finished 2 Mandarin songs!


VERY excited! I finished two songs a few nights ago and I sent it to my teacher right away. He wrote back and said “it’s pretty good!” There are a couple parts that he thinks I need to redo and I will later tonight. But the confidence he gave me by replying right away by first saying “it’s good!” makes me totally ready to battle the rest of the songs! 太兴奋!前天我终于录好了两首普通话歌!一录好我发给了我的老师! 他马上回答我“真不错!” 只有几个地方可以唱的更好点所以我会再录那些位子。但是他这样说给了我很多相信!我一定可以继续录下去!

Tonight I’m going to record one of our favorite songs on the album…it’s called Hardcore Worldwide in English and 硬核帮 in Chinese…CANNOT WAIT to release this song!!! 今天晚上我将会录我们其中一首最喜欢的歌。。。中文名字是“硬核帮”。。。太期待给你们听一听!

Anyway…you ALL need to watch this amazing little documentary about stagediving! Really fun to watch…and it’s shot very well。。。你们要看这个纪录片 – 是关于跳水。很有趣的影片。。。:

Here’s a great video about skateboarding in Mongolia!!! Amazing video!!! 这个影片是关于滑板。。。在内蒙里滑板!很棒!拍得非常好看。。。

“Where do we Land?” (Full Length) Converse China trip to Mongolia from Patrik Wallner on Vimeo.

I think I’m going to start putting up photos of some of my vinyl records!!!我想从今天开始我每天会拍一张照片给你们看一看我的黑膠唱片。。。

This one is of No Turning Back’s brand new album called Take Control! The good thing about the label that put this out (Think Fast Records) is that inside the record they also put a free MP3 download! I don’t think I’m going to buy CD’s anymore…hahahaha…这是No Turning Back乐队的最新唱片叫Take Control. 这个唱片是一个很牛逼硬核唱片公司叫Think Fast Records发出的。里面他们也送给人一个免费下载这个唱片的所有mp3. 这个行动特好。。。我应该以后不会再买CD! hahahaha…


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  1. beckymartyn August 15, 2011 at 12:35 am #

    YO RIZ! I love visual travelling! The guy who films it all must have an insanely awesome life

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