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sick of it all full set video!


The video that Joe posted yesterday of Sick of it All’s ENTIRE set is AMAZING!!! The set right from the beginning to the end has ALL of Sick of it All’s classic songs! One of the very FIRST Sick of it All song’s that I fell in love with as a teenager is the simple song called “My Life”…昨天Joe上載Sick of it All全場表演的影片太牛逼了!這個影片的第一首到最後都是經典的Sick of it All歌!他們其中一首歌就是我第一首愛上了他們的歌叫”My Life” (this song was released in 1989! 是89年出的歌)…歌詞很簡單chorus is so simple:

“All my life people tell me what to say,
this is my life live it my own way!”

I remember seeing Rancid once in Boston and they covered this song (for awhile Rancid was always bringing Sick of it All on tour with them) and it was SOOOO good…我還記得在Boston的時候看了Rancid演出 – 他們也有玩兒Sick of it All的這首歌。。。我還記得Rancid主唱(Tim Armstrong)說Sick of it All說的很好。。。真正hardcore樂隊。

The set that Joe posted includes the following songs 那個影片包括這些歌:

Good Lookin’ Out
Clobberin Time
Take the Night Off
My Life
Built to Last
Just Look Around
Call to Arms
Uprising Nation
Injustice System
Scratch the Surface
Us vs. Them

And others…

In the set they play for an hour STRAIGHT without stopping! Hardcore is not like metal – in metal, the musicians barely move. But in hardcore, the musicians are going crazy running from right to left, jumping everywhere…and so for one whole HOUR of this is INCREDIBLE! And lets be honest, Sick of it All dudes are not young! They’re celebrating their 25th year this year!!! 在影片你可以留意 – Sick of it All演多個一個小時!硬核跟金屬的表演特不同。在金屬表演你可以留意音樂人很少動。。。但是硬核是非常不同。。。音樂人完全瘋狂了。。。跑這邊,跑那邊,跳,大聲唱,等等。。。這樣玩兒一個小時真厲害!他們的體力真幫 – 你還要記住,他們不是年輕的!他們今年慶祝二十五週年!

Great fucking band…if they ever came here I’d be SOOOOO sad if there were only like 200 people who came to support them. 還是我心目中最幫的硬核樂隊。。。如果他們一天真的來香港然後只有兩百人看他們表演,我會好心痛。。。



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This morning when I was going to work, I listened to the radio program talking about how Japanese corporation lower their product price to help relieve the people during this difficult time.  This gotta be something our Hong Kong businessmen need to learn.  But instead, Japanese baby milk powder’s price in HK has raised up like 85%.  What the fuck?!?  I remember in year 03, I lost all my Beyond CDs when some gang broke into my house in Edmonton, Canada.  Basically they stole whatever valuable, but at that time those Beyond CDs meant sooooo much to me.  That summer I got a chance to go back to HK for a visit, therefore I knew that I would need to buy those CDs back.  Then you know what happened, the singer/guitarist Wong Ka Kui died in that summer!  My mom gave me some money and told me to buy the CDs back.  When I went to the music stores, all Beyond CDs prices raised up so much.  Gosh, that was the first time I really hated the way people doing business.  I wonder where their morals go?  Now this Japanese baby powder issue is even worse!

今晨當我上班的時候,聽到電台談論日本企業家在這困難的時間,他們的公司降低產品價格去幫助當地人民。我感到他們那一份人情味!實際上香港商人真的要學習。  反之,香港商人他們在發災難財,坐地起價炒高奶粉,有些更高達85%,這是不道德及不公義的!我記得03年當我在加拿大愛民頓住的時候,那夏天我居住的地方被闖入,他們竊取了我和我室友的貴重物品。他們更加把我喜歡的Beyond CD全部偷去!那些Beyond CD對我來說是非常重要的。 那夏天我有機會回香港探我的家人,因此我知道我需要買回那些CD。 然後你知道發生了什麼,那個夏天黃家駒意外離去,新聞發出之後,我媽媽給了我一些錢告訴我去買回CD。  當我去CD舖的時候,所有Beyond CD的價錢已經提高了。 FUCK!!!,那是第一次我憎恨這樣做生意方式的人。  我想知道他們的道德是什麼?  現在這個日本嬰兒奶粉問題更差!

Fuck you if you’re increasing your product price while others are suffering!

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