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sick of it all live FULL set videos for CHINA!

为了我们内地硬核家庭希望你们可以享受下面两个Sick of it All全场演出的影片!!! 第一个是他们08年的时候拍得。。。然后第二个是他们99年拍得!两个都很棒了。。。感觉到他们上台爆炸演出的气氛。。。很厉害。。。2 awesome videos up here for all of you to enjoy our heroes Sick of it All…full set videos – remember the reason I’m doing this is mainly for our mainland hardcore family who can’t get onto Youtube to enjoy these amazing FULL SET videos…YOUTUBE

Sick of it All 1999 YOUTUBE

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holy shit! Artist Series Guitars introduced us!

Yo…this is going down as one of the craziest things for me to see recently! 太疯了!今天早上一起来开我的facebook. 我一开就见到一个吉他牌子叫Artist Series Guitar的update. 这个牌子就是Joe几天前介绍给大家。他们有很多乐队的吉他,比如说: Parkway Drive, Throwdown, 还有几个月后他们将会有SICK OF IT ALL的!!!

I woke up this morning and opened up my facebook and I found a status update by the guitar company called Artist Series that Joe introduced to all of you a few days ago! The same one that has made Parkway Drive, Throwdown and the soon to be released SICK OF IT ALL guitar!

And guess what their status update was? 但是你们想知道他们的update是什么?这里是他们的update:

“Rad H/C band from Hong Kong reps us…. and we rep them! Go check them out! 从香港来很棒的硬核乐队有支持我们,所以我们要支持他们!快过去看他们的网站!”

SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You KNOW there are hardcore kids behind this guitar company, because that type of support only comes from people in the hardcore community! 好棒啊!!!我觉得这个公司里肯定有些硬核世界的人!他们这样欣赏我们Joe的段日记,他们肯定跟硬核有关系得人。。。

Thanks for that! This band has been around 12 years and that’s probably up there as one of the coolest things to happen! 谢谢Artist Series Guitar! 我们已经玩了十二年了,但是我可以说这还是其中最酷的事情发生!


CRAZY! This is their website so get into it 这是他们的网站快过去看:


PS: To anyone in the world who has just come to our page because of the Artist Series Guitar status update – WELCOME TO ASIAN HARDCORE!!! Stick around and check out the passion we all send out into the world…we ain’t got a huge scene here in Asia, but we have tons of die-hard hardcore kids here doing their thing for their Asian community, city and country to represent hardcore and help it spread it’s wings throughout this continent of ours!!! 如果这次是你第一次来我们的网站:欢迎来亚洲硬核的社会!请用点儿时间研究下我们这个网站然后过去看其他亚洲硬核乐队的网站。。。感觉一下我们对亚洲硬核发展的热情。。。

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royal wedding? who cares.


My TV has been polluted…it’s been polluted for the past few days with Royal Wedding bullshit. I don’t give two shits about this crap and I’m so annoyed that the only news channel that I get at my house is just showing this shit over and over and over. 这几天我的电视有太多污染!太脏。。。原因是因为英文台就是博那个特无聊的活动: 英国的皇家婚礼!太无聊啊!!!!


One band that I’ve always hated (there are quite a few sorry) is that stupid band Limp Bizkit. On a website this morning I read that a man killed his roommate because his roommate used his stereo to play Limp Bizkit! WHAT!?!??! I hate Limp Bizkit but I wouldn’t KILL someone because they listened to it??? That’s crazy man…今天早上在 另外一个网站我见到下面的文章。。。认识我的人都知道我很多音乐风格都平时可以尊重 – 但是一种我特不喜欢就是nu-metal…十年前和现在一样特不喜欢。。。其中一个乐队我更不喜欢就是那个傻逼乐队叫limp bizkit. 但是,无论我怎么不喜欢一个乐队我肯定不会做下面这个行为。。。

在澳洲有两位人住在一起。其中一个人借了另外人的迷你音响。。。他借了然后马上开始博Limp Bizkit. 另外的人一听到limp bizkit就疯了然后杀死了那个人!WHAT?!??!?!?! 那么夸张吗?!?!你自己看下面的文章。。。

Here’s the article:

