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Awesome summer!

Got back from Chengdu late last night…around 2am in the morning…then had to sleep for about 3 hours and then had to get up and go teach my wonderful children at school. Luckily I love teaching and being around children so it was an easy day for me…I was just incredibly tired that’s all…我們昨天晚上很晚從成都回來了香港 (我們的KENT更晚才回來了澳門)。我就是晚上兩點鐘才回到家裡,然後睡覺睡了三個小時然後起來了 去學校教書。但是我很幸運因為我超愛小朋友所以我的工作 不錯!今天就是超累。。。。

Chengdu was incredible…they went completely crazy for us…again, can’t say how much it means to us to be playing in places all over Asia where people “get” us and support us…coming from a city where people who used to play in “heavy” bands all play in pop bands now where they have the craziest haircuts, wear clothes that make them look like F4, an do other stuff that makes me cringe when i see their photos…it’s nice to leave this city and go to places where people want the MUSIC to do the talking is AWESOME! 成都 真厲害!!!我們那邊的支持者對我們超級熱情!我們一上台他們就瘋狂了!!!我就是最愛這樣的反應。。。就是很真,很有愛的反應。。。成都的人 也代表了他們就是一個非常開放思想的城市。。。在一個那麼大的廣場他們會請我們這樣的樂隊來演出!!!真棒!

我們這個夏天真開心和幸運我們有那麼多機會去那麼多很厲害亞洲的城市演出!!!最開心就是每個城市我們都有特多支持者!!!我覺得這個就是代表到堅持你們的夢想就是一個十分需要做的東西。。。我們永遠不會放棄。。。這個不就是歌詞那麼簡單 – 這個就是我們樂隊的信念。

我們回來了我們的香港。。。在這裡以前玩重型音樂的人慢慢會變開始玩流行歌。開始有很奇怪的髮型。。。開始穿的超級潮流的衣服。。。完全跟F4分 不出。。。所以我們在香港的存在就是很奇怪。。。

反正 – 謝謝大家的支持和愛!!!你們的鼓勵就是特強!!!

Thank you everyone! Can’t wait to be back in your areas soon!!!

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Horrible tragedy in Manila!

Our hearts go out to the families and to the victims of this horrible tragedy in the Philippines. I cannot believe it happened and I stood at my house watching it on TV for hours and hours…I couldn’t believe and still can’t believe that this happened. and that it happened for all to see on TV. Unbelievably horrible…

May they rest in peace up in heaven away from this cold horrible world where the mentally deranged roam freely in this world with guns and ammo.

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Singapore was great!

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing Baybeats was for us…can’t begin to tell you how amazing of a reception we got at this incredible music festival! We were already amazed that we were invited to perform at this, but then to get on stage and look at all the amazing Singaporeans who turned up to support us to go crazy with us and to have all these people come sing with us too was UNBELIEVABLE!!!

All I can say and I’m sure the rest of the band wants to say too – is a HUGE thank you to everyone one of you who came to support us at this show…we know there were tons of people from Singapore but ALSO people from China and the Philippines!!! What a great feeling to have this type of support from all these wonderful Asian countries come together to support King Ly Chee at Baybeats!

Thank you Singapore…

Right now I’m watching this Hong Kong tourist group hostage situation in Manila on TV!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!

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Got some awesome photos from the Busan Rock Festival that we played a few weekends ago.

Dude – SOOOOO excited to get to Singapore this weekend!!! Should  be fun and we’re really excited because the y have given us a full set time to play…so we’re planning on playing about 11 songs so we’re SUPER excited to be able to do that…we’re planning to play a whole NEW version of When Will We Learn! We will also be playing our own version of an amazing China punk band called SMZB…the song is called Scream for Life…but we’ve changed it to our version of it :-)


Photos from Busan Rock Festival can be seen here:

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S. Korea was awesome!

Korea was AWESOME!!!! The two shows that we played were unbelievable and are going to be shows that will be hard to forget.

The Busan Rock Festival was one of the most amazing shows ever…we walked on stage at around 5:30pm thinking that NO ONE was going to be there at that hot as fuck time of the day…but we got out and there were thousands of people there! I looked at the audience and I saw thousands of people from all walks of life there supporting music…supporting all types of music. When we got on stage the audience was so kind that they started screaming our band name even though they didn’t know who were. That type of true support was something we haven’t felt in Hong Kong in many many years and it was nice to feel it again from the kind and supportive of people of Busan city…

So we would like to thank EVERYONE who helped us and supported us at these two shows. We would like to thank all the new supporters who are now reading this website from Busan!!! It’s amazing that some of you have even found us on facebook and have added us…KAMSAHMIDA!!!!

After a wonderful weekend of music and friendship…the experience ended in one of the most horrible ways I could have ever imagined…

It has been 3 days since I have returned to Hong Kong and my wife says I have lost weight, I can’t sleep properly, I feel dizzy every once in awhile, I get migraines now too…

It was a horrible experience at the airport and at the hands of Hong Kong’s biggest embarrassments called Dragonnair. I will never fly this airline again and I highly suggest that none of you do either. They are the worst, most disrespectful and most unprofessional airlines I have ever dealt with. I will be sending them a 10 page complaint letter and hope to see what they will say in response to what happened to me.

Singapore…we can’t wait to be there…but I’m dreading that something bad may happen on the flight there or on the flight back. I am now scarred…

Anyway – see you all Aug 21 in Singapore…

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