定可以說這個是他們的最emotional的唱片。。。我真期待買這個CD看看他們的封面和書裡面所寫的東西。

Singapore – you guys are kicking my ass man! Still getting messages on facebook etc of people who are checking us out, listening to our music, sending us messages about how excited they are to see us! So awesome… 星加坡的支持者你們太厲害了!!!我還是每天收到你們的留言!!!看到你們在你們那邊聽著我們的音樂,你們還很主動發個留言給我們知道你們很期待我們下來演出!!!你們太棒了!很快就見到你們!

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Awesome show! Next show? KOREA! 剛剛場演出特棒!下場呢?韓國!

That was definitely a fun show…all the bands that played did such an amazing job and the best part of the show was that the atmosphere was filled with positive energy!!! So awesome when people who come to a show are all there just to have a good time…not there to see how bands are going to suck or any weird bullshit like that. 上個禮拜六的演出真棒!所有樂隊們玩的特好 但是我覺得演出最好的事情就是場地裡面的非常正面的氣氛!說不了 – 那樣感覺對我來說是十分重要!大家來看這個演出的原因就是玩的開心 – 不是來這兒看看什麼什麼樂隊怎麼樣死。

Born From Pain were awesome for sure! The funniest part was when I went to pick them up the FIRST thing they all said to me was “Congratulations on your wedding!” That was very sweet of them to say that…外國樂隊Born From Pain玩的十分好!他們全隊真好笑 – 他們在火車站一看到我就是說“恭喜你Riz!聽說你剛剛結婚了!” :-) 真好人。。。

I wrote something about this show so please go to this link to check it out…I’m putting it on this link because my friends and supporters in China can’t get on to Facebook so you guys can’t read it there. But I’ll post it on this website so you can read it…關於這場演出我有寫了一些東西。。。你們有空的話請看看。我知道我們內地的支持者上不到facebook所以我放了在這裡:


Just finished watching a news report about the thousands of people in Guangzhou who came together to fight for the preservations of the Cantonese language. GOOD FOR YOU!!! I hope the government will do more to preserve this language and ALL other dialects spoken in China – these dialects reflect the beauty of this beautiful country China…over a billion people who look different, speak different languages, have different traditions and customs, but all come together under the flag of “CHINA” – that is AMAZING and a wonderful thing. The more we accept, celebrate and promote each other’s languages, cultures and traditions the more that people will TRULY feel a part of the country…剛剛看完電視新聞報到說廣州昨天有幾千人出來抗議廣東話的很大的問題。。。他們就是要求政府幫他們保護這個語言!這個是非常好的事情!我真希望對廣州人說“加油”!中國的特色和力量就是中國旗下包括很多很多不同的人,不同的文化,不同的語言,不同的傳統 – 但是大家都是對做中國人感到很自豪 。政府應該好好保護所有不同民族的文化,語言和傳統 – 為我們這個美麗國家的將來。

Our next show is in Korea!!! We are so excited to be playing there again! The first show the organizers already have said it’s probably going to be a small show. But that’s fine with us! We’re very grateful that they have decided to organize a show for us. The next day we’re playing one of Korea’s biggest rock festivals! We’ll be representing China at that festival so we’re VERY excited to be doing that. :-) 我們下場演出就是在韓國!我們在韓國的第一場是一個比較小的演出。但是我們不理這樣的東西 – 我們就是愛演出。。。第二天就是在韓國的最大的搖滾音樂節。在這個節目我們會好好的代表中國!真期待玩!

Hopefully all our friends and supporters in the Chinese speaking world will support us and feel proud that we’re going to be doing this!!! 希望所有本地很國內的支持者會支持我們也見到這件事之後也會感到自豪!

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