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Destroyed Hang Out last night!

Last night was awesome! I cant’ even remember the last time we played a show at Hang Out where the sound was SOOOOO good! Then we proceeded to destroy the venue…our supporters that came to see us and support us went fucking NUTS that was sooooo good to see and a great way to start the new year! We don’t usually have very much expectations from shows in HK but last night was pretty good…hahahahaha…昨天晚上我們 玩的特開心!完全破壞了那個場地!:-) 我們的本地支持者完全投入,完全熱情,真高興我們第一場的香港show是這樣!

Unfortunately, we had to play the show without Brian because he was in Australia attending a friend’s wedding. But we still proceeded to destroy the stage and take over the world. Good fucking shit. 可惜,Brian昨天晚上不再因為他去了澳洲參加他朋友的婚禮。但是我們還瘋狂給大家一個特熱情的表演。

We’ve got two awesome shows coming up in HK which will be awesome and can’t wait to get on stage again 我們兩個禮拜後將會有兩個演出。。。兩個都是在香港!想來支持我們請上下面的地址看看.

Jan 29:

Jan 30:

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New websites looking good!

An awesome company in Hong Kong called Cre8tion Lab has been creating our website for the past month or so busy putting this thing together. Our new website is going to be a place where you guys can finally start leaving comments on all our blog posts. Finally, in the first time in 12 years, the rest of this band will ALSO be able to update blogs on our website! it’s going to be awesome for them to start posting shit up on this thing too!!!

So yeah – it’s fucking cold in Hong Kong…you should all already know that if you live here. Shit’s going to drop to like 10 degrees or lower this weekend. Awesome…all I need in my hand will be a steaming hot cup of hot chocolate and I’ll be ready to roll…

I can’t wait til I don’t have to look at this ugly fucking website that we have…hahahaha…updating this thing is SUCH a pain in the fucking ass. Soon – it will be easy as pie.

HK supporters…we’re playing a show next Saturday Jan 15 at Hang Out Bar…see you fuckers there!!!

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Back in HK and back at school, work full time and starting this new year full throttle and not looking back…our very first day of the new year we spent playing an awesome show in front of amazing people in Chengdu….the Chengdu audience always treats us incredibly…this time we were TRULY looking forward to playing this music festival because last year’s was SOOOO good…easily one of my most memorable shows I’ve played with King Ly Chee in 11 years…but this time unfortunately, it rained the day that we played…but that didn’t matter because the audience that showed up all went crazy regardless of the cold and wet weather…so awesome to look at the audience and see them all going absolutely crazy for us….you can watch a video of the audience in the video below…

We have 3 shows coming up in Jan in Hong Kong. we haven’t played that many shows in Hong Kong in a very long time and I don’t really know how I feel about that…I miss the days that I used to look forward to playing shows in Hong Kong…that was most definitely years and years ago…now I just want to be on stage and go nuts. I don’t expect people to be there to see us nor move for that matter nor actually know our lyrics or any of our new songs…the ones that we play all the time…

Anyway…if anyone in HK is interested we’re playing shows on Jan 15, 29 and 30…Jan 30 we’re playing a show in Yuen Long at a music festival…that’s going to be interesting…a festival in HK? Really interested to see what that’s going to be like…

New website? No idea when that’ll be ready. There’s a company that has been working on it for over a month now…no idea when they’ll be ready. Just gotta be patient I guess…

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