day of new music…


Lots of new music coming out lately! 突然有特多新音乐听!

Here’s some of the stuff 比如说:

1. Unearth – one of my all-time favorite metalcore bands…I don’t think they’ve released a single bad album…I’ve loved every album and this new song that they’ve just released has some CRAZY guitar solos…TOTALLY crazy…can’t wait for this album 我其中最爱的metalcore乐队!我觉得他们从来没有发出一张不好听的专辑。他们每一张都是特棒 – 够重,够technical, 够好听。。。然后他们现场完全不像一个普通金属乐队的现场 – 我觉得他们那样发疯就像一队硬核乐队的现场。反正这里你们可以享受一首新歌:

2. Earth Crisis – the legendary metal/hardcore straight edge band is back with a new album this year!!! Here’s a song from their new album…sounds very different but AWESOME! 著名straight edge乐队又来了!他们今年将会出新专辑!下面可以享受新专辑的其中一首歌!非常不同但是还是特棒!

3. Job for a Cowboy – I have always thought this band is fucking AMAZING! I don’t understand why they get so much shit from people. I think they were given the trendy label of “deathcore” but I really don’t think anything they do sounds “trendy” at all. To me their songs just sound like a very powerful and aggressive death metal band. Anyway, here’s the WHOLE new EP and it sounds GREAT! The guitars are so nice and crisp 我几年前一开始听他们的歌就爱上了他们的技术,他们的声音够重,但是完全没有什么潮流的味道。。。对我来说他们就是一队特棒的deathmetal乐队!但是我听人说很多比较传统金属的粉丝特不喜欢他们应为他们觉得Job for a Cowboy那些潮流”deathcore”风格的乐队。反正,用自己眼看 – 我完全看不到他们那方面是跟那些潮流的乐队一样 – 你听他们的音乐没有什么电子的东西,没有什么白痴“派对”的拍子 (Fuck – 我真不明那些歌开始很重但是突然加了“派对”的拍子!?干吗?哈哈哈。。。)Anyway, 他们最新的EP现已可以上这个网站听听:

我们这个夏天将会去台北演出!!!终于了!我们上次去台北演出是04年的时候!不知道那边的硬核活动有没有什么进步但是我们还是很幸运那边还有人想看我们现场!非常谢谢那边的硬核乐队叫Human Brutality的邀请!尽快可以见面啊兄弟!Yo…this summer we’re finally going back to Taipei for a show! FINALLY! The last time we were there was 04! Holy shit…long ass time ago! I wonder what type of development hardcore has had there! Either way, we’re very honored that there are still people over there who want to see us play LIVE! We have to ESPECIALLY thank the Taiwanese hardcore band Human Brutality for reaching out to us and inviting us out! See you soon brothers! If you haven’t heard Human Brutality then remember to go check them out 如果你们还没有听过他们,记住过去听听一下:



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  1. eddie May 26, 2011 at 11:31 am #

    FINALLY someone admits to liking JFAC. They out-grew their deathcore phase and developed into a very solid death-metal band. I just got their EP today and am very pleased with it, to say the least.

    Congrats on the Taipei show! Do you know if you’ll be doing any HK shows in July? I’ll be back in HK for then and would hope to see some shows while I’m there for the month!

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