we have 2 shows in the next week!


Psyched!!! I canNOT wait to play this Saturday in Shenzhen!!! I’m fucking dying…can’t wait to get on stage and rip through our songs…can’t wait to get on stage and watch the crazy Shenzhen kids mosh, stagedive and singalong! Can’t wait to get on stage and see my brothers Egas, Kent, Joe and Brian go fucking crazy…太兴奋啊!这个礼拜过得太慢!!我想快到星期六因为我们将会在深圳演出!我特想看为了我们深圳的兄弟姐妹怎么样准备!哈哈哈哈。。。我想看他们跟我们一起疯狂。。。深圳mosh, 深圳跳水, 深圳一起唱!我什么都想看!我也很期待再见到我自己兄弟: egas, kent, joe和brian一起疯狂。。。

It’s been a long time and I think we ALL need this show to absolutely go bananas to…太久没有演出过 – 我觉得我们全部成员特需要这场演出。。。我在微薄已经说过了 – 如果我表演的时候打了你们 – 首先我要说对不起!请原谅我。。。我只想發洩很多不开心的东西。。。

Then we have just been confirmed to play a show in Hong Kong on Jul 30! Can’t wait for that too! The reason I can’t wait to play that show is because it is a super meaningful show…the show is out to fight for the preservation of the development of arts in industrial buildings in Hong Kong. A lot of us bands and artists can’t afford rents anywhere else – all we have are these old industrial areas where rent is cheap and where we can play our music nice and fucking loud. There is a fear that at some point, the government is going to drive us all out of these places. 然后 – 我们下个礼拜七月三十号终于在香港有演出!这个演出十分有意义的。。。这场演出就是反抗政府的活动 – 他们想慢慢改香港的工业区。。。我们很多香港的乐队和艺术家只能在这样的地方生存因为这里的租就是最便宜的。如果没有这个地方我们全部人不知道在那里可以再继续我们这条路。。。

This is going to be a 2-day event in Hong Kong! This is also our FIRST show in Hong Kong since January so we hope YOU will come out to support us! 这场演出是个两日的 – 这也是从一月份在香港的第一场演出!希望可以到时见到大家!

More info on the HK show 香港演出的资料: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=244496035563049



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  1. eddie July 19, 2011 at 8:41 am #

    WHAT, HK SHOW?!?!?!?

    YES!!! So glad to be able to see you guys play before I leave, can’t wait man! Hope the Shenzhen show goes well and everythigng!

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