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School is going really well…every year I fall in love with the children I teach…and this year it’s happening MUCH quicker :-) Here’s a photo with a little 5 year old boy called Rey…great, happy, little boy! Loves coming to school! 现在每天上班真开心。。。我每年很快爱上了我的学生,但是今年十分快!下面的照片里是我其中一个学生 – 就是一位特开心五岁的小孩儿叫Rey!他每天十分爱上学!

Here are some new music videos that came out…the Terror one is SOOOOOOO funny – except for the crazy killing parts. But it’s funny to see Scott as a janitor, Martijn and David as school chefs, Nick as a school bus driver, and Jordan as a teacher – but Jordan wins in the end! hahahaha…下面可以看到新Terror的MV! 特好小 – 除非他们开始杀人的位子。但是见到Scott做“看门人”, Martijn和David做学校厨师,Nick做学校大巴的司机,和Jordan做到老师 – 特搞笑!

Here’s another video…this is a new video by hardcore legends Agnostic Front 著名硬核乐队Agnostic Front也发出了新MV:


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