great show…

Good times…last night was a very pleasant surprise but the main reason the show went off is because there are some DIEHARD supporters of this band…dudes and girls who come to our shows to have a GOOD time, live for the music, live in the moment…sing their hearts out and come together…it’s always a pleasant surprise getting on stage and then I look into the audience and all I see is rabid, hungry, passionate eyes staring back at me READY to tear the fucking place down! And when this happens in Hong Kong – our home, our city, our family – it means the WORLD to me. This is where I worked my ass off to build something for my band and to create some sort of world for hardcore in Hong Kong…last night is proof that after 13 years of working hard – there seems to be people who are finally TRULY here about hardcore, none of that shallow, skin-deep “I’m hardcore for today” bullshit that was going on in Hong Kong many years ago.昨天晚上的演出真好玩!为什么那么好玩?只有一个原因 – 因为我们在香港的支持者(虽然没有特多支持者) 是十分热血的!昨天来看我们的支持者都是来玩的开心,让音乐推动他们的人,享受昨天的一起的时间。。。一起唱,一起跳,一起dance…

我最爱的情况就是刚上台的时候然后第一眼看观众就见到他们很热情的眼神,很想发泄的眼神,准备好火爆的眼神。。。这样让我知道,这一个演出的情绪一定特高 – 特适合我们的音乐和这个文化。在香港 – 我们的家,我们的城市,我们的所有 – 见到这样的眼神马上会给我们很多希望。。。我们就是这里建立这个硬核的世界 – 十三年前开始到现在还没放弃。。。

我觉得昨天晚上就让我们明白一点东西 – 这两年我感觉到,香港终于有一班人很诚意来支持硬核这个文化。他们给我感觉就是他们不是很肤浅来支持。。。他们就是十分投入这个文化,十分来表达和表示他们对这个文化的热情。。。我觉得这是比以前喜欢听硬核的人十分不同。六七年前喜欢hardcore就是比较肤浅的。。。当时人喜欢硬核大部分都是因为当时硬核很”红“所以他们来支持。。。但是,硬核一没那么红,很多人就放弃了这个世界开始跟其他音乐。(当然大家都有权选择和改他们想听的音乐!)

但是 – 硬核不是一个潮流。这个文化差不多三十年前开始的。。。一直到现在还没死!没停过 – 为什么?因为这是个生活方式。这不是一个衣服你今天穿明天脱的。我真希望这次,大家会支持硬核多个两三年!哈哈哈。。。在香港 – 什么东西都转的很快。。。所以我觉得如果人三年后还是喜欢同一个东西,是一个非常神奇的事情!但是 – 如果对这个文化有诚意的话。。。你肯定三年后,十年后,二十年后,都会支持hardcore!!!

We hope this time around – people are genuinely and sincerely into hardcore…we hope they put their hearts into this movement and try to do something for it. When you do something for it, you’ll realize that being positive is the only way to be. 如果你诚意来支持 – 你第一件事就是留意诚意的支持是代表你的心态会改到很正面。。。你突然想为了这个世界的发展什么都准备好做。。。那正面的态度,主动的态度就是最有用得。。。

If hardcore does come back in Hong Kong – we hope it comes back with sincerity…this is not a trend, this is not a passing fad, this is not a t-shirt you put on and then take off…hardcore is for LIFE.

Thank you to all these people for making last night so fucking amazing: Eddie, Becky, Lake, Man, Ah Wo, Kimi, Hidden Agenda, Wah, Shaun, people who came down from Shenzhen (AWESOME!!!), Rich and Ross and their wives, all the kids that went crazy singing along, all the kids that went crazy dancing and representing hardcore in the pit…We had some GREAT 2-stepping going on last night!!! SICK two-stepping!!! 我特想谢谢这些朋友们: Eddie, Becky, Lake, Man, Ah Wo/Kimi/Hidden Agenda, Wah, Shaun, Rich and Ross and their wives。。。所有从深圳下来的支持者…所有十分爱我们的支持者,所有跟我们唱和玩的开心的朋友!昨天2-step跳舞的朋友很棒!!! :-)

Please – if you’re getting into hardcore, get into it for the RIGHT reasons…please ask yourself if this is something that you care about deeply, if you do – you’ll WANT to do the research and understand where this all came from and why 30 years later, it’s STILL ALIVE TODAY!! 最后一次 – 如果你刚开始对硬核文化有兴趣的话,请用真心来支持。。。请问你自己是不是你真的有兴趣呢?或者是因为你班朋友喜欢所以你有跟他们?如果是真心的话那你自己会有兴趣研究这个文化的历史。。。这样你才会明白三十年后为什么hardcore还在!HARDCORE FOR LIFE!!!


“You can’t stop this, this thing of ours…HOLD IT DOWN
Hardcore is ours…this thing is ours…HOLD IT DOWN” – Madball

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6 Responses to great show…

  1. eddie July 31, 2011 at 1:47 pm #

    Thanks for the great time last night Riz (and all of the KLC dudes!) Still can’t believe the crowd last night- people 2stepping and throwing down…crazy!! Love being back in HK pits where you can see people smiling and laughing even while hardcore is being played.

  2. lakemak July 31, 2011 at 9:50 pm #

    hey eddie you have facebook?

    • Riz Hardcore July 31, 2011 at 11:30 pm #

      hahahaha…Lake finally registers on our website ONLY to ask if you have facebook eddie!!! :-)

    • eddie August 1, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

      Hey man, sorry I don’t have facebook! :(

      But it was great seeing some new faces at the show yesterday and hanging out with you for a bit! 😀

  3. beckymartyn August 1, 2011 at 12:44 am #

    Dude, last night was awesome. Seeing KLC is always something really special and very comforting. Thank you guys!

    Ahahaha I also went looking for Eddie’s contact info on here.

  4. hotangc August 1, 2011 at 8:22 pm #

    What a good hardcore live!!

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