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Sorry for the lack of posts lately – last week we were obviously busy getting the album release show ready to rock for you guys. 對不起大家 – 最近十分忙所以很久沒有寫個日記。。。

So the show went on and we had over 400 people come! That was great…we don’t believe that a lot of people in Hong Kong like us very much so we didn’t expect many people to come. I thought only 200 people were going to show up, but was surprised that over 400 people were there. We of course want to thank Rock Motel first and foremost – especially Tim – because this show wouldn’t have been successful without their support and passion for King Ly Chee. I remember reading a message that Tim had left in 2011 after the Tie Shu Lan show where he said “usually, I’m not that into King Ly Chee, but at the Tie Shu Lan show they were awesome!” – but while working with us this time, I feel he gained a whole new level of respect for us that was AMAZING to see. He just fell in love with King Ly Chee and with HARDCORE and even said “through working with you guys, I learned so much! Like PMA!” :-) During the show I saw Tim in the pit moshing like crazy with his glasses on! Hahahahaha…我們的發佈會真不錯 – 不是最理想的 – 我可以直接說 – 但是還是不錯的。。。我們一共有超過四百人來參加!這完全是很大的驚喜因為我們很清楚在香港不是很多人喜歡我們,不是很多人欣賞我們,所以我們真的以為不會超過兩百人會來撐我們。但是完全猜不到會有四百多人來!真不錯。。。

首先 – 一定全心要多謝Rock Motel和Tim的幫助,愛和熱情。我們有那麼多人來看就是因為他們付出很多功夫來做這個活動。我還記得去年我們玩完Tie Shu Lan的演出我見到他網上的留言說 “荔枝王 – 通常對我來說是馬馬的 – 但是今天十分棒!”, 但是這次跟我們一起做我們的發佈會我見到他對我們的態度完全變!hahahaha…他十分投入這個樂隊,十分愛上了我們的努力,十分開始尊重我們 – 這些我們大家都感覺到。怪不得我們演出的時候在moshpit裡見到Tim瘋狂帶着眼睛mosh :-)

Because of Tim’s help we actually launched our first real music video! What a dream come true…the story for this music video was something that I had in my head for many MANY years. I always wanted to attach a much more ASIAN IMAGE to hardcore (because let’s face it, everything about hardcore seems to be USA-centered…which is unfair because hardcore is WORLDWIDE) – so to be able to show the story about how one Chinese school kid finds this underground world of hardcore and how he falls in love with it and walks out of the record store with a Minor Threat album in his hands – was something that I and the rest of the KLC guys are SO proud of. Please help us take this video and share it EVERYWHERE! 因為Tim的幫忙我們荔枝王終於拍了一個認真的MV! 十分開心終於有機會拍一個有故事的MV. 這個故事已經在我腦裡存在了十分多年 – 我就是給全地球的硬核人一個比較亞洲角度的MV – 讓大家明白硬核不是只是屬於美國。。。這個是個worldwide活動。故事是很簡單 – 就是想給大家見到一位本地人怎麼樣找到這個非商業的文化 – 然後這位人怎麼樣全心投入這個文化。。。最重要他離開CD店買了那張黑膠!大家要留意!還是那一句 – 想明白一個文化,就要瞭解和尊重那個文化的歷史!所以這位人不是拿着Terror或者Lionheart離開店 – 他是拿着Minor Threat的黑膠離開! 對我們荔枝王的成員來說 – 這是一個十分有意義的位子。

The Chinese version will be launched later tonight – we promise to all our Mainland supporters! 內地的朋友們請等我多一兩天!然後我終於可以上載中文版給大家享受!

I was very proud to see members of NT and Screw in the audience! That was so great to see members of the 90’s era of heavy bands come out to support us – I could see in their faces how proud they were of us that after 13 years, we’re still here playing heavy music and never changed our sound to become more commercial. We don’t do any “clean” singing – we scream our asses off, we don’t wear any crazy outfits on stage, we don’t have any silly photos or album covers. We just play heavy music and scream our hearts out. I’m happy that people who truly love heavy music in Hong Kong respect us for that…we never gave up and we will never give up. 在演出到見到香港90年代重型樂隊的成員來支持我們,我十分自豪!他們就是NT和Screw的成員 – 在香港中興音樂歷史上他們有很大的影響。他們來支持我們一隊非商業文化的音樂,我們十分感謝他們因為十三年後我們還在,還沒有加什麼商業音樂的元素在我們的歌和樂隊到。我們不會上台穿很奇怪的衣服,我們CD封面肯定不是很尷尬的照片。。。等等。我們只是我們自己 – 吶喊唱我們的心聲。很開心見到他們來撐我們的堅持!

