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Yesterday we announced the HK stop for our tour…the HK stop is the first date of our upcoming China tour! All the information can be found at this FB event page 好的!我們昨天終於發了新消息關於我們中國巡演的第一站:香港!所有資料可以上這個facebook網站看看:

We want to take this time to thank the opening bands who agreed to play the show with us and help us start this tour with a HUGE bang! 我真的想感謝所有來當我們開場的樂隊。。。我十分感激這些比較新的樂隊的支持。。。希望大家能來支持這場小小的演出!

Shepherds the Weak
Daybreak on Monday
DATE: Fri, Mar 30
TIME: 8pm
VENUE: Hidden Agenda

It means a lot that these younger bands will come out to support us…means a lot that newer bands remember who we are and CARE about who we are! 對我來說,新的樂隊記住我們是誰,還有知道我們做過的什麼,我非常感激他們的留意。。。

FOR SINGAPORE SUPPORTERS 新加坡的支持者! Our album will be distributed in Singapore by our GREAT friend – Henry! Please call him to reserve your copy NOW 我們新專輯終於將會在新加坡發行!我們的十分好友Henry是負責發行!如果你想買請直接聯絡他: +65 9389 7689

Also…here’s a cool little documentary that will be coming out about Misery Signals 這裡有個好看的紀錄片 – 關於Misery Signals:



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New album info


Okay – just added a new link to our website menu above called 我剛加了一個選擇 – 是叫<NEW ALBUM>!!! Please check that link for ALL the info you need to buy our new album online and at shops in Hong Kong 如果你們想上網買我們的新專輯或者看在香港有什麼店可以買 – 請按那個選擇!!!


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Mar 30 – Hong Kong Hidden Agenda
Mar 31 – Chongqing 重慶
Apr 1 – Chengdu 成都
Apr 2- Chengdu 成都
Apr 3 – Xian 西安
Apr 4 – Wuhan 武漢
Apr 5 – Zhengzhou 鄭州
Apr 6 – Beijing 北京
Apr 7 – Shenyang 瀋陽
Apr 8 – Shanghai 上海

For venue names please look at the tour poster below…想看場地的資料請打開下面的圖片:

Another exciting piece of news 另外十分高興的消息:

The drummer for this tour is going to be the drummer of US hardcore Most Precious Blood! Colin is going to fly out from Australia especially to help us out on this tour! We love this guy…I actually met him many years ago in Hong Kong (he’s a world traveler – right now he’s in India by himself chilling) and we’ve always kept in touch and became really close friends. He even wore a King Ly Chee t-shirt on a Most Precious Blood European tour many years ago (you can see a picture of this in one of Most Precious Blood’s records!). 2 weeks ago our drummer sent us an email saying that he can no longer play in the band. This all took us by surprise because we just released a brand new killer album 1 month ago and the rest of are on a HIGH about the album and all the shows that we’ll be playing to support this release for the next few years. We made a choice too – either sulk and be upset, or roll up our sleeves and keep moving forward. We’re King Ly Chee – so of course we chose the latter. I emailed my pal Colin and within 2 days we worked out a way that he could do this tour for us…he’s even flying to Hong Kong first to stay with us for a week so we can practice like crazy. Good news for Singapore and Malaysian supporters of King Ly Chee – when we play Gegey Fest on May 12 and Baybeats on Jun 30 – Colin will ALSO be playing drums for us! 這個巡演的鼓手是著名美國硬核樂隊Most Precious Blood的!他最近搬了澳洲住 – 我認識這位朋友好多年因為他04年的時候有來過香港然後跟我差不多每天逛逛和開始建立一個好深的友誼(他是一位好喜歡獨自出去任何國家旅遊 – 他現在自己去了印度!哈哈哈。。。)。他跟Most Precious Blood去歐洲巡演的時候他每天上台就是穿了我們的t恤!Most Precious Blood其中一個CD裡面你可以見到這個照片。。。Anyway – 我們的鼓手兩個禮拜前突然發了email給我們說他以後不能跟我們繼續。對我們來說 這個消息讓我們十分不開心因為我們一個月前發出了我們新專輯 – 一張我們十分proud的專輯所以我們其他成員還是十分high…我們很high因為我們知道未來的兩年我們將會去任何地方玩兒我們的音樂為了宣傳這張專輯。但是我們突然要選擇 – 一是停在這兒,二是馬上找人幫手然後繼續。。。我們是荔枝王 – 當然選擇了第二個!:-) 我們不認識 “停” 這個字。我們的鼓手一發了那個十分不開心的消息,我那兩天已經跟Colin聯絡 – 兩天後他回答了“我好想做!” hahahahaha…所以我們能巡演是完全因為這位硬核的兄弟來幫我們。(新加坡和馬來西亞的朋友 – 我們五月十二號在馬來西亞的音樂節也是他打鼓,新加坡六月低的音樂節也是他幫我們打!)

We are looking for a drummer now…if you know anyone that loves hardcore – please send them to us! We need you! 我們現在已經開始了找新鼓手 – 如果你們認識一位十分愛死硬核的朋友,也認識打鼓請叫他馬上找我們!


Off to work! Get the word out for us!!!


Video of Most Precious Blood with Colin playing drums 下面你們可以享受Colin的鼓:

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China tour dates have been announced! Weibo has EXPLODED with people getting excited about it…to me, having been in this band for 13 years and having to deal with some shit the past few weeks that continues to test my dedication and comitment to this band, there is no better reward then to read ALL the messages that people in China have put up about our tour! It’s so amazing to see so many people who care so much about this band and who can’t WAIT to see us! It feels great…我們內地巡演的日程已經宣佈了!最高興就是一宣佈,微薄完全爆炸了!你們內地支持者的愛,支持,熱情十分厲害。。。十分感動。感動我因為我是99年開始這個樂隊 – 十三年之內已經經過十分討厭的東西 (幾個禮拜前又經過)但是我還沒放棄 – 也是,永遠不會放棄。但是見到你們所有的留言 – 我心裡有個安心 – 知道我還堅持這個樂隊是完全正確的。謝謝大家。。。


Now – please understand, we all have full-time jobs. It’s hard to find a LONG period of time to do a long tour. This is already one of the longer tours we can do…we’re playing as many places as we can – we wish we could go to EVERY SINGLE city in China – but that means we would need to tour for a month…and we just don’t have that much time because of our jobs (I’ve got a wife and daughter to take care of). I wish one day we could do King Ly Chee full-time – but that’s not going to happen in my lifetime…現在要說清楚 – 希望大家可以明白我們的情況。。。我們不是全職玩兒這個樂隊,我們白天有工作 – 所以我們只能找到一個禮拜的時間做個全國的巡演。所以當然一個禮拜裡我們怎麼可能去任何地方? 我們都希望一天能全職做這個樂隊 – 但是很明顯,永遠都不能做(我有個老婆和bb)。。。所以希望大家可以瞭解我們的情況然後還是做車,做火車,過來參加我們的巡演!

For our Guangzhou friends – we have been DYING to go back to Guangzhou…we won’t on this tour – but we are in discussion to come back on April 30 for the Guangzhou 430 music festival!!! Please wait for our good news soon…對我們廣州的兄弟姐妹來說 – 我們十分期待再有機會去廣州演出。。。在這個巡演我們不能來廣州。但是我們現在已經是個430音樂節的安排人有聯絡 – 希望那天終於能見到你們!

Thank you for your love, passion and support for this band…no matter what, we will always be here. 最後再說 – 謝謝大家的支持。。。無論如何,這個樂隊永遠都會存在。


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