Pakistan lost! :-(

Funny photo today to share with you all…so my country lost the game last night versus India! I watched it at my mom’s house with my family and Alison (who of course is family too – but you know what I mean)!特搞笑的照片。。。昨天晚上我的国家巴基斯坦有对印度玩儿我们两个国家最爱最疯狂的运动叫Cricket (板球)…我去了我妈妈的家跟家人一起看和享受昨天晚上的比赛。。。

Since a cricket game can last for at least 6 hours…I didn’t get to watch the whole game. I woke up this morning and found out that we LOST!!! Grrrrrrrr…通常一个game是差不多六个小时!哈哈哈。。。所以我不可能看全game…我要等到今天早上才知道谁赢!就是印度。。。BOOHOO!!!

Anyway, I wore my Pakistan jersey to school today and immediately my Indian colleagues came into my room screaming “CONGRATULATIONS INDIA! CONGRATULATIONS INDIA!” hahahahahaha…反正,我今天穿了我国家板球的t恤上班。。。我一回到教室里突然我印度的同事进来唱他们国家歌!哈哈哈哈。。。特搞笑!

But this is why I love living in Hong Kong…all of these different people and cultures and religions can have fun with each other in true peace and harmony! 但是这就是住在一个特文明的城市的好处。。。我们那么多不同国籍的人,不同文化的人,不同宗教,还可以跟大家开玩笑,很开心聊天儿。。。真有和平的感觉。。。

Anyway…boohoo for Pakistan! hahahahaha…


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