Of course, we have to thank all the bands that lent us equipment, promoted the show on their pages, and came to the show to support us. It was great to see members of Evocation, Protoss, Daybreak on Monday, Shepherds the Weak, Mensheng, Qiu Hong all in the audience singing, screaming and jumping along…I don’t think many people in HK find much in common with our music or lyrics, but it’s nice to know there are SOME that do. I’m sure there were members of other bands there as well so thanks for coming if you were there! 當然我們要感謝很多本地的樂隊來接他們的樂器給我們用。。。還有那些樂隊在他們自己的網站宣傳我們這個活動。在現場見到這些樂隊真開心: Evocation, Protoss, Daybreak on Monday, Shepherds the Weak, Mensheng, Qiu Hong…我真不覺得在香港有十分多人跟我們的樂隊,音樂和給有什麼共鳴,所以我不知道有多少本地樂隊和人喜歡我們。但是當晚見到其實我們真的有幾個樂隊的支持。肯定還有其他樂隊還在看着我們的演出 – 所以謝謝你們來參加!

My real wish though – was if other people who we had influenced these past 13 years would’ve also come to the show. I wished that members of other heavy bands that are still around would’ve come too. But anyway…to each their own. 但是我真希望還有去其他收到我們影響的樂隊都來看。。。但是他們有自己選擇來不來支持我們。

Thank you for coming – and I especially want to thank those people who came to the front of the show and went crazy with us. We were on stage jumping around and screaming our asses off for 23 songs – it feels so weird to look at out an audience that is standing there with their arms folded. We’re a hardcore band – not a rock n’ roll band – for hardcore, the crowd interaction and energy is what fuels our performance…without it, it makes everything feel awkward, which unfortunately it did feel like. 反正 – 謝謝大家來看我們!特別是那些人特意出來台前跟我們瘋狂!我們在台上演了二十三首歌!有時候望着觀眾全部都是站一邊不動,是好辛苦的情況。我們是一隊硬核樂隊,不是一個好傳統rock n’ roll的樂隊 – 所以對我們來說,大家跟樂隊們的氣氛和熱情是十分重要。你們的動力就會給我們多力量演得更爆炸。但是當天的氣氛真奇怪 – 老實說。

Anyway…we sold SO MUCH merch at this show! Thank you for putting some of your hard-earned money to support us! We sold only around 100 CD’s which is weird – but that’s the sign of the times…bands all over the world talk about how they always sell more shirts, hoodies, jackets, etc., then CD’s…and that happened last weekend. 我們當天賣了十分多衣服!謝謝大家的支持!我們只賣了一百多專輯 – 有奇怪但是全地球現在就是這樣。大家的習慣都是買衣服,買少CD.

The King Ly Chee machine is continuing to roll…in April we’ll be doing a China tour to promote the album, we’re planning on going back to the Philippines for a couple shows, and May 12 we are confirmed to play a music festival in Malaysia with our good friends in Love Me Butch! So we are taking King Ly Chee and sharing it with the world – letting them know what hardcore from Hong Kong/China sounds like! 好了 – 到我們的將來的活動。在四月的第一個禮拜我們將會去內地做個小小的巡演,然後去菲律賓幾天做個巡演,然後五月十二號去馬來西亞參加他們一個很大的音樂接。今年我們肯定很忙去全地球給大家見到什麼叫CNHC!!!

We’re playing this Friday at the new Hidden Agenda opening for Anti-Flag so SEE YOU THERE! We will be selling merch and CD’s at that show so bring money! 這個禮拜五我們在Hidden Agenda的新場將會做Anti-Flag的開場樂隊!到時見!到時肯定會賣衣服和唱片!


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  1. bunnyman February 4, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

    I was standing next to Calvin the whole night. He did the webcast to the rest of the world, and while there was quality issue, I notice the live stream was accompanied by a lot of conversations. I believe not too few people watched it.

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