Another awesome Comeback Kid video!

Oh yeah! Our brother from Inner Mongolia (his awesome name is DIME! :-) just sent me another full LIVE video set of one of my favorite hardcore bands called Comeback Kid! This time it’s a video where Andrew was still the guitar player and Scott was still singing in the band! It’s AWESOME to watch…我们内蒙的好兄弟叫Dime (他的名字好棒是吗!:-) 刚发了新一个好棒硬核现场的影片 – 又是我最爱的现代硬核乐队Comeback Kid的影片。但是这次比较舊的 – 当时Andrew (他们现在的主唱)是CBK的吉他手,他们当时的主唱是一位人叫Scott! 这个影片好看。。。

The show is fully hardcore…the band is not on a stage, they are playing on the floor together with the audience. 在这个影片里完全代表到硬核的味道。。。首先 – 乐队没有舞台!特DIY! 就是跟观众一起玩儿。If you watch the video在这个影片里你可以见到:

1. 在这个影片里很多次你分不到谁是乐队成员谁是观众!特棒!There are so many instances you can’t tell who is a band member and who is the audience – AWESOME
2. 我很爱一开始这个影片你就见到那个 “side-to-side”的动作!就是从左或者右边跑去另外那边。。。通常首歌的开头或者breakdown之前主唱会叫大家 “side-to-side!” 他们的意思就是这个动作 – 准备疯狂的意思。。。I love that in the beginning video you get to see a clear view of what “side-to-side” means in hardcore (at the start of a song or a breakdown you run from one side to another side getting ready to fuck shit up! :-)
3. 不要说 – 最感动的每个人一起唱一起跳。。。没有这个东西,没有硬核。Everyone singing and screaming along…

Such a good video…太好看!谢谢Dime! Thank you DIME!!!

Keep it hardcore my family! 继续硬核!


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4 Responses to Another awesome Comeback Kid video!

  1. dime May 24, 2011 at 4:58 pm #

    太客气了兄弟! 这个视频我看了好多遍! 我也喜欢side-to-side,No Turnning Back在D22演出的时候就玩儿过那个.这个视频里头的the glorious pile-on也特别多,if i was this gig,那肯定很爽!
    PS 发个广告,这个视频是 这个网站的主人发的,Check it!

    • Riz Hardcore May 24, 2011 at 6:56 pm #

      新那个网站的名字好笑! job 4 a coreboy! hahahaha…他们玩儿job for a cowboy那个乐队的名字! :-)

      • Mikeyy May 24, 2011 at 8:59 pm #

        Blowjob for A Cowboy… Sorry couldn’t help it :)

        • Riz Hardcore May 25, 2011 at 6:21 am #

          Uh oh…你肯定死啊!我上个礼拜post的blog已经有些内地人特不开心!哈哈哈。。。你这样写Job for a Cowboy的名字,你要准备人投诉!hahaha…

          It is funny though…

          Actually, Job for a Cowboy is a fucking awesome band…I don’t think there’s anything “fashion” or “trendy” about them. They sound more and more like a legit death metal band…

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