Guangzhou done


We’re back from Guangzhou and had a great time as always…昨天我們回來了香港!廣州演出當然又是非常好玩。。。

My favorite parts of the show were 我最喜歡的幾個重點:

1. All the different King Ly Chee shirts that people were wearing! I thought that was SOOOO cool to see so many different people in Guangzhou wearing proudly our different t-shirts…演出裡見到好多支持者穿着不同的KING LY CHEEt恤!見到他們穿那些衣服真的讓我十分開心!

2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that CNHC got a MUCH bigger reaction then Refuse! That means officially – we do not need to play that song anymore! YES!!! We already stopped playing this song in Hong Kong and not a SINGLE person misses that song…so HAPPY that we are finally OVER that era. 我最喜歡的事情就是我們玩新歌的反應全部是比玩”拒絕”和”亞洲起義”好十分多! 多謝!!!為什麼我那麼開心?因為我已經好多年不想玩“拒絕”這首歌 – 我們在香港已經差不多一年多沒有玩過 – 在北方更加不需要玩。。。現在見到我們在廣州演CNHC然後見到全部一起來發火/stagedive/mosh/大合唱然後玩Refuse拒絕的時候沒有那麼多人一起來唱 – 我真開心!哈哈哈。。。

3. That all our new songs have more and more people singing along…love it – all our hard work singing in Mandarin has really been one of the best things we could’ve ever done. 我們所有新歌有很多人認識歌詞!對我來說 – 我那麼辛苦學好普通話的歌詞然後要背,然後上台跟你們唱見到好多人特意出來拿我mic幫我唱 – 真awesome!!!!!

What I thought was weird was that I didn’t see any old faces at the show…it seemed like everyone was brand new to shows in Guangzhou. A little sad that our “older” supporters didn’t come out…but that’s okay – that’s how music works…people change, music styles change…but your favorite bands who were SINCERE about the music they play from the very beginning, will still be here rockin’ their stuff. 只有一個事情我覺得小小奇怪 – 就是演出的時候沒有見到很多以前的支持者。。。望着觀眾的時候感覺到好多人都是新的!這個事情是一個好棒的情況。。。所以只可以說謝謝!以前的觀眾不在,這個情況我們不能控制 – 希望他們將會回來支持我們。。。但是希望現在的觀眾多年後還在支持我們!

On to bigger and better things – we’re going to Malaysia on May 12! We are SO excited to FINALLY be back there and this time we’re playing with some of our great friends 好的 – 我們下場演出是在馬來西亞!太期待。。。到時我們跟這位好朋友同台:

Love Me Butch

People we’ve known for years and are going to have a good time with…

See you all there!

Hopefully you guys like the new banner that’s up and the new player that’s on the right! Yes – myspace is over…that site is a waste of time and we finally got rid of it. 希望你們喜歡網站的小小改變!上面的照片還有右手邊的music player! 以前myspace已經完蛋了!哈哈哈。。。誰用那個垃圾網站?


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