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xIt Never Happenedx has taken over my blogs! Hahahahaha…but that’s EXACTLY what is special about a hardcore community. We ALL come together to support each other. It’s a community – we don’t consider “hardcore” just a sound…it’s our lives. So when our family is about to do something amazing (releasing a record, about to go on tour, get married, have children, etc) we ALL come together to support them! IT’S FOR LIFE! 最近x從未發生x就是我每一個blog的題目!哈哈哈哈。。。但是這樣就是硬核。這樣就是代表我們硬核世界。我們的家人一開始新活動(巡演,發出唱片/EP/新歌, 結婚,生孩子,等等)我們都馬上來支持他們!硬核就是生命。。。這就是我們大家的生命和態度。

So here we go with yet another xIt Never Happenedx update! NEW T-SHIRT DESIGNS!!! SICK!!! 那再來一個x從未發生x的牛逼消息!下面可以見到新t-shirt設計!!!又是我最愛用的句子: 牛FUCKING逼! :-)

It’s Saturday and all I want to do is sleep…今天是星期六。。。我只想睡覺。。。

Here’s some hope for all of us “older” skateboarders and musicians…this Lamb of God’s singer Randy Blythe who just learned how to do a frontside ollie on a quarter pipe! Guess how old he is in this photo? 40! AWESOME! 好的。。。最後消息。。。看了下面的照片之後我們大家比較大年紀的人還有希望!這是Lamb of God的主唱Randy的第一次學做個frontside ollie在個quarter pipe! 你猜一下他幾歲?四十!AWESOME!!!

(the photo doesn’t work…fuck)

Hardcore IS life…keep the faith everyone…continue to SUPPORT your OWN scene! 硬核就是生命。別忘記這個信念。繼續支持你自己城市的硬核世界!


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  1. eddie March 27, 2011 at 2:19 am #

    Dude those shirt designs are SICK! Do you know if they’ll ship overseas? I doubt it, but would be sweet to support them.

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