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Sunday & SOIA Nonstop

I was at the bandroom hanging out with Riz, Brian and Ho.  We ordered some CD/DVDs online.  H2O new all cover album, Terror KOTF CD/DVD and a few more.  However what we missed the most is the SOIA Nonstop!!!  It’s already out of stock, this is crazy!  Oh well, hopefully soon they will restock.  Anyway, here’s an amazing interview of Lou talking about their Nonstop album, track by track:

Made the following image to show you their first self-titled 7″ and the upcoming Nonstop albums.

Take care everyone!

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Fucking Internet

Damn Internet is not working at home! I have to use my iPhone to update this page…which is still pretty cool but a pain in the ass.

It looks like our album cover will Be finished by the 13th of November. Two people are working on it now…Joe and Ho. With both these guys working on it we should be able to get this done on time…

By the end of this week we should be able to send our music to Zachary in the US for him to work his magic!!! We are all DYING to hear what he is going to do with our stuff!!!

Okay…typing on this thing sucks…

Enjoy some photos and I’m out!


This is my wife with my brother Li You’s wife Si Fan


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Fucked Up Spine

After the x-ray last night, the chiropractor showed me the cause of my lower back pain. From the right x-ray it shows that the spinal disc is so thin that the disc is almost gone. Then on the left x-ray, my spin is actually crooked.

So last night started my first treatment and it was a bit painful after. I couldn’t even stand straight after. The doctor told me that the treatment is to open up the thinning disc. She also performed some treatment which is to straighten my spine. I also need to take some supplement to help treat the discs.

Hopefully one day this chronic back pain will go away!


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I had no idea but the owner of the most amazing video website called: (the same one that Joe has been talking about for a few weeks) is Indian! AWESOME! I found out by reading his interviews on that website…我剛剛才發現原來 (就是美國其中最厲害拍hardcore演出影片的網站) 的老闆是印度人!太棒啊!我剛看完他的採訪(在他的網站能見到)我見到他的名字 – 一看就知道他是印度人!

Awesome man…I love the slow Asian infiltration into hardcore that the US seems to be having :-) 我覺得這樣在美國特大的硬核社會慢慢有多點不同人的存在真好。。。在外表看他們的社會,通常之見到白皮膚的人。。。但是我們大家都知道hardcore不是屬於一個種族 – 這個文化完全反對那些想法。。。但是還是覺得有點奇怪為什麼在美國沒有多點不同文化的人的存在?

I love that in China entire DVD’s of LIVE bands can find their way online…here’s the entire Have Heart last show DVD up online to represent hardcore…people in China love watching this and seeing and feeling the passion and emotions that come up with a TRUE HARDCORE show…下面這個Have Heart的DVD是十分緊要看。。。在這個DVD你們終於可以感覺到一個真正hardcore的演出。。你們終於可以感受到hardcore演出的熱情。。。hardcore的情緒。。。一看就感覺到hardcore和metal的十分大的分別。


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bands i’m loving

Here you go 最近最愛聽的樂隊:

Polar Bear Club – singer sounds exactly like the singer of Rise Against hahaha。。。這個樂隊的主唱太像Rise Against的主唱哈哈哈哈
Title Fight – singer sounds exactly like the singer of Small Brown Bike and Kid Dynamite mixed together 這個主唱太像Small Brown Bike和Kid Dynamite的主唱哈哈哈哈。。。
Balance and Composure
Kill Your Idols (the album called “No More Gimmicks” some of the BEST punk/hardcore I’ve ever heard 他們的唱片叫No More Gimmicks我覺得最近的最厲害的punk/hardcore唱片 – 好經!)
Gorilla Biscuits (respect! 尊重歷史!)
Wisdom in Chains
H2O – of course 當然
Madball – of course 當然

These things are all on repeat on my ipod every morning when I go to work…這幾個就是我差不多開車去上班不停聽。。。

So much good music out there…

Recently I saw a post on Douban about a band that calls themselves “melodic hardcore” but their music sounds like the typical metalcore of bands like As I Lay Dying, Unearth, August Burns Red, etc…(You know – the melodic swedish metal guitar riffs, with tons of breakdowns, etc)…someone needs to tell this band that melodic hardcore are bands like: 7 Seconds, Gorilla Biscuits, Kid Dynamite, Ignite, Lifetime, early Saves the Day, H2O…these things are “melodic” hardcore.我最近在豆瓣見到有個樂隊形容自己是melodic hardcore但是他們的音樂像metalcore的樂隊比如說: As I Lay Dying, Unearth, August Burns Red, etc..就是有很多Swedish metal的吉他riff然後很多breakdown等等 – 就是最近很多重型的樂隊都玩。我覺得有人應該盡快這個樂隊講一講其實Melodic Hardcore是這樣的樂隊: 7 Seconds, Gorilla Biscuits, Kid Dynamite, Lifetime, early Saves the Day, Ignite, H2O。。。他們是”melodic”他們的音樂是比較正面的 – 很少會有screaming – 通常那個是唱歌的。


I’m out…


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