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Yesterday morning I spoke to our mixing/mastering engineer who lives out in the US. This guy’s name is Zack and he’s the guy that mixed, mastered and produced First Blood’s album “Killafornia”! As a whole – all of King Ly Chee LOVES that record and the massive sounding drums – the angry guitars – and the in your face vocals. We can’t wait to see what magic this guy is going to do on our album! 昨天早上我和我们在美国的mixing/mastering engineer讲了电话!他叫Zack – 这位牛逼人是当First Blood唱片Killafornia的producer/mixer/master! 我们全队非常爱死那张First Blood的专辑。。。那张的鼓声音,吉他的力量,主唱的声音。。。全部都非常火爆!所以我们期待看看他怎么样mix/master我们的歌!

From day one – this band has always been about trying our best to raise our band to an international level band. So to send our music out to an incredibly experienced person to get our music mixed and mastered, is something we are VERY eager to do. 荔枝王从第一天开始(99年), 我们的目标就是做成一队国际级的乐队。。。我们不想就当一个本地香港乐队。所以我们想能把我们的歌给一位国际级的producer,我们太兴奋!

Mid-November is when we should be getting some mixes back from him…we can NOT wait to hear what he does…十一月中我们可以听第一二的mix!!! FUCK!!! 太期待。。。

Good interviews here with Sick of it All and our good friend Matt Fox of Shai Hulud (pretty funny too) 下面有个很好笑的采访 – 是Sick of it All跟我们好朋友Shai Hulud的Matt Fox:

Good interview with Toby Morse of H2O 这里有个特好看的采访 – 是跟H2O的主唱Toby:


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