New websites looking good!

An awesome company in Hong Kong called Cre8tion Lab has been creating our website for the past month or so busy putting this thing together. Our new website is going to be a place where you guys can finally start leaving comments on all our blog posts. Finally, in the first time in 12 years, the rest of this band will ALSO be able to update blogs on our website! it’s going to be awesome for them to start posting shit up on this thing too!!!

So yeah – it’s fucking cold in Hong Kong…you should all already know that if you live here. Shit’s going to drop to like 10 degrees or lower this weekend. Awesome…all I need in my hand will be a steaming hot cup of hot chocolate and I’ll be ready to roll…

I can’t wait til I don’t have to look at this ugly fucking website that we have…hahahaha…updating this thing is SUCH a pain in the fucking ass. Soon – it will be easy as pie.

HK supporters…we’re playing a show next Saturday Jan 15 at Hang Out Bar…see you fuckers there!!!

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