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太無聊了!!!Bored as fuck!

Hahahahaha…no shows, no practice, and I’m bored as hell now on the weekends. What do I do you may ask? Well i do the regular routine of a married man…sit around in my boxers until 2pm in the afternoon on the weekends watching TV , eating breakfast, then watching some more tv, and do lots more sleeping, then getting up to do some lunch, and then walk around with the Mrs. around town etc…I’m not going to complain for sure…it is quite a fun and relaxing life…but I need action dude!!! I need shows, jamming, constant things to do feel like I’m alive. 哈哈哈。。。沒有演出,沒有排練,所以我每個週末真無聊。你想知道我每個週末做什麼呢? 我就是開始了一個結了婚的男人的生活。。。就是週末的時候差不多到兩點鐘還在家裡穿了內褲坐在電視前面看著很傻逼的電視節目。。。然後起來吃些早餐然後再看電視然後吃午餐然後再睡覺。。。然後終於要出去跟老婆逛逛一下。。。哈哈哈我不是投訴。。。因為我真喜歡這個生活但是我還是一位很有精力的人所以我要做做做。。。什麼都要做。。。我要演出。。

Anyway…I think when the album is finally done then our crazy touring life is going to begin again…we all feel really good about the songs that we have for this record…反正我知道我們一出了新專輯之後肯定是特忙。。。我們對所有新歌真興奮。。。太期待給大家聽聽

Anyway (again)…反正(再說一次)。。。最近看了不少樂隊的新MV

Recently watched a bunch of music videos by amazing bands:

Comeback Kid:

Jimmy Eat World:

August Burns Red (music is so boring – but the drummer is incredible!!! 這個樂隊的音樂特無聊但是他們的鼓手特特特特厲害):

Terror: Am having a hard time getting into this album 他們的新專輯我暫時不覺得是太好。。。可能還需要多點時間再聽一下。。。:-(


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New merch and website coming soon! 盡快我們會有新衣服和新網站!!

Yo guys…Joe has been busy as hell designing new merch, a new website, and he’s also going back and forth to factories to help us find good quality shirts and other stuff so that we can keep the KLC merch products above our standards…we always require and we try to strive for getting the best possible merch at affordable prices. 最近我們的bass手是忙設計新衣服,短褲子,帽子。。。還有他有忙設計我們新網站!我們終於會有個比較好看的網站。。。這個網站應該比較方便和比較interactive…所以我自己是特 興奮看看這個網站。。。

Anyway…we’re still working on the merch and website so it’ll take a couple months before we upload them all. And yes, once the website and the merch is ready we WILL be selling them online. I know we’ve said that in the past, the problem just is that we all have fulltime jobs and either have girlfriends and/or are married…so our time is all divided up in many places and sometimes we end up falling behind orders that come to the online shop…so we’re trying to work out ways to be more professional and efficient about this. 反正。。。還需要多幾個月的時間才能給大家看。我還可以說一做好所有新衣服和新網站我們同時會開始上網賣這些東西!內地的支持者也可以上網買。。。就是我們的兄弟火鍋安排的。。。

Either way…we’re VERY excited to get the website and merch up to you guys!!!

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KLC up on Terror’s website! 著名美國硬核樂隊Terror的網站有荔枝王的照片!!!

想都想不到一天我們會有一個那麼著名硬核樂隊的支持。。。amazing…這就是證明,無論如何在硬核文化裡面,如果你的樂隊開始好紅,你還是記住你是從哪裡來的。。。│謝謝Terror! 你們真的愛這個文化 – 這樣支持世界上的硬核,不是就是美國的硬核。。。中國硬核萬歲!!!the beauty of hardcore…a band like Terror giving back to the bands that have helped them all over the world…it’s more than just words or a slogan, sometimes you’ve got to put some action behind those words of hardcore pride…


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生命之病特好聽的歌Scream for Life…我們的改編版本。。。Our live version of China’s amazing punk rock band called SMZB! Song title: SCREAM FOR LIFE!

So for the past few months we’ve been covering a song by one of our favorite Chinese punk rock bands called SMZB. The song is called Scream for Life and is unbelievable song…the band is also amazing and you guys should go check them out…on this website…這個兩個月我們有開始演一隊特厲害的中國朋克樂隊叫生命之病!這首歌 是叫Scream for Life!如果你沒有聽過這個樂隊那請馬上過去他們的myspace聽聽一下!

Besides this song being SOOOOO good…another reason we decided to cover this song by this particular band is because we wanted all our supporters to understand that this music/culture called hardcore actually came from the punk rock world. I don’t mean punk rock like Blink 182, Good Charlotte or fucking Simple Plan…we mean punk rock that like Bad Religion – punk rock with a message about society or politics…除非這首歌的意思。。。我們也有一個很大的原因決定了玩這首歌 – 是因為我們很想我們的支持者可以明白硬核的歷史。。。這個文化是朋克那邊生出來的。。。我的意思不是流行朋克 (硬核和blink 182, good charlotte, simple plan那種朋克完全沒有關係)。。。我們的意思是跟特有意義的朋克樂隊比方說:Bad Religion, The Clash, Crass, 等等。。。

This song has such a great meaning about living the life that you want to live…this is your right…this is your life…we’ll never stop singing…這首歌特有意思 。。。就是你要堅持你想走的條路。。。這個是你的權力。。。這個是你的生命。。。我們永遠不停唱歌。。。

Anyway – we decided to cover this song and make it OUR version! 反正這是我們的改編版本:-)

Check our version out in this video when we played this song at Baybeats!!! (Our dear sweet brother Henry who lives in Singapore recorded this song from WITHIN the pit!!! You’re the man!!!)這個版本我們是在新加坡的Baybeats演的。。。就是我們的好朋友Henry幫我們拍的!他就是站在觀眾中間給他們碰到他十幾萬次!哈哈哈哈。。。謝謝你Henry!

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新錄音的影片現在上載了New recording video up now!

It’s already September!!! What the fuck – this year has FLOWN back a lot…so it’s crazy to think about where this year has gone…已經是九月了!那麼快已經過了九個月!

I’ve finally been able to upload the second recording video that we have…don’t ask me what took me so long – just remember that we have been a HUGELY busy band this summer…plus i am a teacher by day so my time is really tied up in being a responsible adult…lots of our time is split being responsible for different things in our lives…tied up in things that keep us alive…我終於上載了我們第二個錄音的影片。。。請別問我為什麼那麼晚才上載了第二個影片。。。我們這個夏天特忙。。。我白天還是做老師所以我的時間要放給多很重要的事情。。。。

Anyway…the video is up now! Just go to our page above where it says RECORDING VIDEOS HERE!!! Post a message so we know what you think!!! 暫時youku不給我上載這個影片所以我希望盡快可以給你們看看。。。暫時你們可以試一試在youtube看看!:-)

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