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Air Force I Speakers!

Some of you may know I really likes sneakers and music.  That’s why I have to put on this post!  Freaking AWESOME idea from this sneaker customiser Alex Nash who puts these two elements together. 大家都可能知道我喜歡運動鞋和音樂。這就是為什麼我必須post!這個想法由超棒運動鞋訂做師傅Alex Nash把這兩個完素結合在一起。

Check the link for more info:

Hope Nike will make this into production line. 希望Nike會把它製造生產!

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Awesome! Monday again! NOT

It’s so weird how time literally flies from Friday night to Monday morning. Sucks…真奇怪。。。從星期五晚上到星期一早上,時間怎麼可以過得那麼快!

This stuff going on in Libya is INSANE…like I said before, this is all history in the making. When our kids have kids, they’re going to read about this in the history books. And we’re living through it right now…all of the Middle East is being torn upside down and things are changing because of the power of the youth in those areas (60% of the population of most of these countries is under 30 years old!).在利比亞發生的事就是歷史的創作。。。我們的小孩兒的小孩兒上學的時候會在他們的書裡讀這個時代發生的事情。。。他們一天會問我們 “你們當時記不記得發生的事!” 我會。現在的中東完全變啊。。。因為有些特有勇氣的年輕人終於有站起來。如果你們不知道發生什麼事。。。快點研究一下。。。

This is a GREAT website to watch LIVE videos of bands who perform in Montreal, Canada. They always update FULL set videos every few days…my guilty metalcore pleasure is MOST definitely watching LIVE videos of Parkway Drive. That singer is unbelievable…his voice…and the way the dude moves – he’s most definitely a hardcore kid playing in a metal band. Their recorded material isn’t that great – it’s their LIVE show that I love watching – but still, mainly because of their amazing singer Winston. 加拿大有個城市叫蒙特利爾 – 他們那邊有個特厲害的網站。。。有什麼樂隊去那個城市演出,這個網站會拍他們的演出然後上載在他們的網站。網站裡可以享受樂隊的全場!真不錯。。。

我要承認…metalcore我不太喜歡。。。但是一隊的表演我特喜歡看。。。就是Parkway Drive. 為什麼?應為他們的主場特牛逼。。。他的聲音,他的動作。。。非常給力的。我覺得他們的音樂是馬馬虎虎 – 每張唱片是差不多。。。但是他們很幸運找到這個特牛逼的主場。看他的表演的時候馬上知道這位人就是一個“硬核小孩兒”玩兒金屬的音樂。但是 – 每首歌中間說的東西真沒有意思。。。哈哈哈哈。。。less talk, more rock motherfucker! hahahahaha…

Enjoy the website 在這裡享受一下:


覺得這個拍特搞笑I always enjoy seeing these stupid signs:

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Studio Update

Brian and I spent the last two days in the studio setting up more recording equipment and A/B testing our guitar amps! The 5150 and 5150 II both are great amps with a bit different character. We tried different preamp and power amp tubes. It’s interesting to hear how the tubes could change the sound’s character!

Check out this photo! We put bunches of cables from the control room through the wall to the tracking room.

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SICK t-shirt design by japanese legend!

Oh my god! In the studio and Joe just showed me a King Ly Chee design by Japanese legendary designer of hardcore show flyers and CD covers (his name is END)!!! It’s so good! We’re now figuring out what shirts and colors to use for it! 我在錄音室!剛joe給我看一個新荔枝王的設計!這個是一位著名日本硬核世界的設計者設計給我們!特好看!現在要看適合甚麼顏色的t-shirt!!

Check it out!


Detail: CNHC


Detail: HEAD

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!! Fully hand drawn!


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