Yesterday I read a blog that compared our brothers in Chinese hardcore crew CUA as a “metalcore” crew. I was very disappointed to read this. Of course, the writer has the freedom to write whatever he/she wants. But for me, for the amazingly positive and united crew of CUA, they represent the true beauty of what is hardcore: unity, PMA (positive mental attitude), LOVE of hardcore and I mean TRUE LOVE, passion for hardcore, brotherhood and family…to label them a “metalcore” crew doesn’t make sense at all. Metalcore is not a lifestyle – it’s just a style of music. CUA isn’t some trendy kids who came together – CUA is a bunch of hardcore fans and supporters who came together to want to do something to promote hardcore in China. 昨天我看了一个外国人开的blog。 他的blog就是介绍这个地球上不同的硬核社会。他有一个位子关于中国里面的硬核社会。他找了几位住在中国的人说一说他们城市里面硬核的发展。其中一个是介绍北京里的发展。如果你常看我们这个官网你知道我们是特爱我们CUA的兄弟和其他北京里面的硬核乐队因为对我来说,这班人真的花了不少时间去研究一下这个文化然后决定了这个文化就是适合他们自己的生活 – 可以当他们的生活方式。

但是这个blog里面 – 那位介绍北京硬核就形容了CUA是一班metalcore的crew. 我一看就觉得很奇怪。Metalcore? 那些乐队完全没有什么metalcore的元素。北京的硬核乐队全都是比较重的 – 但是一听到就会认识NYHC或者其他比较重硬核的风格的存在。Metalcore? Metalcore就是一种音乐风格,但是硬核是一个生活方式。你看CUA所做和说的东西就知道他们是一班特投入这个文化的人。所以你怎么可以跟metalcore比较?特奇怪。

但是没事 – 大家都有权说他们自己的看法。这位人可能真的觉得CUA那班人是像metalcore的crew. 但是我的看法是完全不同。。。这个blog的人都有请了我写些东西关于香港硬核的发展(什么香港硬核?哈哈哈。。。)然后我会坚持说我对中国硬核发展的看法。。。在我的角度来说和看 – 我觉得中国硬核的发展好厉害也特有希望。。。最厉害的方面就是爱上了硬核的人,就是因为他们自己花了很多时间研究。。。研究这个历史,研究硬核教父的乐队,看采访,看影片,然后跟其他硬核的兄弟姐妹沟通。。。他们自己建立了一个很坚实的基础。。。所以我很有相信十几年后,这些人会还在宣传这个文化。。。 :-)

I will be writing on that website about my views of hardcore as it has grown in China. My view is more positive and supportive…so hopefully I will give voice to those people who also believe what is going on in terms of hardcore in China is a GREAT thing…


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Artist Series Guitar

Talked to my bro Hehe on the phone knowing he’s doing fine in NYC.  The guy recently bought an Artist Series Guitar (Parkway Drive model).  The company also have Throwdown, Demon Hunter, Bleeding Through, Death by Stereo.  And guess what Riz?  I also see a “coming up” SOIA 25th anniversary announcement in the front page!!!

Hehe told me he paid $400USD for it so I think it’s a good deal considering each limited series only a few hundred to be made.  For more info check out:

Take care,

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National Edge Day 2009 video


So for all our friends, supporters and believers in hardcore up in China who can’t access youtube, I’ve decided to periodically upload some awesome hardcore videos a China-friendly website ( Here’s another GREAT video that shows the passion and emotion of a “hardcore show”…好的 – 我几天钱已经说了我没几天会帮我们内地的支持者和内地硬核的支持者下载youtube的影片然后放在优酷为了你们方便享受几个特棒的硬核乐队影片。。。我今天早上再上载了一个特热情的影片。。。这个影片完全感觉到一个“hardcore”演出的力量和差不多爆炸情绪的演出。。。

This was taken during 2009’s National “Edge” Day (the day that the Straight Edge lifestyle is celebrate as a whole)…in this video you’ve got 3 unbelievable hardcore bands singing their hearts out (some of these bands have straight edge members and NON-straight edge members…so National “Edge” Day can be celebrated by all, regardless if you’re straight edge or not): In My Eyes, Bane and Have Heart (last show)…每年在美国有一天他们会庆祝straight edge! hahahahaha…他们叫那个日子“国庆edge日子” hahahaha…特搞笑。。。这个影片就是09年拍得。。。这个三个乐队全都是特棒特有历史的乐队: In My Eyes, Bane 和 Have Heart (就是他们的最后一场). 他们乐队里都有straight edge人和不straight edge的人。。。所以无论你是不是straight edge都可以庆祝这个日子。

Enjoy the video…if you aren’t already into In My Eyes and Bane – THEN GET INTO THEM!!! Us in Hong Kong and China had the pleasure of watching BANE here last year and they were SOOOOOO good! Great band, great music and amazing guys. 希望你们可以享受个这个影片!我自己第一次看都是看了几百次!哈哈哈哈。。。快点爱上In My Eyes和Bane啊大家!!!记得去年看BANE演出的感觉!特爆炸!不是因为他们的breakdown先爆炸。。。就是因为他们歌的感觉和歌词让了我们爆炸!



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