Wow!!! I am so overwhelmed by everyone’s well-wishes and messages all over the internet! My own Facebook and Weibo page is full of messages from friends, families and supporters from all over the world! It’s amazing to see and read all those messages…and to respond to all of them has been very nice as well! The funniest messages are the ones from my hardcore family who are like “Awesome! The next generation of CNHC has begun!” HAHAHAHAHAHA…my good friend Matt asked me if I had thought of names yet. And I was like we’re thinking of them…He immediately suggested “Lorelei” which is a Comeback Kid song! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…I love my worldwide hardcore family! 我真想谢谢大家的支持和鼓励!我自己的facebook和微薄有特多人留言 – 恭喜我和我老婆。。。从全地球的地方都有人来留言!真开心有那么多人关心我。。。太感动!最好笑的就是那些留言 “我们CNHC的下一代已经开始了!” 哈哈哈哈哈…太爱你们!还有我有一个朋友问我 “你想起来她的名字没有?” 我说没有。。。然后他马上说 “Lorelei呢!” 哈哈哈哈。。。Lorelei就是Comeback Kid一首歌的名字 – 就是女的名字!哈哈哈哈哈。。。我所有爱上hardcore的兄弟姐妹真搞笑! :-)

You might be wondering why the photo has been taken down…I took it down because my mom called me yesterday and said that in our culture we don’t actually put those types of photos up. And since I don’t want ANYTHING to happen to my baby – I took it down right away. 你可能想知道为什么我删除了那个图片。就是因为我妈妈一起来见到这个图片他有打个电话给我说在我们的文化里我们不会这样放图片出来。我们通常是等到BB真出生才有放出来。所以我马上删除了。。。我不想我还没出生的女儿有什么坏的事情发生所以马上删除了。

She is officially 3 months now…Alison’s DUE DATE is end of December. After that I’ve heard that I will not get any sleep for the first few months :-) 她刚到三个月。。。她的截止日期是十二月低。。。然后听人说,初第一两个月我不会有机会睡觉。。。

Can’t believe I’m going to be a dad to a little girl…when God hears you and thinks it’s time for good things to happen, he makes it happen. 我还不相信我尽快会当爸爸!还有我还不相信我真的有个女儿!太幸运!有时候神觉得够时间给你好的消息,他真的会送给你一个特棒的消息。。。


Tomorrow is ANTI-DRUGS DAY all over the world! Please celebrate!!! 明天是反对毒品的日子!请记住!


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