Yo…we’ve announced the setlist for this Saturday’s show in Hong Kong.

The list is:
1. This is Our New Beginning (English version)
2. We Will Find a Way.
…4. This Song is Our Weapon
5. Time Will Prove
6. Promise (English version 英文版)
7. Unite Asia (English version 英文版)
8. Refuse

We’re DYING to play this Saturday. When we played the We Will Find a Way – I think I’m going to lose my fucking mind. The meaning of that song and the lyrics itself – I’m going to go crazy and I NEED it.

I’ve lost sleep these past few days thinking and thinking. No idea what our future holds right now.

On a positive note – We have been receiving messages from our supporters in Singapore! It’s so amazing that you guys are excited to see us! It’s so nice to know that we’re appreciated and supported down there in Singapore! Thank you so much for getting on our Facebook page and posting messages! You don’t know how much it means to us, especially with the things that have been going on this week.

We are VERY excited to see you guys in Singapore! We love playing anywhere – but of course we ESPECIALLY love playing in places where we have supporters who are eager to see us…you guys are amazing! Your timing for you amazing messages couldn’t have been any better.

See you soon our Singaporean brothers and sisters!

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